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It's good to have you back Vanessa! Hope you're feeling much better now.
I have to say Bob is seriously cute! :)
Vivienne x


Glad to have you back.Hope you continue to improve.

Cath W

Is it a Boo-bee ? (he he)
Good to see you again!


Hi Vanessa
Lovely to have you back - we did miss you last week - in fact we were quite worried about you, it wasn't like you to miss blogging!!
Anyway I'm glad you're on the mend, look after yourself and don't do too much too soon will you ( I'm beginning to sound like my mother!!)
Love Gill


Hi Vanessa,
It is sooooo nice to have you back, i really miss your blogs when you are away.
Please take care of yourself.Oooo Bob is sooo cute!
Lots of Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


I too missed your blogs and I am glad you are back. Is it me or does Bob have a beautiful quiff (not sure if I've spelled that right)? Love all hamsters, ours is called Honey, the cats are Blackberry and Nutmeg and it makes me feel hungry thinking about them all.


So glad to see you here again and sorry you've been poorly. Bob reminds me of the many hamsters we have had (Bubbles, Teasel, Maisie, Zooney and Sunny to name but a few) and I can confirm that he is one of the handsomest and very endearing.


Glad your feeling better! I missed your chipper and talented blogging while you were gone. Just wanted to let you know I put up a link to your blog, particularly your Fair Isle scarf, today. It inspired me to attempt my own so if you want to take a peek here's the link:

Have a great day!


Oh Vanessa, I'm SO sorry you've been poorly, isn't it a joy to have lovely caring family? This was such a lovely post, your doggies are sweeties and although I don't do hamsters really Bob is a cutie! Hope you continue to get back on form, lots of love, Penny and Higgins xxx

Really sorry to hear that you were ill. Glad you're better and back with us!


Oh Vanessa, you have been missed, Thank you so much for the lovely rose shot at the front which is just the sort of perk-up I greedily get from your blog. I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather but very glad to hear you've been well looked after. I love that the doggies have such different characters and I do love Douglas' woeful face! Bob, well I've never been much of a hamster type person to be really honest but I think he would definitely convert me. I do love animals' with (might I say) rather ordinary humans' names. I once worked with someone who had a black and white cat called Colin which I thought was marvellous and my niece (whose Dad happens to be called Keith) has a cat called Keith, similarly brill, I think!
Anyway, hope you are going to be home tomorrow as quite a big box is winging its way to you with lots of love!
Hen xxx

French Knots

How lovely of your sister to scoop you up and love you better. Bob looks a lot more friendly than my daughter's hamster who is a grumpy biter!
Glad to see you back, lovely photos as always.x


Good to have you back.Bob is so gorgeous! Oh I could take him home, but My Lucy wouldn't like that!


So sorry you've been ill - glad you sound as if you're feeling better. I love hamsters and had a succesion of them through my childhood between the ages of 8 and 14, one living to a great hamster age of 5! They are just so appealing and Bob is a great name.

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

sad to hear you've been feeling so sick...
your dogs are just so cute, love how douglas was sleeping in the kids toys even though he's not into kids!
A stripet jumper sounds like a great idea!
Have a lovely week,
from alice and raymond


Bob is the cutest hamster I have ever seen. I had no idea they were such adorable little creatures.

Lovely to see you back Vanessa.

Sue xx


Bob is simply adorable, I never knew they really looked like that. He is a very good model. Your niece sounds so gorgeous, trying to make friends with your doggie. I am sure he was very happy to be doted upon. Hope your feeling much better soon too, nothing worse than bad health.


My goodness, Vanessa, so sorry to hear about your being poorly.

You were definitely missed. It's lovely to read that you are now on the mend.

Please do not rush the recouperation. xo


Hi Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell, but glad you are on the mend, and back with us. I'm not too sure about the hamster, a bit too mousy maybe. The cat would find him very interesting though.


Good to see you back too Vanessa and with such gorgeous photos too. Hope you are soon feeling better. Stripy jumper sounds great to me! x


Dear Vanessa, Snowy and I (freshly returned from socializing in the park) wish you and Hugo and doggies heaps of health and happiness! and we missed you so much and good luck with your new dress, there is a Debbie Bliss fairisle dress pattern (in one of her recent magazines) I've been longing to try and I really will before too long. Just a few more "unfinished masterpieces" to see to first!

Magic Cochin

Hope you really are feeling better now. What a lovely thing to be taken care of by your kind sister, it's hard to be good and not start doing things while you're still weak, when you work from home (I've done that!).

Bob is so lovely! I thought hamsters were smaller? Is Bob big or are you sister's hands very small?

That dress needs to be forgotten for a while. Find some lovely summer colours and knit or crochet somethings quick and easy and fun - a cushion for a deck chair? or a summer shopping bag?



so sorry to hear you've been poorly, glad you are on way up now!!! Lovely pics, your dogs are just soooo cute!



sorry to hear you've been poorly Vanessa, hope you are feeling much better soon xxx


So glad that you're on the mend and that the TLC helped. What a wonderful sister and such beautiful photos despite being poorly. Bob is very photogenic - I wonder how long before he appears in one of your books? Loving Douglas and Ellie as always. xx


That's a long time in a car when you're feeling ill, but glad to hear you're better now.


Ahhh! I want a Bob-the-hamster. Such a cutie.

Janice Perkin

so glad you are feeling better - have missed you - hope hugo coped ok without you and the dogs - take care

Gorgeous Things

So sorry to hear that you haven't been well - but lovely to see all your cute doggy and hamstery pictures! My goodness, Bob is a seriously handsome chap - don't you feel inspired to paint him? Or maybe a knitted version of Bob?
Glad you're back.


Very pleased you are feeling bettr. Aren't sisters great? Good Hammy pictures too, ours is more likely to bite than pose for pictures.


Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and stronger. One day at a time is the answer. take care.


Hope you're feeling much better now. I think Bob is a wonderful name for a hamster. My partner and I have had two hamsters - the first one was called Reg and the second one Harry - they are lovely lovely pets and Bob looks a super little chap.

Erica K

Bob IS a model! Amazing! He does look freshly manicured for the photo shoot! :D

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