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jane smallcombe

Love the dress - it's coming on a treat!!! Colours are looking fabulous!

You will love the fairisle dress in the new Rowan Magazine that is due out next month. I had a sneak peak and it looks amazing (especially the dress). I still haven't tried fairisle - I find it a little daunting at the mere thought. Maybe you can give me some tips on how to start and the best type of project to begin with????

Love and hugs

Jane x


The right decision, but your patience in executing it is nevertheless highly impressive.


absolutely lovely vanessa....inspiring me to pick up 2 needles again instead of 1.....

kitschen pink

those colours in the top picture are just neopolitan ice cream in a woolie! just delicious! I have no idea how you catch all those stitches! It should be an olympic sport! t.xx

I've lost my knitting mojo at the moment and was looking for inspiration to try something else.I'm fed up of knitting lace shawls and scarves and lots of pairs of socks.Seeing your post is what I needed-not a dress ,far too big a project.Any suggestios for a small project?Thank you Vanessa.Can't wait to see the finished dress.

A brave choice, I think you were right but 260 stitches! Yikes!


I love crocheting in bed, it feels relaxing but also very decadent!


The dress is looking good! I think you were right to unravel the orange. It looked a little too stark! Can't wait to pop back and see the progress. Ros


It's looking good. Very indulgant to knit in bed, good for you


I love to crochet in bed, one of my favourite pass times ;-) - hubby doesn't like it much especially when a wandering hook is found lol.


Yes I love crocheting and knitting in bed too.
This is going to be a very nice dress, can't wait to see it finished !


I have just found your beautiful blog! I've knit in bed, but never in the morning. I think I should give it a try because I usually fall asleep at night, lol!


It's looking lovely! Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I did like the orange arrows...maybe you could do some pointing down so they don't look like they are widening you?? No idea how hard that would be to work out!!! It is looking fantastic and you will have to get those beautiful needles there is nothing worse than knitting with crap gear :-)


I have never thought of knitting or crocheting in bed. I ALWAYS read, first thing with my cup of tea...or two cups... and at night>i have convinced myself I couldn't go to sleep without reading!
I love the fairisle and the colours and agree with you that the orange was just not quite right in the way you used it. I hate pulling out and can imagine the tangle with all the colours! I still like the orange with it though. You are an amazing knitter and I love to see what you are doing! Love Aubrey


I love knitting in bed its so comfy that is usually where I do most of my knitting. I can't wait to see you dress when its finished.


Oh I love knitting Fairisle too Vanessa and really fancy doing some now I have seen yours. Looking forward to Wednesday's showing x

Gorgeous Things

I've very recently tried crocheting in bed - but time flies - it was 10.30am when I realised I was still in bed (it was a Sunday, but even so...) I love the colours in the dress, and it looks so cuddleable!


If I started crocheting in bed I'd never get up, I have to be down early for a certain little hairy person. it's feet up on the sofa in the evening for me, if onl there was something other than sport on the box! P x


I can't start my day without a half hour read, but to be honest, how can you bear to be in bed, knitting - which isn't exactly a cool hobby and is one I relegate to cooler days - when the garden, the sunshine, the birdsong all beckon you outside? Way too warm to want to be in bed any longer than necessary down here in Norfolk, maybe cooler where you are, or maybe you are cooler blooded than me!


Wow Vanessa,
The Fairisle looks so lovely. And ooooo you are sooo patient unravelling it, but it will be worth it. I look forward to the updates.
Love Carole from Rossenadale xxx


I'm finding it too hot to knit anywhere at present - and mornings here are a bit fraught. I don't mind metal needles, but I hate the feel of bamboo - having a new wooden spoon is a similar problem. Un picking is such a pain, but sometimes you just have to, and it's such a relief when you've got all the stitches back on. Dress is looking good, can't wait to see it finished.


Oh - you are making me want to learn how to fairisle - you make it look so easy, but I bet it isn't! The dress is looking gorgeous - love the colours - you were right to keep the orange.


I do, I do, I DO - and I thought I was a bit crazy doing it, so I´m glad that I´m not the only one..! :-) It´s so peaceful to sit there with the yarn and everything. :-)


knitting in bed is the best - although I can never get the cup of tea to magically appear at my side and have to trot downstairs and get it myself! I like it when the rest of the house is still asleep and I can get a little quiet knitting time in while still having a snuggle! The dress is coming on beautifully - looking forward to an update on it's development!


Vanessa, I know what you mean about how annoying some types of knitting needles can be. All the same, it's great that you are persevering, and even finding that courage to take out the orange rows. (Do find a way later along to insert some of that pretty orange, though...I am sure that you will!)

Best wishes. xo

Puppet Lady

I don't normally knit in bed - that's my place for reading. I did try it once but other half complained that I was fidgeting! I was interested in your comments on metal needles making your hand ache. I always use them and often get aching hands - maybe I should try bamboo needles. I had never thought that it might be the needles making my hands ache, I assumed it was just the knitting!


Vanessa, your dress is looking great, I even liked the orange, though it was the one colour I would not have used. I thought you were ill when you said about knitting in bed. I don't knit or crochet in bed, but I do read a lot. I'm going on holiday for just over a week, so I am going to miss your blogs when I am away, but I will have a lot to catch up on when I come back.


I love love love how its all looking! It is going to be so beautiful. My goodness you are clever though - nothing too random about the pattern you are undoing; it all looks very mathematical to me! Undoing stuff gives me nightmares because of picking up all the stitches etc. Sometimes, for the sake of one tiny little wrong stitch I've ended up having to start all over again as I couldn't pick up the stitches properly. I love knitting in bed though - I love it that it's comfy and there's room for everything. A cup of coffee beside you and the radio on too. And a cat or two as well - as long as they are keeping their sweet little paws off the knitting. Perfect. Can't wait to see what the next bit of your dress is like. Oh and before I forget here's a link to a blog I haven't visited for a while. There is a rather nice crochet dress on there using a ripple stripe for the skirt (Lucy's pattern from Attic 24). A different type of dress but a very nice one.
You just need to scroll down a little to see it. xx


It is freezing down here (Melbourne, Australia) at present, I would love to spend a whole day in bed with my knitting projects! Interspersed with gazing at beautiful knitting books and dreaming of color combinations ... I often wake early and always, always manage at least half an hour's knitting before beginning the day - it's magic! My mind is fresh, I never make mistakes, my knitting is even and I speed along so happily, glancing at the clock every ten rows or so! Your photo is so pretty and inspiring, I love your fairisle colors, it all looks adorably cosy ...


Hi Vanessa

I am editor of Simply Handmade and a new magazine which we are starting from scratch - Crochet Trends. My first issue of SHM is out mid July and then bi-monthly, starting in that one there will be 3 trial smaller issues of Crochet Trends to test the waters!
As you can imagine i am so excited and this could be huge judging by how big crochet items are now.

This brings me to my question.....Would you be interested in helping out with a couple of projects? Please email me at [email protected] and i will go through details etc :)



I first loved the title of your blog then I loved these colors and knit.

Will surely follow your posts.

How good to connect to each other's days through the blog life and to find people like you!


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