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Val Reaves

Again, you have given me something to smile about! Having dogs and cats myself, I truly appreciate your pictures of everyone asleep (they look so innocent, don't they). The little jacket made of your crochet squares designs is lovely. I'm so hungry for spring and the windowbox gives me hope.
Have a great day,
Val :-)


Oh they are the cutest dogs ever!!!
So cute.
I saw the little jacket - it is adorable! I think it could work with a boy, to...Yes?
Happy Wednesday!!


hi vanessa
love the pics of your three sweethearts asllep together - gorgeous!
i'm off to look at bibliosophy now - enjoy your knitting group
gill xx
see you friday

Mummy Boo Bear

What snuggley cuteness going on with your three.

Your neighbours window boxes sound like the little pots I have out in my front. They did look pretty............. once. I really must gets some pretty flowers growing back them again.

Love the shot of colour as ever.



Lovely sleepy pictures of Hugo and the dogs! Imagine if your neighbour had pulled back the curtains and spotted you peering at her flowers the other side!!! Your little squares scarf is pretty. I am going to check out the pattern. x


I've said it before but I'll say it again, your dogs are so adorable!!!
Vivienne :)


Lovely snuggly photographs of your three sweethearts.
Looking forward to vicariously spying on your neighbour's Narcissi - spring flowers and sunshine always makes me feel that we are turning the corner into the happier seasons!


I love the photos of your dogs. So sweet. I miss having two dogs. I had to laugh as your sofa looks just like ours and even your dogs look like ours, except Gwinny is one of the longer-legged varieties. We had to upgrade to a three seater as she takes up too much room.

Your scarf is beautiful, but please don't wear it when you take the next photos of your neighbour's daffodils. You'll be far too conspicuous. I do hope your neighbours weren't home.


Lovely dogs, narcissi, husband and crotcheting!

mlle paradis

Oh Vanessa! If you ever find a way to make roses out of your little squares and put them in your Etsy shop, I will be the first to buy them!!!!

Your photos of the hubby and the dogs are very very sweet. I'm afraid there has been a fair amount of that going on at our house this week when we're not driving endlessly around L.A. and finding our destinations shut! The latter part is fairly wearing which is why it's all about sofa time when we get home. Thanks for your emails this week and never mind about "crashing" our staycation.


Hey Vanessa, thanks for the kind mention of my baby jacket. I love visiting this space and soaking in the color and your creativity!


Lots in this post, Vanessa.

The photos of the sleepers are enough to encourage relaxation all over the web.

The narcissus in your neighbor's window box are enough to give us all hope for spring. I do love the reflected images, and bet that you could do something with that in your watercolors.

And...grand to see that your little squares have inspired a pretty little collection of squares for a young person.

Great all around. Yes, time does excape our attention. Get cracking! xo


A resounding Aaaaaah! from the middle of Norfolk! Such cute pictures. I know all about cuddly dachshunds as I'm typing this one handed with my own little 'liquorice torpedo' on my lap and it's taking ages! Don't the little squares work well as a baby jacket? It's so lovely to see determindly springing despite the awful cold weather we've been having, love Penny x (Planet Penny)


p.s...that was meant to say 'Spring determinedly springing' and yes, I am blaming Higgins! P x


Lovely pics of the 3 loves of your life. I love that scarf of yours, I've admired it since you first showed it. I'm just off to look at the pattern now, and the little jacket.


HI Vanessa, long time no 'see'. :)
I'm back in the world of blogging, so your lovely blog will be getting added onto my blog roll on my new site, so I can visit regulary. :) xxxxx

The Girl

This made me laugh - everytime I go outside to take a picture of the big tree outside our flat for my tree project I get incredibly embarassed. We live on a main road and I can see the cars and people going by and thinking to themselves "What is wrong with her?! Why's she taking pictures of a branch on a tree?!"

Vanessa I just wandered across this -
Have you seen it already? It's SO cute I feel that you're doggies might need one each!! Claire x


Gorgeous photos of the dogs, love 'em.

Janice Perkin

I don't know who looks cuter - Hugo or the dogs!!!!!!!! - thanks for the link


Your dogs are gorgeous, I love it when you blog about them :)
I was pondering using your little squares to make a cushion with, what do you think? xxx

kitschen pink

I think you should take your little squares scarf pictures to Tesco and have one of those cake icing transfer thingy's made - those pictures deserve to be eaten! It is their destiny! t.x


So cute! I thought I had replied but I don't think I did. Just to say, those are the most adorable pictures, such darling little doggies and any man who appreciates that as Hugo obviously does must be pretty decent too! Love to see your scarf again, love the rolled up pictures - it looks like a tropical flower in bloom. I really want this scarf and I must find a way to get the yarn together to do it. I always used to prefer Narcissus to Daffodils but I love them all now; it's lovely just seeing what crops up in window boxes or grassy verges. Hurray, Spring is nearly here!


awwww, gorgeous doggies!! gorgeous flowers and crochet too :o)


Loving the spring flowers here too. I picked some of the cutest little tiny miniature narcissi from a vacant house a couple of days ago (shhhh ;-). They are now cheering up my kitchen table.
And those puppers are the cutest things ever!

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