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Oh my! That yarn is absolutely scrumptious! Such Monday evening eye candy. I second you on the yarn/shoes debate. Yarn wins every single time!

Kate Bruning

Just an absolute and utter feast - I am permanently in my own tea season but am hiding the cakes at the moment. I did believe you about the potato baby - Archie's school had a potato festival and there were the most hilariously decorated potatoes including a devil that had sprouts growing for its horns. I am not surprised you had such a great success with the gallery - they are just wonderful!!!

Sounds like a lovely weekend and life's too short to not have tea and cakes!! Congrat's with the gallery too :)


Well done for going to the Gallery - it must have been very daunting and quite scary - it's not easy being a sales person, especially if you are very nice and modest. But of course they loved your paintings, and I'm sure they will all be sold v soon. Then they will be asking you for lots more!

Never-mind Spring, after all your sunny pictures I'm impatient for Summer now! I'm so glad you did all the things you think you shouldn't have - lots of yummy pictures for us! Besides you deserved that piece of cake. Lovely lovely skeins of wool - I picked my favourite; the blue/green to the fore of your last skeiny picture with all the lovely colours laid out. I could just eat it off the page (not literally obviously but I do like that colour so much). Mermaids are one of my very favourite things so your chosen colour sounds lovely. I love the heather colour too. We have no yarn shops nearby which is very sad. I have to either order on-line, go into London (expensive) or my lovely sister gets me some for pressies sometimes. Roll on the tea and cakes season definitely!


I get that way about yarn for offer too! I usually need to walk around a bit and settle down my urge to have all of it. I think you did very well with your self-control! ;)

All the photos made me smile and look forward to a warmer season...!


Great news about the gallery...why do we doubt ourselves in the first place?? Thanks so much for the reminder about tea and cake, open gardens, flowers and sunshine... I can feel my body longing for those days again.... so much to look forward to and so many tea rooms to visit... where to start???
Love Yvonne xxx


What very pretty photos of the yarn festival.. I would have had so much trouble controlling myself and only buying 2 things!!

I'm in the process of trying to improve my knitting by making the little princess a cardigan... lets hope she gets it before winter?(which is approx May here)

Val Reaves

I just have to jump in and enjoy all this fun! Tea, and yarn and gardens, and friends...does it get any better than that!
Congrats on the gallery connection. I will keep a good thought for you. Thank you for making me smile. :-)


Yarn and cake, that sounds like a good weekend to me !! Well done on the gallery! :)
Vivienne x


Oh thank you for that lovely lovely post with all those gorgeous photos! Roll on summer and Pimms and buzzy bees and sun!


Vanessa, we remember your garden visits and trips to county fairs. Wow, do you think Spring is really on it's way?

Love every inch of yarn.



Lovely to meet you, Hugo and the dogs on Saturday (could you tell Dachshunds are my favourite!)
Lovely post full of colour - and thank you for the link.


What a lot of wool! At first, I thought those first photos were your purchases, then I realised that you probably hadn't actually bought all those skeins!


FEAST for my COLOR starved eyes! I'm still in a semi-winter wonderland in my neck of the woods. Your pictures gave me many a happy thought! LOVELY! And those yarns! GORGEOUS!


What a feast of colour and cakes! Well done on selling to the gallery, a great boost to the morale. Looking forward to checking out thse yarn websites too, love Penny x(Planet Penny)


Congratulations about your paintings being accepted by the gallery! You must be so proud (and quite rightly so!) How very exciting!

A lovely, colourful, uplifting post. What a lovely start to my day! Thank you.

Jacqui Walker - aka jammam

Beautiful photographs Vanessa. It was lovely to meet you both on Saturday and thank you so much for the mention :) You didn't say you'd just had your pictures accepted at a gallery! How wonderful :) I look forward to seeing you both again in November at the next Woolfish Festival or maybe at Woolfest if you can make it there. I'll be a seller there for the first time this year and it would be lovely to see a familiar face.


Well done on the paintings, Vanessa, hope they go well at the gallery. Lots of lovely photos, thank you, I can't wait for the "tea and cake" season, yes I like that name! I have a couple of articles about the cafe in San Fran and it looks just fab, doesn't it? Not sure I'll ever get there though...
Love Hen xxx

annies abode

good on you for getting your paintings in the gallery.
your snaps are a feast of colour and certainly make me think of spring and summer.
lovely wools too


wow!!!!!beautiful! that's the real life! !! thank you for sharing!! have a nice day!


Any chance you could add RSS feed to your blog? I'd love to be able to follow your posts more easily... :)

Nina - Tabiboo

Mmmmmmmm.....tea and cake - such a tease, but 'oh so' yummy!

Nina x

Baa-me Kniits

Loved all that wool, I would be the same as a kid in the lolly shop.


Congratulations on getting your work into the Gallery.

All that wool is positively scrumptious, I don't think I would have been able to stop at one skein.


Vanessa, it's grand that your beautiful abstracts connected with the gallery! I do know that anxious feeling. Glad the sunshine quickly broke through. Also congracts on having sold the painting.

That leads me to say that I also would always choose some gorgeous yarn/s over new shoes. The wool festival that you visited really looked great, as did the websites you've highlighted.

And then...there's all that tea and cake, and flowers, and other glimmers of the spring that we know will soon arrive.

Many thanks for all the cheery reports. xo


Ahh, wool, tea and cake, some of my favourite things!
Beautiful images too!
Rachel x


I loved those pictures so much - they came on the first really fine, Spring-like day we've had and the combination has made me so happy!

Can I come to that fabulous tea shop with you? We could have tea and cake and chat about yarn...bliss!

Jo xx


I feel the same way about fabrics, so I know exactly what you mean. I'm with you on the tea and cake though.
I think I was first attracted to you when I came across your blog last year and you had all your lovely photos on from the shows you went to, so it's nice to see some similiar photos now.
I think there would be no doubt that a gallery would take your paintings.
I enjoyed looking at all the links you left, which is why it's taken me so long to write this. All lovely sites.


Congrats on your paintings, what good news! I'm torn between wanting to knit all the yarn in sight in your photos, or eat some cake in celebration of Spring! All your photos are so gorgeous :D


I visited the crown and crumpet last year and it is every bit as gorgeous as it looks. I can't wait to get myself back there. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory.


A beautiful post - thank you x

I just found your blog last night and I absolutely love it. Total eye candy. I'm captivated by the crocheted photos and the instructions are wonderful. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful, joyous collection of photos - I have been freezing all day and wondering about winter's end. It ended when I popped over here - thank you!


That was a very lovely post that made me feel really positive, even though none of that gorgeous yarn or cake is mine. You are right, it will soon be garden time, we are now getting sunshine even if the garden is frozen solid and under snow. It can't be long now can it.

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