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What adorable bunnies! I think it's wonderful that you're making prints and selling them in your Etsy shop.

The dress is so beautiful - I would find it hard to part with, too!


The dress is absolutely adorable and I'm sure Miss Nancy will look darling in it. You know, you don't have to buy another dress. You could just do a painting of it -- all turquoise and dots!


That dress is adorable - I wouldn't have been able to resist it either.

What a great idea to offer to personalise your beautiful artwork. I may have to purchase one for my 2 year old daughter, Violet. I can't tell you how many times a day I have to read her 'Bringing down the moon', though Violet calls it her 'hole' book, it must be my accent, because I definitely say 'Mole'.

Have a lovely weekend.


Oh Vanessa I do love your bunnies they are absolutely adorable! :)
And yes I can see why you just had to buy the dress!
Have a lovely weekend,
Vivienne x


The dress is just beautiful - won't she look sweet in it?
And I love the bunnies! They are absolutely adorable. Off to stalk Etsy!


Oh my goodness, what a post full of loveliness! Love the dress but also as I read down and you revealed what your plans are, I was very excited for you. Your bunnies are gorgeous and who could not resist such a lovely, different, personal gift to welcome new little ones into the world.

I especially love the sleepy, stretchy bunny.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Tina S.

I totally understand that the dress had to be bought...and it's not unreasonable at all to purchase another to hang in your studio. Any reasonable person could readily see that you had to do it. Just had to!


Hi Vanessa
I love that dress - the colours are gorgeous!!
I have a real soft spot for smocking - I used to do it when my children were small but with only one daughter, who was never a girly girl, my opportunities were limited! but they all have hand smocked christening gowns as future heirlooms!!!
Your bunny prints are super and I love the idea of personalising them for a birth/day

love Gill

Isabelle (from France)

Hi Vanessa!

What a great idea you've had, personalised gifts are always the best!! Your friend is very lucky to have you as a friend :o).
As you might remember, I have 3 girls, so I know a little bit about buying dresses and the great joy it provides, especially as they are always so grateful and so happy to receive them! I miss buying baby ones though.
Have a great weekend! It is good to read your blog again!
Isabelle xx


What an adorable little dress. Your bunny prints are beautiful.

Puppet Lady

Just love the little bunny head appearing in the neck opening of that cute little dress. Smocking seems to be a skill that has died out - I know my mother used to do it for me and my sister.


My last baby was a girl and I had immense fun with lots of dress buying! It wasn't very long before she had a very assertive opinion on what she would and wouldn't wear so I'm very glad I indulged myself when I could! Your bunnies are adorable and that's such a lovely idea for a new baby present. :) x


that little dress is gorgeous and your prints are perfectly lovely!


I can imagine what a dearly loved friend you are - everything you do comes straight from the heart! Who indeed could resist such a wonderful little dress. Such a beautiful colour and all those sweet little details. No wonder you want to keep it! Twirly girly dresses are indeed a very wonderful thing - in my hazy and distant past I did actually manage to get creative and make quite a lot of pretty dresses; a lot of fun I must say. Bob will love seeing baby Nancy wearing such an adorable little dress. Even more special are your darling and gorgeous little bunnies. Whose heart would not melt at receiving them? They are just so cute; I'm sure they will go down a storm at etsy too. Lucky Bob to be getting such lovely presents. Very special!


OOOoooohhhh!!! Your bunnies are adorable!!!


Beautiful dress.
Adorable bunnies.

Kate Bruning

I love them - as you know we are a rabbit-centric house (although Big Ears dug a hole under her bed a few weeks ago and escaped. We were all very sad but also strangely excited at the thought that maybe in a couple of years, we might see lots of giant flemish rabbits bouncing around the farm) and I just think your bunny rabbits are utterly adorable. I have always loved the bottoms and feet of your creature, they are as cute as children in all-in-one pyjamas. I can't wait for the prints to come into the etsy shop. I just love you being back!!! Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.

Emma Angel

Oh my goodness! That dress is adorable. I want one too!
The bunnies are also very sweet.


I love your post. The dress is to dye for. I truly love smocking and wish I had the time and talent to do it. The bunnies are adorable. Take Care.

Erica K

Those are both wonderful gifts! I know what you mean about baby clothes! Especially the little tiny ones...which they grow out of in like a month. *sigh* I loved/love buying for my kids...okay, mostly my girl! ;) You know there's a popular store here for kids...they were selling a leather jacket for a baby (in sizes for less than a year old even) for over $100. Now I would never buy that!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Gorgeous!!! All of it, absolutely gorgeous!!


Smocked dresses, fairisle cardies, spotty fabric, fluffy wool and bunnies - essential for happiness I would say ...


love the dress, I so miss buying girly things for my daughter who now just lives in jeans and t shirt.

Those bunnies are brilliant, I have a huge image in my head just filled with these three images, baby shop:

picture frames
bunny toys
I could go on forever.

You are so talented, always love to see your work.


The little dress is adorable. Friends of mine have just had a baby boy, and the clothes just don't have the same appeal.
I just love your little rabbits, they are just so full of character. Your idea for baby gifts is inspired. I look forward to seeing more animal characters.


Oh, I just love baby clothes too - that one is adorable. I've made so many things in the last few weeks for new arrivals but I still get such pleasure out of them. The bunnies are just adorable. Local baby shop is closing down - have to resist the sale every time I walk past!


Lovely bunnies Vanessa. Beautiful dress too. Have you seen all the gorgeous baby girl clothes that Alicia has been amking at Posie Gets Cozy?


Oh it's all so lovely Vanessa! The dress, the bunnies - I love it all. Hope you sell loads xx

French Knots

I think you need to buy another lovely little dress, then you could draw a sweet little bunny in a smocked frock!
No of course the photos wouldn't do, you'd need the real thing to draw wouldn't you?!x

martha in mobile

Your prints almost make me want to have another baby, just to re-enter that world! Instead (being of sound mind and old body), I will ruthlessly and relentlessly badger my friends to have more children so I can gift them.


yes. Dress buying is definitely my vice. Amelia has more clothes than any child really needs, but dress buying is also my Mum's vice, so between us, she's well dressed! Bet she turns out to be a tomboy who lives in jeans.

Love the bunny prints - they are so sweet. We are planning on redecorating Amelia's room in September, and I'll definitely want some then, as I'm sure pink will be featuring in the design scheme - just hope that you'll have some left by then. x x


That is indeed one beautifu dress, and what adorable bunnies! I think your idea to personalise them is lovely.
I've enjoyed catching up with you. Love the photos from your holiday. Who knew that ordinary undecorated eggs could look so fantastic?


I always say that the girls clothes are so much nicer than any little boys clothes you can find, and this is exactly why! It's utterly beautiful, and I would have bought it as well!
The bunnies are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - I'd love a print on my sons wall! x

Mam'zelle flo

So cute little rabbits! i ♥ them!


I love the bunny which is sitting and stretching!

The Curious Cat

Oh! Been away, just popped back and love everything I see... sigh...


what an adorable little dress. I certainly understand your need to purchase the darling little thing. And your bunnies are the cutest!!!!


Your little bunny is so sweet, I love her ♥
I would love to see you painting my Willow bunny, she's a beauty. A bad beauty though, we visited for half an hour on Monday and in that time she managed to escape from her run (again) and then dug a hole in the lawn. Bad girl!

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