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Lovely pictures of the blackbird. The silhouettes are fantastic!
I think the prints are a brilliant idea - I could happily buy a print for a present for someone where one of your originals would be out of budget. And hopefully it would get your work out to a wider audience?

The Vintage Heart

HI, LOVE the silhouette of the blackbird, would make a good subject for one of your paintings! I think the prints are a vey good idea, i am really interested in your still lifes, are you thinking of doing a print run on thoose? give a little hug and pat to your furry babies from me ,bestest wishes ,,Linda.

mlle paradis

love the blackbird, and the silhouettes AND the idea of selling prints.

no wonder you are so busy!

thanks also for reminding me of one of my favorite songs - "blackbird singing in the dead of night....... " and that one of my VERY favorite parts of living in england was listening to the blackbirds in the morning. (great big sigh!) hope you have a good weekend V.!!


Yes, I think the prints are a really good idea! I adore your still life pictures and would love to own one. Isn't the blackbird lovely!


oh, my! Those bird pictures are fantastic!!
Yes...prints sound like a good idea!

j k eells

do not evere under value yoursef. original watercolours should cost a great deal. if you wish to make prints, they should be slightly cheaper. You are an artist, that is what people are paying for. Believe in yourself. this is a harsh world if you want the original , you pay for it. If you dream of beauty and can't afford it you get the print. At no way alo
ng this train of thought do you begrudge the artist for the cost.

Christine Fior

Hi Vanessa! I think the idea of prints is great! I know what you mean about originals being costly because of all the time they take to finish. I do a lot of hand needlework, and there's no way I could sell them and get a fair price for all the labor that goes into each one. Have a great weekend! Chris

Kate Bruning

Wahoo - sounds great - I would love, love, love to buy an original and plan to one day but at this stage the thought of having a wonderful Vanessa print in my house is so exciting. We have just arrived home - it is kind of odd being back after three weeks in a camper van. Kind of like entering and exclusive hotel or something. HOpe you are well, Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


I would love one of your still lifes - so prints sound a fab idea to me.


I think prints are a great idea. It would increase your audience. Some people can afford originals,others can't so you could satisfy both this way.

Good luck! and i hope you get some brain rest this weekend. x


I think those are prize winning pictures of a bird on the nest, I've never seen anything like it. Yes prints definitely a good idea. Go for it.



Prints of your beautiful paintings is a great idea. More people will be able to enjoy them, and you get to keep the original. I hope you have a more relaxing weekend.


I think Prints are a great idea, you will reach a bigger audience with your lovely work. I loved the photos of the nest and the birds behind the screen...fabulous!


Limited edition prints would be a super idea, Vanessa. We already have several sets of signed prints,and it's an ideal way to have paintings that you couldn't otherwise afford as it still makes them a bit special, especially buying them direct from the artist.
We have a rather dim pigeon nesting in the tree outside my study - I could reach out and touch the nest. I'm worried about what will happen next time the wind gets up as this high up the tree tends to whip about and the nest looks very unsound!


Hi Vanessa - The idea of producing prints from your paintings is a great one as I would love to have one of your still life pictures.

Bril !!


LOVE the idea of prints; then I could afford some to grace my home!


Hi Vanessa- What a gorgeous blog- Got yr details via my husband Mark, you met this week, he runs theirvinggallery. He said: Have a look at Vanessa's blog, and 'OH!' I am so addicted already.... and would you believe it I have started my own blogspot today for my lovely shop Petal n Paper...all thanxxx to you. You are inspiring! Love x Dorien


I think selling your paintings as limited edition prints is a brilliant idea.It gets your work out to a greater audience and may tempt them to pay more for an original.WE recently bought a limited edition print by J Bell from a gallery on Anglesey.
I do a lot of fine lace knitting-shawls/scarves etc and there is no way you could price them up to sell because of the hours spent doing them.Even a pair of socks takes at least four evenings!
Go for it Vanessa and I will be the first in the queue.


Great pictures of the birds and great idea about limited edition prints. I' love to afford to buy some of you work.
Gloria xx


Oh how cute!! I love little birds.


great ideas,all of them!
what about selling little blank note cards as well?


Hello Vanessa.

Those bird photos through the scrims are pretty wonderful. Feeding the young'uns is a strong image.

I also love the photo of the nest. I would love to have hours to spend just drawing that nest over and over!

Now. On to your questions about making prints of your paintings. I think that you will do well with this idea, but would advise your doing a bit of a test. Some still life paintings and some abstracts. See what the response is. I would imagine that they will attract different viewers and appreciators.

In this strange economy in which we now live (is the recovery underway, or will we be fooled again, etc.) it's difficult to know how art fits in.

That's why I'd advise you not to expend too, too much cost-wise before you get an idea of the response to the prints versus that joy that collectors get from owning an original.


Cheap Jordans

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. All of the projects look great! Thanks!


Oh my goodness, those photos are amazing!! I love them! How sweet to have little birds right outside the window.

No wonder you're frazzled. I think that kind of working out is the worst kind because as soon as you've one answer to something, it raises yet more questions! It sounds like your spot on on already. People are less likely to buy originals over the internet. So you could have a web based prints business and push for your originals to be in more galleries? BTW just noticed that you put me in your side bar of blogs you read - COOL!!! Thanks a lot :)


I am sooo pleased you have made some prints. They look wonderful and fresh. I shall start saving! how about some cards!?! I think I have asked before. Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird are two dedicated parents. Thank you.


I think the idea of prints -- signed and numbered is a VERY good idea. I used to buy a lot more art than I have recently but prints are usually as much I can afford. And knowing that you are a professional artist would make me more likely to buy them from you as I would know they were printed correctly and not on any old paper in an ink jet printer. The prices you have in mind are quite reasonable as well.

Erica K

Oh my, I really love the set idea...I can so see that first one in my house! I would love to buy originals, but yes, it's so hard to justify with my budget. I'm really loving your abstracts...I think of them as rocks. Wonderful, river-worn rocks. (I love rocks, by the way)


prints excellent idea (hello dear by the way!) hope it all goes a bomb for you xxxx

stephie @ narrative self

Hi Vanessa! I agree with JK Ells, don't undervalue your work. I'm a fine artist too and have studied for 8 years to achieve the skill and knowledge I have, and I know you must have too. Then throw in the years of experience, and of course the prestige that you have as a successful illustrator (which I certainly don't have!), and it all adds up to something desirable indeed. Pricing work shouldn't all be about the amount of hours you took to make it, you have to consider all the other things too. It seems hard for an artist to do, but I think it's all in the marketing - wherever and whenever you sell your work (originals or prints) make sure the purchaser knows what they're getting, these are works are from a prestigious well respected artist and you deserve to be properly remunerated for that. Lecture over :)

I have to say I think prints are a great idea, but make sure they're of high quality, on watercolour paper for example, in good quality light-fast inks; you're still producing a valuable product, not something that will be competing with B&Q! Was that another lecture, oh dear.... I'll shut up now and go and do some painting!

Good luck with the venture, enjoy you holiday and I'll be back to lecture you again soon!!! x

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