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mlle paradis

you've been very busy Vanessa! I think you've deserved that chocolate and a night in front of the telly. that would drive me crazy, all the fiddly bits of getting everything perfect. but that's the difference between a professional (you more and more) vs. me (less and less). thanks so much for putting me on your blog roll! i just noticed that. also, have you heard of patricia roberts? i have a very old knitting book of hers (v. 80's) i might post some pics one day.


Ooh an evening of knitting! Bliss!
Can't wait to see your project, how exciting! i'm sure it will be wonderful!Had a peek at the waistcoat, it's gorgeous!
Have a lovely weekend!
Rachel x


Enjoy your evening, it certainly sounds like you need some R&R.
Jak x


You have been extremely busy and definitely deserve a night of TV and knitting, which is precisely what I've got planned for my Friday night too.
I can see why you thought the waistcoat looked interesting - very classy. I like :0)
Enjoy your evening and the rest of the weekend. May the sun shine (alot).

Val Reaves

Congratulations on being able to send it off.. A night of knitting sounds good to me too, so count me in! Have a restful weekend.
Val in Kansas :-)


I'll be joining you on the sofa knitting this evening too, as I'm so behind with my puppets this week! Have a good weekend!



Ooh i do like the waistcoat!

I hope you enjoy your knitting evening. Sounds like you thoroughly deserve it. Can't wait to see the results of your hard work on the project for Coats.

Have a great weekend and catch up with you next week.


The whole bar!
Well done! A girl after my own heart. Hope you have had a lovely night relaxing. Nothing better than not having a deadline. Ok, so a full bar of chocolate that's better.


Don't feel guilty. I think Hugo left that bar of chocolate for you as a reward for completing the pattern!
Enjoy your weekend.


Coats Crafts will be so delighted with your patterns I just know - it's great that they're all safely finished ... what a blissful feeling ... And if there is one thing I absolutely know for sure it's that chocolate is essential to life! Just popped over to Coats website, as the mother of two wonderful sons (now grown-up and very tall)I just love their banner ... be sure to enjoy the weekend, :)Barbara.


OOOOOOO Vanessa a whole bar of chocolate how lovely & wicked, WELL DONE! lol! And what a blissful evening.
I am sooo looking forward to your patterns, can`t wait ooooooo.And that waistcoat is gorgeous.
Have a good weekend and more choccy & clickity clicking!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx
ps it`s raining here so i think i might be doing some of that lol xx


They've discovered chocolate is good for you!


Hello Vanessa. Busy catching up on everyone's blogs just nopw. Lovely bursts of colour on yours as ever. Looking forward to seeing the new project x

I love that bit about the chocolate - you're so funny! Am waiting with baited breath to see what the big knitting project will be... Claire x


I'm sure that whatever you've designed, it'll be lovely. I'll be looking out for your link to the Coats site so I can have a look very soon.

Penny Graham-Jones

Well, I couldn't have resisted the chocolate either! I do love the colours in those photos, aqua and scarlet, really beautiful...


what gorgeous photos - that turquoise with the red - two of my favourite colours and together, just the most gorgeous combination in the world! Sounds like you've been really busy! Hope you enjoyed your night on the sofa. (and if Hugo's anything like Mike he'd never expect to leave chocolate lying around and come back to find it untouched!!)


Hello, I'm so loving the secret pattern that I took myself off for my very 1st crochet lesson today. It wasn all a bit wobbly leaving the knitting comfort zone. However, the designs are worth it. They are so beautiful. Cant' wait to show them off. Love, Nessy


Gorgeous artwork Vanessa what a treasured life you must lead. I am always refreshed by the colours you use in your work. Awesome blog thanks for posting such inspirational ideas :)

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