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  • Would you like to award someone special a knitted rosette? See the pattern to knit one here!

  • Little Squares Scarf, (quick pattern).

  • Little Squares Scarf, (step-by-step pattern, with lots of step-by-step photos).

  • How to sew up crochet or knitting with an invisible stitch, step-by-step tutorial

  • Sisterhood Crochet Blanket pattern for square.

  • step-by-step pattern for Sisterhood Crochet Blanket square. Makes crocheting this pattern a doddle for beginners!

  • step-by-step tutorial for some basic crochet stitches

  • Tara's failsafe cup cake sponge recipe

  • knitted slipper pattern

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Oh what a wonderful husband you have!

Love the scarf! I am new to crochet but will take a look at your tutorial. Thank you for sharing.


Wow Vanessa! Are you sure you didn't take a week out to prepare those tutorials. They are just fantastic, full of in depth details, instructions and photo's and altogether brilliant. Thank you!! I love that scarf so much especially the little flip flapping frilly edges. The sewing together looks like magic and so much fun. I know I will love to do this scarf. I think it will probably get left for next winter now as it is tricky for me to get yarn but I know I want to do this. I may put in a request for my birthday! (some months away but good timing for next winter).

Isn't Hugo an absolute star? He did you proud didn't he, it all sounds just amazing. I love hearing about nice husbands and how fabulous they can be. It's so brilliant when they get things so absolutely right! It sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day. I nearly forgot to mention those flowers, and how could I when they are just so exquisitely beautiful! They are my favourite selection of flowers I have seen in a while. The colours are stunning.

Rattling On

Love the look of your brekky even though I hate caviar. The knitting looks interesting as well...
If anyone fancies joining a fun knit-(or crochet)a-long please pop over to mine...

Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

You really are the biggest gem in the world!!!!! Your Valentine's Day sounds beautiful, the chocolates for Hugo just divine and as for the flowers and all the beautiful meals, and breakfast in bed....what more could any-one want!!!!! My Valentine is more the new tyres on the car and sometimes flowers, some-times the belladonnas that spring up out of no-where on a hot summers day but he remembered to say HVD so that was good. Oh, I forgot the cups of tea to start every day IN BED, that is wonderful!
All your detailed instructions must take so long to do, an amazingly helpful thing to do for your blogfriends, thankyou! AND I love all the colours you use, Greedy For Colour will love them all too, it will help feed her passion! Love Aubrey

Kate Bruning

Hah - that is an odd thing seing my Mum above. I wonder if she commented on mine..... Anyway, I love the scarf and as for your Valentine's Day - Hugo has 76 gold stars. Jonno wished me a Happy Valentine's Day at 4am when he got up to milk the cows. I am afraid to see I just grunted at him - what else can you do at that time of the morning. Actually, don't answer. Thanks so much for the scarf pattern. It is art.

annies abode

what a lovely day you had and hugo is a magnificant cook - yum
the flowers are gorgeous too.


Wow your breakfast looks amazing! And thank you for the tutorials. XxX

French Knots

Looks like you had a super Valentines Day. Thank you for the instructions to make your lovely scarf, I learnt to crochet last month and have been making Granny squares like a crazy woman!
I totally understand your instructions, hurrah! so am going to make a scarf too with the intention of wearing it next winter I think, as there are a lot of squares to be made! Thanks for sharing it.xx

Petit Filoux

Wow I want to be told to knit for 10min too!!!!

Magic Cochin

Wow! What an excellent tutor you are. And inspirational too (love my shades of red, slightly bigger squares, scarf).

And I love those egg cups - do show them in close up one day, please...

BTW In The Times yesterday, the 'Calorie Off-set' was 210 calories (eg bowl of rice pudding) minus 2 hours 5 minutes knitting equals 0 calories. Now there's a challenge!



Oh how I love this scarf! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Janice Perkin

what a gorgous lot of food you had - clever Hugo - thanks so much for the tutorial - clever you too!

Cath W

Um Vanessa - if you ever get tired of all that culinary stuff please give Hugo my address. My husband could use a lesson or two (beginning with directions to the kitchen which he seems to have lost......)


You are so generous to spend time producing your wonderful tutorials, inspires me to have another go at crochet. I agree with Cath W, Hugo should run good husband classes, there would be plenty of (possibly reluctant) candidates.


I'd like to rent Hugo for a weekend - for his culinary skills only, you understand? Lucky you!


dear vanessa
hi. how wonderful your post was!! wish i had u fora penpal!! u have the knack of putting a smile on my face whether with th elovely squares or yourwriting!! thanks so much.

thouggh like i said before im crochet challenged thx to you, i did actually start today with the help of ur excellent tuts...albeit with an inappropraite hook for the yarn i had!! anyway thats gud reason to visit my lys t get sum hooks!! vil hopefully in the near future make sum of those delighhtful squares! a ny chanc ef a knitted pattern for them in th efuture, pretty please?

see u on wednesday!! cheerio ,btw terrific that u and hugo had sucha lovely valentines!heres to many many more!



Hi Vanessa!, Just had a super quick peep at your post before dashing off to work, it's a delightful mixture of gourmet food (what an absolute star is Hugo), flowers, choccies, color and crochet help, I can't possibly go wrong with those wonderful instructions and photos, so generously given with all the little encouraging words how sweet, taking heaps of time I'm sure, such fun for everyone and so kind and inspiring to all the crochet fans across the world


What a dream of a weekend you had. Maybe Hugo knew just how hard you'd been working on the scarf tutorials. What a lot of work you've put into them.
I found some little squares I'd crocheted when I got my ripple out at the weekend. I think I had a go at doing my own when I saw your lovely scarf. But now I can follow your pattern, once I've finished my ripple!
You are very generous.

Helen Lambert

How wonderful...your very own Jamie Oliver!!! I think Hugo can turn his hand to anything...I remember the posts featuring his DIY...I hope you got my message warning you about the dreadful chinese post that I got and resulted in my dear blog dying...and my lap top...but I have a new home which I hope you will and hugs H


Wonderful breakfast! Such a sweet post.

Lorraine Tarr

What a fantabulous Valentine's Day you had - lucky you! Hugo sure is a thoughtful hubby (and talented too :-)
You deserve the star treatment Vanessa as you must have the patience of a saint to put together such amazing tutorials...and thanks to you I can now call myself a 'hooker'!!!
Your scarf is a thing of beauty - so simple yet so effective - the colours so vibrant - as are all your creations - well done and many, many thanks and big ((HUGS)) xx


what a gorgeous valentines day xoxo

and love love love those patterns, off in search of some wool x


what a lovely scarf. you must be very pleased with it.



Hi vanessa, what a lovely valentines day you had! With that and the work you currently have on I'm surprised you found time to do all of those tutorials, they are surprisingly time consuming aren't they... Thank you :)
looking forward to your Friday post later x


I dream of a husband/man about the house like that! Gourmet food...breakfast in TOLD TO KNIT!
The scarf is beautiful too, Im most inspired and might be planning something like that for my next winter project (which I may have to start soon what with everything else going on here!)

Much love
Julia x x x


What a beautiful scarf....
I'll try to make it as soon as possible (next project ;))
Thanks to share with us xx

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