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Welcome back, hope you came home to glorious weather. That feast of colour must have done you the world of good it certainly cheered me up seeing in second hand. Wait to hear more about the holiday.


Lovely to have you back Vanessa, looks like you had a great time!
Vivienne x


Hope you were smarter than my husband and me. In Istanbul we hurried down to the ferry to sail across the strait to the Asiatic side of Turkey. A little rushed, my husband thought he was lucky to be able to buy a ticket from an official looking man hawking them near the landing. Such efficiency! He thought the price was a little steep but chalked it up to unfamiliarity with the currency. When we returned we saw the posted rates and realized we'd really paid too much. The hawker was still there and my husband questioned him in an aggrieved tone. A translator nearby helped: we'd bought tickets for a month's worth of sailing. Since we were leaving the next day we gave our tickets to the delighted translator. Note to myself: Learn Turkish. Read all signs. It is a great country.


Welcome home - I missed your blogging.
Can't wait to see what you bought!
Good luck for the exhibition.
I have started a crochet project - my first for many moons. Using your tutorials - they are great -especially the neat way you finish off each square. I'm currently making 2 Baby Squares jackets but then plan to try a small squares scarf of yours. Thanks for posting all the tutorials and instructions - Julia

Kate Bruning

Oh I am so pleased to have you back and those wonderful photos make it all worth the wait. The tomatoes are fantastic aren't they. I wish I had something funny to write but it is now the end of the day and I just want the boys in bed and my feet up on the big blue couch knitting (with my hands that is). Would you like to come and join me? Lots and lots of love, Kate (the greedy one) xxooxxooxx.


It's lovely to have you back, Vanessa :-)
I'm so glad you've had a much needed holiday, you seem much happier.
Your photos of the market are fantastic, I love the first one of the tomatoes stacked in boxed best of all.
Much love x x x xx


WOW!!! The colours are superb!! And welcome back, now life is back to normal!
How can ordinary things like tomatoes, lentils, eggplant [even if they are lady- fingers] potatoes the tins of oil, oh, and the onions tied up in their little bundles all look so glamourous! Not the same as I see in our Safeway!
I am so glad to see the knitting and the cups of tea! I must say the lunch at the end of the blog makes me feel very hungry... I had better start dinner. Lovely to see it all! Love Aubrey


So good to have you back!
You look great on waterskies!
I love Turkey (my husband and I had 2 vacations there), I love genuine hospitality of its people (not in the tourist area where it's probebly not so genuine ;-)) and when I feel reminiscent, I take out a little tea glass (if I am not mistaken it's called "bardak" in Turkish) and pour myself some tea.


So glad you enjoyed yourself...we love the pies...some just have feta, some spinach some both...Greece and Turkey have many similarities..
Look forward to the more photos..
Take care


Welcome back! So good to catch up with you again. So pleased you enjoyed your well deserved holiday! Great photos! :) x


Hello Vanessa, so lovely to read your post! May I bestow a special "Bravery Award" upon you? Firstly for knitting a whole dress! (part of which I can see looking so adorable on the cafe tablecloth)but mostly for windsurfing and waterskiing!! such an achievement, be very proud indeed!
I realise how much I've missed your bright beautiful photos, I especially like all the bottles of olive oil right next to the Ajax,and of course those very red tomatoes, thank you for sharing them with us all ...


Good to have you back Vanessa, looks like you had a lovely relaxing and well deserved rest. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them with us.
Hen x


Loving the bendy shelves in your photo!!!!
Good luck with the exhibition.

Petit Filoux

Lovely to have you back!! Your photos are so bright and cheerful! xx


Looks like a wonderful holiday. Glad it chased the blues away.


Welcome back, Vanessa. Glad you had a good time. Isn't Turkey wonderful! We're going for the 4th time at the end of June, sailing out of Fethiye. Fantastic! I was very impressed with your wind-surfing and water-skiing...


Hi Vanessa, it is soooooo lovely to have you back. I`m really glad you had a good holiday with lots of sunshine.
Also thank you for your email re:the rosettes. I haven`t started on them yet as i`m busy knitting teacosies for a friend who is organising a 'Blooming Great Tea Party' in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. But i want to get started on the rosettes soon. How`s your dress coming along, can`t wait to see the finished garment. I do so look forward to your blogs. Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Beth Bowkett

Welcome Back! I hope you had a lovely time! The photo's are lovely! Thanks for sharing them.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Welcome back, sounds like you had a lovely holiday and I love the photos of you windsurfing and Water skiing!!! I have to confess about a week ago I was wondering if you were alright as I hadn't seen a post for a while so I had to go back and re-read your last one and of course realized that you were on holidays. So good to know you were having fun and had not got sick or anything. Looking forward to seeing your goodies and Did you finish your dress??


So glad you had a recuperative holiday - welcome home, been missing your colourful blog!


merhaba bir türk olarak ülkemden bahsetmeniz çok hoşuma gitti.


welcome back! I've really missed your cheery posts but it looks and sounds like you had a lovely time and a well earned break. Well done to Hugo for all the activities - personally I much prefer your style of activity - my ideal holiday involves lots of sun, lots of books and lots of sun lounger.

Good luck with the exhibition, and looking forward to wednesday and another post already x x


Wonderful photos of Turkey!!!


You caught so many colors! I love, love, LOVE the food colors!! Did the tomatoes taste as good as they look? And I had no idea one could find lentils in such a range of colors - beautiful!

mlle paradis

wonderful wonderful pics Vanessa! glad to have you back - but sounds like you needed your time away. v. impressed you did all those watery sporty things!


So very glad you are back - I thought you'd died or something. I even kept checkinh Henhouse blog, because I thought that she would probably post if you did die. This sounds very selfish, but it's only because I lovelovelove reading you're blog so much. Please don't die in the near future...


Welcome back - we've missed you! Love your photos, and glad you enjoyed your well deserved break!


Lovely to have you back - you sound so refreshed, like you've had a proper spring clean and service!
What a fantastic market - all the colours look breathtaking - and wow to the activties!


It's nice to have you back Vanessa, and it sounds as if the holiday has truly recharged your batteries.

Erica K

It sounds like you had such a wonderful vacation! :) I love seeing the pictures...

French Knots

It looks like you had a wonderful time, how brave to waterski! Love the market photos, full of vibrant colour and life. Goos to see you back.xx


I have missed you and your posts, they are such a feast for the eyes. Looking forward to hearing more about Turkey too.


Hi Vanessa, haven't commented before and the world of blogging is a new found pleasure. I can't believe I missed your updates sooooo much. Lovely to see your wonderful holiday pics. We have been to Turkey for a couple of years on the trot and love, love, love it, but it's back to camping this year, (2 kids at Uni!) Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and inspirational creativity. Thank you.


Hi Vanessa! I'm glad you had such a good time! That spinach dish looks so good! So everyone enjoyed seeing your knitting? Isn't it amazing how people are drawn to handcrafts? It's like a universal language! Happy to have you back! Chris


Hey, good to see you back Vanessa. Looks like your break was amazing with plenty of relaxing too. I am hacking away with a cough of my own just now..yuk! x

Janice Perkin

so glad to see you back and you sound like your old self again and not so worried about things - keep this feeling even with deadlines - take care


Gosh Vanessa what fabulous photos! Turkey looks glorious. Glad you had such a good holiday.

Sue x


Gorgeous photos, lovely colours. And I am so impressed / in awe of the poor person who had to pile up the potatoes in a perfect order!

Anne Kaz

Turkish coffee fortune, well next time..

Alice Best

Loved looking through your photos! And nice to see the knitting on the table... loving reading updates on your blog, it's great


WOW ! such amazing colours, I love your photo's. Brilliant post


The Turkish eggs stacks are beautiful & remind me of rows of crochet!!


Hi Vanessa! I'm from Turkey but I'mm living in USA. I was happy for Turkey picture.I miss my country...thank you for pictures :)

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