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Gosh - the dress is looking stunning, you have been busy. I so love those red shoes. I have a friend holidaying in Spain in the next few weeks and I have told her she musn't come back without a pair for my daughter ;) Gorgeous.


Well, it is my firm belief that spotty goes with anything....go find orange spotties! I love the dress. It is delightful and happy. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I have to admit I was skeptical about that many colors but I love how it turns out so far! Keep up the good job and remember to take little breaks in between your busy schedule.

Take care.


WOW WOW WOW that is amazing, the colours, you are so clever! i also love those shoes cute cute cute x


Oooh, the dress is to die for, you are so very clever, you definitely have the knack for this Fair Isle lark. Glad to hear everything is going well and busy for you in the working world too. The sales of your books has been great, well deserved. Just think of all the pleasure you're bringing to people. Dare I say it - pretty hanger!!!
Love Hen xxx


Mmmm very nice, love the shoes too


oh it is beautifull!:)
Makes me want to try with some fair isle knitting myself!


Gorgeous, Vanessa!! :)
Vivienne x


Fantastic dress and shoes - go on - you have to wear them together!


The Fair Isle dress is amazing and the polka-dot shoes are perfect for it!


I just love your fair isle dress. The colours are stunning, the pattern is amazing and the skillful knitting is beautiful. I think the spotty shoes will look just great! Can't wait to see it finished. Ros

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

yay Vanessa! I love clicking onto your blog and finding a new post! And what a post today! The dress looks just incredible, I can't believe how clever you are! Well... I can believe, but I've never seen fair isle properly before, so what an experience for me! And those shoes! Aaaahhh! I love them! They look so cool with the dress! Wear them with pride!

Erica K

Your fair isle is so much fun! I just love how it's turning out! It looks so good against your blue paint!


The dress is incredible! Love it, love the shoes!


Your fair isle dress is beautiful. It looks very difficult. I have used the self-striping yarn and that is about as daring as I get with color change and knitting! I wanted to say also that your tutorials are fantastic. I love the little squares and the Sisterhood square too.

Marie Allen

I LOVE the look of that dress! So glad that the project has a happy ending!


So cute dress! Wonderful colours!


OH WOW what a beautiful dress!!! are there going to be sleeves too????

The fair isle really does it!!! and the colors!!!

as for the shoes, I find they go, you do have a little red in there, so it works, but didn't I see some orange ones on that shelf above the dress??? would those go???

What a great project, the great thing about fair isle is that even though it's long to do, it actually goes faster because you can't wait to see how it will turn out!!!

Enjoy making then wearing your dress, of course you'll model it for us when done, right????

Take great care


The Girl

I've been watching this dress slowly appear for a while now without commenting but I feel I've got to comment now just to It's absolutely, mind-bogglingly (is that a word?!), amazing. I can't believe people can knit like that. It's beyond me. It's so beautiful.

Must be open garden season because I was at some this weekend too!


Oh, that is super.


Hi Vanessa,
Wow your dress is coming along nicely, the colours are just gorgeous. I think the shoes look great with it. They are sooo pretty.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx




Vanessa, I absolutely love it so much! The colors are truly magical, it makes me happy just to look at your wonderful fairisle ...thank you for sharing it with us all over the world ...

Planet Penny

Wow, can't wait to see you modelling it. So cheery and bright and I can't believe how quickly it's coming along considering all the other things you are managing to pack into your day. P x


Wow Vanessa, with all that you are juggling right now, no wonder you turn to the relaxation that can come from fair isle. I so agree with you that playing with beautiful colors, stitch by stitch, row by row is very relaxing.

Your dress grows more and more beautiful. I would definitely wear the spotty shoes with it.

Bravo! xo


Your dress is looking amazing - such beautiful colours!!!


Hi Vanessa,

I love the dress and I looooove the shoes! Where did you get them???



Goodness - it looks so amazing!! What complicated patterns all so artistically woven together. I could not do that in a million years. Really beautiful. If you really can't imagine doing anything other than fair isle, what about a blanket/throw -wouldn't that look so good? (and keep you busy for a long long time!)I can't believe how much you have done already. Can't wait to see it finished. It's really good too that you are enjoying making it so much - just as we enjoy seeing it. How you fit it all in when you are already so busy I just don't know! But then don't 'they' say that if you want something done to ask a busy person?


I just adore that dress! I can hardly wait to see it on you!


You will look stunning in your 'coat'[I know it is a dress but ....] of many colours!! it has been gorgeous watching your progress with it all, even the pitfalls that befell you! It encourages us for when we make mistakes.I adore the red shoes. I first made a comment when I saw the shoes, thinking how much Kate would love them! Don't get tooooooooooo busy and take care, love Aubrey


Quel travail!. C'est superbe. Bravo.

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