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Oooh gorgeous rose, Vaness and the garden is looking lovely. Amazing weather we're having at the moment. Hope you enjoyed your knitting night. Must get outside now, date with a bbq and a glass of rose (sorry, can't do the accent!)
Hen x


What a beautiful name for a rose (I must remember it for when I eventually get a garden again) - It brings back wonderful memories of watching Anne of Green Gables and hearing her recite The Lady of Shallot at the beginning. Pure escapism. Bliss.

Enjoy your knit club.
Jill x

Janice Perkin

love the rose - hope the weather stays good as we are at Seahouses all next week - i am so looking forward to it

Kate Bruning

I just left an enormous message and accidentally deleted it - needless to say, I love your roses and miss mine as they always tend to hide over winter. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

stunning rose... and I can completely understand the break thing! I'm a student right now, and I discovered how many breaks I take when I took my laptop to polytech one day to finish an assignment... I didnt notice at home that I was averaging approximately one break every 10 minutes! SHOCKING! When there are no distractions like knitting, crochet, yoga, food and coffees etc, its much easier to get things done! Good luck with your deadline and have a lovely day! :)


Your garden looks so nice and inviting, a perfect place to sit and knit. I love yellow roses too and have 3 of them in my garden along the windows. Unfortunately their also the ones the aphids love too so they have to get a bit of wash occasionally. Hope you get your work done in time so you can continue on with your lovely dress.


I adore the rose! I am not a lover of yellow roses, but I think they may grow on me! I'm a sucker for pinks, reds and purple roses. Are the flowers in the vase scabiosas? They are a gorgeous colour. I have them in my garden, but in pale pink. It is Winter here in Australia, and I'm missing the flowers! Love, love, love your blog:-)Faeryfay


That peachy yellow rose is delightful! Your garden looks perfect for knitting and reading.

I'm thinking of you the past few early mornings as I sit on a bench in what my husband calls "the tea garden." The library finally found me a copy of the book you recommended: The Mysteries of Glass by Sue Gee, and I'm reading it at 6:00 a.m. as I sit outside, drinking coffee and minding the dogs while they play.

Have a great knit night!


I LOVE roses, all colours except those strange mauvey ones which are meant to be blue and look sort of funereal. And they have to smell, too. Your rose is such a rich colour, absolutely beautiful. P x


Hi Vanessa,
Your garden looks lovely. I love roses, especially garden roses. I`m going to my Mum`s in Leeds today and i noticed there were some coming out in her garden, i might just have to pinch a few. She never has them in the house. I can`t wait to see your dress. When you start the fair isle pattern you will show us won`t you?
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxx


Yes, I have started to love yellow roses too Vanessa. I really like the way I seem to open up to certain flowers which did nothing for me when I was a bit younger. Maybe that's a good thing about getting older?!! x

'Rules' are for breaking surely?! I say take a break in the sun while you can (especially if you've not been well recently.) Your garden looks fantastic - more pictures please! :) Claire x

Christine Fior

Hi Vanessa, I so envy you being able to work from home! By the time I get home and get to sit outside on my back porch, the mosquitoes are coming out and it's getting dark! No time to enjoy it! Your garden looks so pretty! Love the roses!!!


I'm in love with that photo of your rose! The colour is so delicious I can see why you want to grow these! I can almost smell it from here :) xx


your garden is wonderful - so pretty and I can easily see why it would distract you from work on a sunny day. The rose is stunning - does she smell lovely too?

Gorgeous Things

That rose is an amazing colour - I love it. I think you need to be very disciplined to work from home - I find that I don't take enough breaks! I'm looking forward to hearing an update on that knitting.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

What a gorgeous rose! I love that name, its my favourite painting. Now when I see it I will also think of your lovely rose :-)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

What a gorgeous rose! I love that name, its my favourite painting. Now when I see it I will also think of your lovely rose :-)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

What a gorgeous rose! I love that name, its my favourite painting. Now when I see it I will also think of your lovely rose :-)


I just adore the depth of colour in the Lady S rose, I can smell it all the way here in Australia! It is a colour to feed the soul!! Your garden looks so beautiful, do find good time to sit and enjoy it, Love from Aubrey


Beautiful roses! They have a pinkish bloom some yellow roses don't they. I love roses very much - they and tulips are my favourites. With roses I love the paler delicate pinks and yellows but also the more vibrant ones too. A cottage with roses around the door would be my dream home. Mind you, I would have to get a gardener as I really do not have green fingers. But then in dreams anything is possible. Lovely garden - who could blame you for wanting to sit in it as much as you can?


So nice colours!!

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