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Hilarious hairy hounds


Well, to answer your question ... yes I have. I own five dogs. There's nothing better than walking five dogs on their leashes to get to know the neighbours. (Basically because you'll need somebody to unknot you. ;-) )

Lovely photos. :-)) I love Irish Wolfhounds, they're so gentle and sweet.


Those are fantastic pictures - Hugo seems to be having as much fun as the dogs! I remember the little puppy pictures, he seems a great little character. I love seeing them all playing together. One question though - what did you do with all those wet sandy dogs? I can see your two littlies there as well; seems like a great time was had by all! Really happy your sleeve has worked for you. Look forward to seeing new pictures. Have a lovely weekend.


Lovely dogs -especially the great wolfhound, such gentle animals. Sad that these large dogs have a much shorter lifespan than the littlies. Our Gt Dane only lived to 7 but our Jack Russells were 13 and 15.
Looks like Hugo enjoyed himself, too!


Four at a time is my best and three at a time is my daily walk. I love watching people's faces when I walk through town with three under control dogs beside me.


I too am curious about how you keep the sand outside...Five dogs at once! Yikes!! We have three, and I can do a "Three Dog Walk" alone, but that is my absolute limit!!!
My daughter adores the Irish Wolfhound above all dogs, and will LOVE these pictures!!
Looking forward to some dress photos!! Have a lovely weekend! ♥

Kate Bruning

I love the first photo - "Run Hugo, run". You can just imagine him thinking, "I really wish I didn't put that piece of steak in my pocket".


I love Jack Russells. They are such characters. We used to have one - Paddie - and she was just wonderful. I miss her so much, but reading your post brought back such happy memories. Abi


Oh what lovely pictures! One at a time is enough for us. We have a jack Russell called Rosie and everything you say about them is true. She can read us like a book and she's so intelligent. She tends to be the master of our household, telling us when it's time to walk, eat, go to bed! She loves the beach but isn't so sure about going in the sea. She's a bit of a lady at heart and doesn't like to get her feet wet!

She's such a stubborn, independent, bossy, clever, annoying, adorable little dog and we wouldn't give her up for the world!
Jo x

mlle paradis

bravo on the sleeve! loved the dog pics! you might inspire us to get a furry dachsund once we stop traveling. we are "doggy people" but it's just not fair to have one when you're away all the time is it?

i'm sure hugo made you a lovely dinner. have a great wkend!


Snowy would so love to have been there ...

ps V happy the sleeve worked well for you ...

pps I am planning to make the hexagon patchwork into a curtain just like you suggested, Vanessa! it will be perfect on the window just next to my computer screen, which can be a little bit glarey.


I once read that Irish Wolfhound should be at least 80 cm, but the taller the better. ;-)
Recently I walked my dog together with 2 jack russels and admired how brave they were!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

what a lovely post! It was so heartwarming... Hugo looks like a cool character! I love dogs so much, my parents have a little dog and her son who I was midwife to at his birth (which completely and utterly put me off the idea of procreating... it looked painful!)... it was fun to see photos of them all playing, especially your little ones running around in the background!
Enjoy your weekend


Jack Russells -love 'em!


Well I walked 4 greyhounds on my own this morning! Mike was having a lie in, read that as a break from the hounds. I have to muzzle them though, just in case they broke away from me as they would do serious damage to any small dog or a cat. Their instinct is so strong. They are always alert to any movement. It's a shame that they cannot be let off for a run. They would like nothing better, except I know that Jewel for one would just run and run and forget where we were. Having said that, Rufus does get let off his lead as he can be trusted not to run off.
Beautiful photos of the dogs on the beach, and Hugo. What a fine dog Oscar is, they all are, but I do like Irish Wolfhounds.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

LOL Vanessa! I am a dog-sitter amongst all my other claims to fame so we regularly have a hoard of dogs at our house for the school holidays so walking 5 dogs at a time is a treat for me ( I have 4 here permanently at the moment...3 JRT's and my SIL's Blue Heeler ) This holidays I have had 6 grownup dogs and then you remember all of my puppies, I still have 7 of them!

Cuddy was an adorable puppy! If I lived closer you could have one of mine :-)

Can't wait to see your dress!


Well done with the sleeve, it's always a phew moment when it works right?

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Vanessa! You won my giveaway...!!!


Oh Vanessa, those pictures are just full of fun. What a walk that must have been. Here in New York, there are lots of professional dog walkers, who often walk as many as five or six dogs at a time. However, I've noticed that they usually try to keep the sizes of their dogs about the same.

I am looking forward to seeing that sleeve!

Best wishes.

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