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Have a lovely holiday Vanessa! We're off to France in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait. It's great when it's all ahead of you! Have fun!! :)
Vivienne x


Your spring flowers and the painting you're making of them are lovely!

Have a FANTASTIC holiday in Turkey!!! I can't wait to see the colors you capture when you get back. Hope it's a great break for you and Hugo!

mlle paradis

Have a great time in Turkey!!!!


Oh no Vanessa,
I`ll miss your blogs sooo much. Never mind i`ll try and cope!! :-(. Seriously you have a fab holiday, cos with your paintings and work you deserve a holiday.
The paintings of those flowers are just gorgeous.
Love Carole xxxxxxxx

ps i`m off to choose one of your books on Amazon


Another amazing painting. Have a great holiday.


Have a fabulous holiday! Cx


Let's just say "au revoir" for now - have a lovely time in the sun!
Your spring flowers look so pretty - and I love the Snakeheads too!


Hi Vanessa
I hope you both have a great holiday - we've just struggled back overland from Portugal after being stuck there for a week thanks to that volcano!!!
I love the snakeshead fritillary - I've been trying to grow it in my garden for several years but it just doesn't like me!!
Love Gill xxxx

Kate Bruning

Have a ridiculously good time Vanessa and may your soul come back plump and shiny. Your paintings look so satisfying - I am sure I say the same thing every time but I can't wait to see more! Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


Have a really wonderful holiday Vanessa, goodness you deserve it! If you did do a little blogging while you are away, that would be so lovely but really you should probably just put your feet up. Have never heard of snakesskin fritillaries but aren't they amazing? You can quite see where they get their name; and well done to you for growing anything let alone such a species of exotica! Look forward to seeing your paintings of them (should we be lucky enough). Take care and have totally chilled out time. xx

Ooh that's inspired me to go get some Auricula's tomorrow!! Have a great holiday. Claire x


your flowers are lovely. x hope you have a really gorgeous holiday xxx


i hope you have a lovely holiday!

Erica K

Have fun! Two weeks is a nice-size vacation... :)

I love the flowers...such a variety! And the fritillary is awesome.


Have a wonderful holiday, you really deserve it, as does Hugo.I have seen a friend's photos and the colours were wonderful, old mosaics and the brilliant blues and oranges as I remember[ that might be wrong!]. I love your flowers too, just beautiful. Love Aubrey


Have a wonderful holiday, Vanessa. You both really deserve a rest.

Your picture is superb! Lovely!



Be sure to enjoy Turkey after such a busy time of late - it will be beautiful, I'm certain, just chill! Barbara

Petit Filoux

have a lovely holiday!! x


Lovely collection of flowers, the vases are very pretty too. Hard to leave the garden when everything is happening but have a great holiday, lots of sunshine and lazy days.


Have a great holiday, Vanessa. I'm sure there'll be more flowers for you to paint on your return.


Lovely paintings of your pretty flowers! Have a wonderful holiday :) xx


Have a lovely break, Vanessa.


So gorgeous - love your painting and the flowers too, of course! I hope you have a great time getting away. :)


have a fabulous holiday, and don't fret if you can't blog, enjoy the rest! love Penny and Higgins x


Have a great time and come back feeling refreshed and raring to go!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Have a great holiday, Turkey sounds fantastic! Take lots of photos :-) Your babies will miss you (but not too much). I love those Snakeshead Fritillaries, how amazing are they :-)


Have a lovely holiday vanessa and take plenty of photos for us won't you? x


Have a wonderful vacation!


Hi Vanessa,

Your flowers are gorgeous - I especially love auriculas! Can't wait to see your paintings, this one looks as if it's going to be particularly lovely.

Hope you have a great break -- it won't be the same here without your blog updates to look forward to!


Truly magnificent colourful flowers looks amazing!;p lovely.


I loved my 2 trips to Turkey, hope you have a great time and loeads of inspiration there!


Hope you are having a great holiday.just wondered if you have seen the set of polka dot pots at A set of 5 storage glass dishes in different sizes with red and white polka dot lids. I immediately thought of you!! Look under the house section on the home page. Ive already ordered a set!!


Have a great holiday Vanessa. Turkey, how lovely. Enjoy.


Have a lovely holiday! There's a Sunshine award for you on my blog by the way :D


Great work love it!!!

Karen Thomas

Hi Vanessa,
I was so glad to find your blog - My partner Liz and I are opening a new knitting and sewing shop in Berwick in the summer and hope to fill it with lovely colours like your beautiful blog! Do you do workshops?

Best wishes,
Karen Thomas

alexandra s.m.

Love your blog!
Thank you so much for the free tutorials!
Have a beautiful time in Turkey, no doubt it will be a source of inspiration for your art ;-)

Greetings from a Franco-American <3

roses philippines

This is absolutely gorgeous flowers they are so cute and adorable I like all of them. Keep posting guys!



Have a great holiday, Your flowers are beautiful- they have made me feel very summery even though a big old dark cloud has just landed over my garden!!


Missing you, Vanessa...and hoping you are having a lovely time.


Have a great holiday


Hope you are having, or have had a great time! Ros


Gorgeous photos, Vanessa. Hope you're sunning yourself, and I can't wait for you to get back x

Lindy Dunn

love your talent and it brings a smile to my face. I crochet and work in colored pencil. Please come see me at

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