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*gasp* such beauty in everyday things! stunning photography as ever by the way, you are very good.

p.s perhaps an omelette for tea would have been more appropriate? :p


The cartons are fantastic but the eggs in the final photo are best of all. I expected you to have had an eggy meal too, scrambled maybe.


I thought you were going to boil an egg Vanessa. I really did. Still porridge is good for you too. Just a bit odd for supper. Terrific photos. Like tessellating tiles.


You had me fooled too - I was expecting - well - eggs?
Some of your photographs make the egg trays look like knitted lace - fantastic!


Such colours Vanessa! Who knew that egg boxes could be so chic or so pleasing on the eye. The colours really do turn them into a kind of sculpture. I would have been snapping away at them too.

I adore the image of all that pastel plasticware in your first post-hols post. It's a like a crazy patchwork.

Welcome back.

Judi A.

I loooooved the egg cartons, especially the bright pink ones! I would have had to figure out how to finagle a few from the egg sellers and then stuff them into my luggage to bring them home. I would so love to have a few - one even - of the pink ones. Guess your photos will have to do, which by the way, are fabulous! You do have a great camera eye. :-)


Vanessa, no wonder you were able to win over the egg sellers...those photos are quite wonderful.

Something about the carton, egg, carton, egg, rows reminds me of alternating granny crochet rows. Bet you've already noticed this.



Ah yes, fabulous egg cartons, who would have thought it possible? I have previously bought half a dozen eggs in a lovely bright pink carton but I can't remember from where and I know I am going to be very disappointed from now on at the shops!
Hen xxx

Petit Filoux

Wonderful pictures, amazing really! Who would have thought egg boxes could be so pretty?!

Kate Bruning

I have been looking at your blog with Hugo next to me while eating our toast and he literally gasped at the beauty of your eggs. He wanted to know were they from your chooks, did you buy them all and then went quiet and enjoyed the colours with me.
Porridge is a staple emergency meal in our house, it sticks to the ribs and the boys always sleep well after a big bowl too. There is something so sensible and nurturing about it. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

Anne Kaz

Fotoğraflar harika. Hangi pazarda çektiysen tonlamalar ve ışığı çok güzel yakalamışsın tebrik ederim :)

Great photos.


Hmmm! Was definitely expecting it to scrambled eggs!!!!! Ros

Erica K

Hugo and you sound so cute! :D I love the cartons. You know, I've found that england (not that the cartons are from there, but it reminds me)make the US seem so drab... I'm jealous... :)

mlle paradis

they say that god is in the details and thank GOODNESS he didn't forget about egg cartons in turkey! and he put you on earth to discover them for us. wonderful post!


Love those egg cartons and the eggs! The incredible edible egg!


Eggs, eggs, eggs = eggstasy (sorry)
Yes - I was surprised by the porridge too.
Fantastic photos - thanks for sharing


i am dazzled!Wow, wonderful.

Magic Cochin

My under-gardeners are so eggcited by those egg boxes!!! They want me to put their dark brown and pastel blue and turquoise eggs in lovely coloured boxes instead of the grey ones I use.

Wouldn't those patterns make gorgeous fabric designs - curtains and cushions! deckechairs too :-)


PS I love porridge! did you put syrup on it?

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I have cereal for a meal all the time! Very nutritious :-) Love that pink and blue together and that last photo of the eggs....brilliant!


Hi Vanessa,
Got to dash of to Leeds this am, so not time to read your blog properly. So i will look forward to reading it tonight.But had to have a peek, lovely pics as usual.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


You're not wrong! Those egg boxes are beautiful.

I speak as someone with 10 hens and 4 ducks, who is given empty (grey) egg boxes by everyone I know, and thought she would never feel amazed by their loveliness.

Julia Thompson

Hello Vanessa - what wonderful egg cartions, its great to see the market through your 'eye'. x love Julie

The Vintage Heart

Hi, glad you had a fab holiday! theese are words I thoought I would never hear my self say,but here goes..... I LOVE THOOSE EGG BOX,S ! the colours are sumptuouse and zingy! give your two furry babies a hug from me! Bestest wishes..Linda.

Janice Perkin


French Knots

Oh, Oh, Oh! Love the pictures, the colours, the shapes. Remind me of the clusters of colours in granny squares.x


I love your holiday photos. They are so different. All that texture and colour and full of inspiration!! Thank you for sharing and I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.

P.S. I have had my paints out and all because of you! Thank you!!


lovely combinations of colours - I thought you were going to say how much like crochet they look and that you would use the colours for a new project! Liz


I agree - beautiful! Wish we had those kinds in Sweden as well... :-)


Oh, I thought you were going to say scrambled egg on toast!


Oh, I'm all overcome! I hadn't recovered from all those amazing tomato pictures in the previous post, and then I found the egg boxex! Aren't they fantastic colours? And yes, it's definitely Art! Lovely to have you back, so glad you had a great holiday and a good rest, despite the watersports. I'm very impressed! Love Penny and Higgins x

Diane Gelder

In many of the shots, the shape of the egg boxes look like rickrack.

How charming!


Told my hens about them and they will double egg production if I paint my drab grey ones in cheery colours, isn't it marvellous!

Wow, how fantastic.

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