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The Cuckoo

I am more in love with your sisterhood blanket than ever. It is next on my list, my LONG list.

Hen's stuff is just lush, she is lush. You are all lush lush lush.

Talking of lush I have something in my possession that you will just adore. I bought it today in Fanny Adams, Blagdon (take a peek at my blog) and I would like you to have it. If you would like it then email me your address, I feel it might have been made for you and that is why I bought it today, not for me to keep, though I didn't know this at the time, but for it to find it's way to you through me. Do you know what I mean or do I sound crazy?

A Thrifty Mrs

Ahhh, how you make me smile.


I know how you feel. I too love my little mini-doxie. She's a red-smoothie, and is the princess in our house. the dog has only sat on pillows her whole life. She doesn't know she's a dog, shhh, we're not telling her. :)


Hi - have been enjoying the sunshine in Wiltshire today - a bit of allotmenting, a little painting and a little knitting and a little web-wandering your way to see those beautiful colours and cushions...don't you just love summer?!


What a lovely post! Yes, we've had sunshine too and it does put such a different perspective on everything. I wondered about the answer to the joke! It's a cracker.... just the kind of joke to delight a class of 7 year-olds. I hall share it with my class tomorrow. I am already smiling!!!! Ros

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

your bed looks just incredible... this may sound creepy, but I just want to get in it and soak up all those lovely soft colours!!! My beloved (although female) is not a fan of pink, so our bed is made lovely with burgundy, red and fake furs... now I see your bed I'm thinking I need my own bed ;) he he
lovely post today and your dress looks amazing...
oh, and thank you for admiring my elf booties... I think you could probably whip them up in about half an hour!
Have a lovely day from Alice and Raymond

Kate Bruning

Boobies - hilarious, Archie and Hugo are giggling over it now (being dairyfarmer boys they are so fascinated by milk production - particularly in humans and of course because I am still breastfeeding both of them.... only joking). I love the cushions and they sing with your sisterhood blanket and the quilt on the wall behind your bed (yes, stalkery enough, I took in all the details). I can't wait to see more of the dress, that duck egg blue is the best. Love Kate (your greedy friend), xxooxxooxx.

jane smallcombe

Fabulous joke!!!!!

Love your idea of the dress! Cannot wait to see it finished!

Jane x


Lucky you and lucky Hen to have the joy of your swaps! Each of you all really has a unique eye and a wonderful artistry.

The newly arrived pillow is wonderful ... please do post a close up.

The newly begun cabled dress looks pretty smashing, too. You must be feeling better, Vanessa!

I am going to have to see if that Wendy yarn is a available over here.

Your crocheted afghan is a marvel. Colors are in perfect harmony.

Thank you for your sweet comment over at my spot.



Ooh, Vaness, your lovely photos have more than done the cushions justice, so lovely to see them through someone else's lens. The photo of the yummy yarn atop the squares is fabby (better even than the Debbie bliss Amalfi book!)
Gorgeous colour you have chosen for your dress. I hate it when things I'm making don't work out, I usually sulk for the rest of the day but forget all about it the next! This dress will be fab especially as it will be a rainbow and you are the colour queen. Hope you had a good evening, we were at H's school watching them all sing and dance, he was a Roman gladiator, most amusing!
Hen xxx


Your dress is going to look great, I agree cables always look impressive! Duck egg blue is my favourite colour at the minute too! In fact it has become a bit of a joke in that every time I go to buy anything (and I mean anything) my husband asks if we're having it in duck egg blue! :)
Vivienne x


What a lovely colour fix for the first thing in the morning, and dachshunds! I LOVE that cushion! (As I type Higgins is draped over one arm making it hard going, but how can I push him off!) Hope you have another sunshiny day, P x

Daffys Garden

Those cushions are gorgeous! And your bed is beautiful! I'd love my bed to look like that, but here it's all purple and green satin and sequins, which has its own charm I suppose...

I laughed at that joke too - partly because we overheard my 10 year old cousin telling a similar one to her friends at a party once - same answer, but it started "what kind of bees wear bras?"... :)

Looking forward to seeing your dress very much!


You have got to be the neatest knitter in the world!! Love the colour too.


That joke just cracks me up! Brilliant!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms

Lucky you. Lovely things. Adore your sisterhood blankie. I've just finished a cushion based on it. Loved your tutorials - beautifully clear and easy to follow - ideal for a dimwit like myself! I've also made a cushion based on your little squares scarf (couldn't quite get to grips with the sewing up of the squares, mind you). Thank you for your inspiration.


I love love the dachshunds -do you think Hen would mind if I copied one just for myself? And the patchwork cushion is gorgeous too-some people just have the knack of utterly gorgeous in their genes I think!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Beautiful cushions, lucky you! Dress looks like a winner :-)


The doggies cushion is wonderful! What a great idea!
Love the colour of your yarn and the cables...You say they are easy to make??


I really think this dress is going to be perfect! Stunning colour and a lovely pattern. I think it will look fabulous as a dress. You could either bring it in, maybe with ribbing - like a long "sweater" dress or flare it out. Both would look great. Love the cable - you always say these things are easy, but that is because you are clever. Looks pretty tricky to me - a reason why I haven't tried it. But I will - one day! Hen has done it again hasn't she? What a stunning gift to give you and I love the dachshund theme. I do like the edging around it and the fabric, I think she dyes it herself doesn't she - into lots of gorgeous colours. Everything goes together so beautifully with your blanket. I wish I had a yummy crochet blanket, but you don't get them by wishing do you! It's lovely to see it in its everyday use. That is one gorgeous blanket. Hen and your ideas both conjure up sheer gorgeous escapism. I'm not surprised you cut back on gifting, you must have spent ages on each others pressies. But definitely things money cannot buy. Beautiful pictures!

Erica K

Your knitting is just wonderful! It looks perfect! I love the cushions...your bed is so happy looking!
That's a great way to make an impression as a headmaster! The kids probably love him! :D

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