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Lovely to have a visit from you today - I've missed you :) Claire x


Oh I love moss chairs - we looked into growing one for our garden but I can't keep anything green alive for longer than a week! My grandma has oodles of moss growing in her woods - very good for lining hanging baskets, and much prettier! :D


I love the look and feel of moss, too. I've never seen a moss chair before!

Looking forward to the dress pictures!

Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

Hi Vanessa, The moss is beautiful, love that Hogo brought you a present of moss. I have seen pictures of a moss covered seat, maybe looks better than feels, espeially if damp! I love lichen too and have been taking photos of lichen on our rocks. Can I feel a painting coming on? The delicate colours and the contrasting orange of the lichen, Love Aubrey


Well, Vanessa, I have never seen a moss chair, but agree with you about the beauty of moss itself. Lucky you to have Hugo know this, too.

Nature really never gets its colors wrong, does it? xo

mlle paradis

Lovely post Vanessa. I love moss too. I had been working on something in a similar vein to post, I'll let you know when it's up.

Gorgeous pic of the moss in the pink bowl with the branches and the lichens. Have you ever seen Kaffe Fassett's needlepoint pattern for lichen? It's from back in the day a bit but you might like it.

I have a cousin who brought some English moss back from a visit in her boot (because otherwise brining it into the states is a big no-no as you might imagine) and she grew a big swath of it next to her house in hot clayey soil in hot humid heartland America summers. So if she could do it, I'm certain you can.

I do love "green" furniture too! I'm sure Hugo got extra extra kisses that day!


Hi Vanessa,
Just had a quick look at your blog, cos i must rush off to Leeds to see my Mum. So i will read it tonight when i get back. But i just had to bask in the glow of your photos!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


Had I known you like moss I'd have sent you a truckload. I've got a yard full of it. It takes over my grass. Glad you like're very sweet.


Hello Vanessa

A moss bed sounds very soft and welcoming! Your new website is really lovely too ~ well done!

Much love
Julia x x x


Thanks for the sweet comment Vanessa. :)

Erica K

I love moss too...but I have no problem growing just covers our yard...replacing the grass, like a weed. Our tree is quite covered too...I love that! Now what I'd really like to do is have a mushroom garden. How fun would that be? :)

sally anne

Congratulations on a stunning website. Hugo is VERY clever, and you are incredibly talented...well done to you both !


Have a look on Etsy at the "moss terrariums".
Yep, you heard right "moss terrariums" (I just like saying it over and over).You will LOVE them. Promise. x

mlle paradis

p.s. i posted moss-like images today for my "corner view" - you might like! i would love to see you paint some moss. saw your comment re: m. fedden. lots to like there i think! her colors are similar to breon o'casey. and a little craigie aitchison. i have so struggled to do moody colors like those found in the uk on dark days. must look at all three more!


Hi Vanessa,
I clicked on your blog this morning (thursday), to read wednesday`s blog. No blog! So i thought i would check that you`re not ill. I hope you`re ok and just was busy?
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


It would be lovely to have a moss chair - definately a good idea!


I love moss too and on my desk, there are also a bright brown chestnut, a leetchee's skin and a little multicolored feather. (I hope you can understand what I mean, even not using the proper words in English...).
Marion from France.

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