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Love the tea cups, Vanessa. Congratulations on selling so many books but I know what you mean about the PO, some weeks I feel like it's my second home! Hope to see more posts soon and hope the fair isle dress is going well, too too delicious!
Love Hen xxx


no don't move to a flat with no garden, what would gaze out upon/paint flowers from/sit in when you should be working! paint yourself a time machine / teleporter instead!

I got my books yesterday.Thank you so much for writing in them.I am thrilled to bits.They are an absolute delight.I can't wait for Emily to lose her first tooth.It shouldn't be long.She is going into Year 1 in September.I used to teach this age group and we called it the wobbly tooth brigade.At the end of the day I would give out reading books, notes etc and also teeth that had come out during the day,always carefully wrapped and labelled by me.You need the tooth for the tooth fairy to come!


Congrats on the sale of so many books!

I know what you mean - we say it'd be lovely to win the lottery to fund all of our dreams but we very rarely play it!!

I don't mind doing the tasks, but pesky work gets in the if I could just afford not to work!! ;)

Janice Perkin

I'm sure Hugo helps a lot if previous posts are anything to go by!!!!

I need all those teacups!! Is that your collection? I'm on a teacu painting frenzy at the moment :)

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Congratulations on selling so many of your books... although I'm not surprised so many of your fans wanted them! ;)

Helen Tzabar

Lovely cups. Cogratulations on all the book sales! Think. You might get fed up with the motorway in the end. Might be all the holiday mooches buying your books and desperate to catch a glimpse of you


well done on your book sales! If my little ones were still little we'd have snapped some up. As well as a motorway to the post office it sounds like you could use your own post check-in window. I always semm to have a queue build up behind me when I'm sending lots of packages and the feeling of all those eyes boring into my back while the post lady takes her time is most uncomfortable! Lovely teacups by the way!


Brilliant Vanessa,
I think you`ve got life planned out just right. It`s the future!
Congratulations on your book sale.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Oh well done on your book sales, if everyone is like me you have made a lot of people very happy :-) You need an owl like Harry Potter!!


So glad your books are selling like hot cakes - unfortunately, no small people here to by for! I need all the people you mention to sort our life. Our post office is conveniently near - about 2 minutes walk, but it keeps odd hours. It's not open on Mondays and closes at 2.30 so I'm forever forgetting and then I have to drive 3 miles to the dignified 1930's one in town which, wait for it, also houses a branch of Thorntons! Last time I bought packing material I got a free whisky truffle and succumbed to chocolate cookies on offer. Perhaps I'd better do all my posting stuff online in future. Love the cups.


I'd like a personal trainer, housekeeper and chef, please! Glad to hear you're having so much success selling your books.

Planet Penny

Not only have you sold all those books, think of the calories burned dashing to the post office and bsck all those times! P x

Erica K

Congrats Vanessa! If I'd seen the post before I did, I would have bought as well! I could technically walk to the post office, but it's not the loveliest of walks. I imagine yours is much nicer...

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Well done Vanessa! Our daughter told me that they have several of your books in their school library (there are only 19 children in the school, so they are able to browse!) Does the tea in the pot go cold before you decide which teacup to use - difficult choice!


Well done! I love that top photo too :) xx


Hey guess who's mentioned in August's Let's Knit are!!!! On p73 you are mentioned in the blogs they love section!! Well done!!! There's a little write up and a pic of your little squares scarf!!


Sign my up for the tidyier-upper. I could use at least one. =) I am loving your blog so much! I found it via the Little Squares Scarf which I plan on making soon. I would also love to link to it and share it with my readers if you didn't mind.

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