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Glad you finished your work deadline - the play sounded a bit surreal - I would check my teabags carefully if I heard it!
The crocheted WIPs look lovely - I tend to have projects on the go to go with my mood, so can appreciate the multiplicity of inspirations you have around.
And yes... I used to iron my clothes, too...

jane smallcombe

So pleased you're back on track.

I have lots on too at the moment and I find it hard to concentrate when I know I MUST finish something! I've just blogged about an antique children's book I found in Barter Books - the illustrations are gorgeous. You may be interested!

Must go and sew - lots to do - enjoy your knitting club!

Jane x


So glad you got your work finished.I always have a few WIPs.I have to be in the right mood for a particular project.Tonight there is football on the TV so hubby and I will be in different rooms.I might start a bead bracelet,a teeny tiny teddy for my granddaughters dolls,my D.A.blanket squares or I might do some of your scarf squares.I think that one wins.
Look forward to hearing from you on Friday.
Barbara x

Val Reaves's behind you! Did you sense all the good wishes coming your way over the miles? Love the cakestand and the hearts..I need to do more crocheting,'ve inspired me..
Val from Kansas :-)

Mummy Boo Bear

Lol Still laughing at the surreal play. It sounds well mad. Maybe there was more than just oats in their flapjacks if you know what I mean. And as for ironing. Nope I am a iron as you need to sort of girl. I find it too depressing.(excusing the pun)

Looks like you have an interesting stash of things on the go there. I think its good to have a few things to choose from. It can get a bit boring sometimes if you have one thing to do. Me I can choose whether its crocheting (oh yes the bug has hit, although I mainly do my own little thing) or sewing. Or reading or even on the odd occasion just watching a bit of telly. Although there is not usually a rebellious rabbit in sight.......

Have a fun week.



Congratulations on getting your work finished and sent off! *passes you a glass of wine*

Enjoy your knitting night tonight and I am looking forward to seeing your cushion progressing too.

Oh, and I've always wondered about our rabbits. Especially Willow. She's a devious little madam and I have to keep my eye on her all the time!

Tita Carre

Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,eu também tenho um blog sobre artesanato em geral, com várias receitas,beijokas

Kate Bruning

Hurrah you are back and well done for getting your work done. That rabbit play sounds hilarious, I told Big Ears that I would never send him to school so now he can fill in our crossword puzzles without fear. I am so pleased to have some Vanessa colour back on my screen, I need a fresh palette as I am so sick of my own colours at the moment - I need to sweep away all the projects I must do and start something that fills my soul... You take care young Vanessa, love Kate (your greedy friend) xxooxxooxx.


So glad you made the deadline. It must have gone well as you sound very relaxed about it all.
Lovely pics as usual but I do like the ones of the squares in the wire cupcake stand, specially the mosaic.
The play does sound unusual, quirky. I used to listen to Radio 4 a lot. Maybe I'll take a listen at that play on iplayer.
I hope you carry on crocheting, I love to see what you've been up to.


I love rabbits and have always found them to be very intelligent little creatures so I couldn't possibly believe that one would drop out of school!!! I don't think that play you listened to was based on a true story!!
Good to have you back, glad you got your work completed on time! :)
Vivienne x


another delightful post dear Vanessa, you truly brighten my day. loved the story and loved the big about darling Douglas even more. this is after all a dog that writes your posts while you are away, he is a very special and clever little dog indeed :o)
you have been so very kind with your comments to me, that kindness has meant a lot and has surely helped me on the road to recovery. thankyou so much xxx
i adore the cake stand containing all those colourful chrocheted sweeties...very yummy!

have a wonderful time till friday, see you then xxx



i listened to the play too vanessa - now i'm a big radio 4 fan but this was just plain silly (actually i gave up before the end which is not like me at all!)
glad things are going well and don't worry about ufo's - i have loads!!!!!!
gill xx

What a funny play! I know what you mean about painting and Radio 4 play's - it totally gets me in the zone! You too? At the moment i can't ever imagine having ANY thing that I've crocheted - let alone left overs... XX


Vanessa, I have only recently found your lovely blog - Hello! I too listened to the afternoon play and it was very funny and reading your description above made me cry with laughter again. Next time you find your car is not where you thought you parked it you can always blame it on Douglas (having sat his advanced driving test)!


I just wanted to leave a note to say how utterly, completely gorgeous those little squares look in the cake stand next to the daffodils. Especially the ones in your mosaic with the lovely depth of field. It makes me think of Easter - my favourite time of the year. I'm trying to finish up some projects at the moment too, I've promised myself I will finish a blanket that's been on the go for about a year before I can buy any more yarn!

Glad you got through your work in one piece!


That play must have been written by a homeschooler!

Beautiful photos, as ever.


I always love your colors, they are happy colors!


Hi vanessa,
I really enjoy reading your stories.They are always fascinantes! I'm so happy that you finished on time. I'm going to make a little squares scarf pretty soon.First I'd like to finish some WIP projects. Thanks for sharing!. I was wondering where did you get the cake stand? I've been dreaming about getting something like yours.Hasta pronto!


Vanessa, congrats on keeping up with those deadlines.

I think I've mentioned to you before how I also love to be at home occasionally here in NY at a time when I can listen to the joy that is Radio 4 via the computer. I do love those short plays! I do love having time off at home with no demands on my time.

Your crocheted "left overs" have got all sorts of finished potential. Just play with them when you've got ... Time.

I finally did finish my fair isle mitts. I do like them, and hope that we'll have a few more chilly weeks so I can wear them.

Always such fun to visit your site. xo


Ooh, I'm all googley with the colour! Such beautiful photos.

Glad to hear you finished the deadline. If you have a chance I'd love for you to pop by and visit my new baby.... a ripple! (along with a couple granny pillows. I love to visit you, and never leave with out commenting.

From a fellow colourful crochet nut!

Petit Filoux

That play sounds so weird lol!!! Glad to see you're feeling better. Must be so nice though to be able to stay at home, paint and listen to the radio, I'm quite envious!! x


I'm so glad you no longer have to worry! I knew you would meet your dead-line and you did!! Brilliant. I love your post - your play sounds hilarious, and very well retold if I may say - I do like the "paw written notes". And you know, we never are sure what animals get up to when we are not around so who knows what little Douglas may be getting up to! (As has been mentioned, we already know what a clever blog writer he is). Lots of beautiful crochet on the go, it will be nice to see these when they get finished; when it is their turn so to speak. We have pigeons roosting in all the nooks and crannies of the building where I live - they are very noisy let me tell you, especially at the moment - lots of cooing. I am very fond of them and find them very charming even though I know other people don't. I hope you had a wonderful time at your knitting group.

Magic Cochin

Why didn't I hear that play? I usually listen to Radio 4 when I'm working up roughs into finished artwork - I know, I listened to the Saturday Play on iPlayer. It was about filming The Witchfinder General in Suffolk and Norfolk, so I could imagine the scenes.

I wondered what the rabbit play was going to be about... mmmmm strange! But memorable.

I'm glad you found yourself back on track... it's that fine line between the pressure making the creativity flow and pressure making the brain just shut down in panic.



It's funny to think we were both listening to the same play, with the same degree of bemusement! What do they put in the tea at the BBC? So glad the deadline is behind you and you can unwind. Aah, those little crochet projects. My mother used to moan about all the little unfinished things stashed under my bed, she called them 'Unfinished Symphonies'. I'm afraid many,many of them will come to light as I unpack into the new studio! A cushion cover will be pretty. I am crocheting up all my oddments of sock yarn in little squares for just such a project, eventually!
love Penny x(Planet Penny)


Heard part of the play in the car, it was a bit odd to say the least. We were always convinced that our old cat was collecting material to write a PhD on the strange lives we lead - endlessly watching us through the kitchen window from outside and obsessed with stealing pens, pencils and screwed up pieces of paper! Glad you got all your work done.


Hi Vanessa,
I know what you mean about projects not been finished! I had a jumper to finish sewing up for my 30 yr old son and a jumper for my daughter`s boyfriend to finish sewing up too!!! Bad isn`t it!! And the latter i`m having to take out on of the sleeves & i`m getting abit upset cos it`s not coming out very easily. Oh well never mind eh! I think i will have to go and see my friend Sue at our local wool shop who is the font of all knowledge.Love the blog.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxx


hi Vanessa, lovely to catch up with you and your blog, as I've been awol for a week or so. Sounds like you've been really busy, but as ever, so enjoyable to read your words and so uplifting to look at those lovely bright and cheerful pictures - especially the cake stand one, that was just scrumptious. The play sounds....interesting - one of those things you end up listening too because it's just so odd you can't help yourself, but at the end, wonder, why on earth did I do that?! As to the playwright's state of mind ? Few too many 'exotic cigarettes' as my Grandma used to call them, by the sounds of it to me!!


So glad you got all your work done. Lovely to see you back.

I think a cushion cover would be a great way to use up all your little squares!


what a beautiful blog.


Glad I wasn't the only one to hear it out to the end! I was too busy counting stitches on a little BSJ I'm knitting to go and 'push a little button' - my husband walked off in disgust after 5 minutes. I've also got rather too many 'unfinished symphonies' (like that)- check out Soulemama - but I often find when I rummage for yarn I pull something out and take great delight in the fact that it's already halfway completed and wont take me long to finish off!


Gorgeous colourful pics of your little squares. I really must start listening to R4 again, don't know why I stopped really. Those afternoon plays are a treat.

Whilst tidying my daughter's messy bookcase the other day I discovered one of your books- Dear Tooth Fairy.

Janice Perkin

well done for meeting the deadline - just love all the little squares in the cakestand - love the crochet hearts too - heve you written the pattern for us?! enjoy yourself and do what you fancy for a few days


Your squares look gorgeous in that cake stand, so pretty! I wonder if my boyfriend would let me have mine out like that for decoration...hmmm...

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