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The tables looked lovely, I liked the dogs sitting waiting patiently for their owners. Your dress is looking fab, so it'll be good to see some sleeves. I have ground to a halt on the making front at the moment, too many half finished things, and ideas for lots more.

jane smallcombe

What a pity about the scones - I would have been devastated!!!

Cannot wait to see the sleeves for your dress - I'm trying to imagine what they will be like?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Jane x


I'm glad you rescued the little baby seagulls Vanessa. Such a shame though, poor Mummy and Daddy gulls - but they can't get back into the nest once they have fallen out so you definitely saved them from owls or something. Thanks to you they will now grow up, which is a very good thing. I would still be sulking about the scone and made myself some when I got home to feed my face with. Nevermind though, another lovely garden to compensate (nearly!) Am liking the stripy table cloths and cute little dogs too. Hope your dress sleeves are going well!

Kate Bruning

I didn't even know that seagulls were ever babies or even sat on nests - I thought there was a cracking sound and then they burst into the sky flying. I have honestly never seen anything even remotely like a seagull nest. How strange. I am mad on the roses and as for Hugo's shirt, how do you not take scissors to it (and that's a high compliment meaning that you could make such lovely things from it rather than so he just can't wear it). Anyway, I am having my first cup of tea for the day so I guess we can't expect me to be to fluent yet. I hope you have a good night's sleep on the other side of the world. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

mlle paradis

i'm with kate. who ever thinks about seagull babies?

too bad about the scones. but your pictures are lovely - that is alchemilla isn't it in the nosegays? we don't have much of it in l.a. and i seem to have forgotten about it. it used to be one of my favorite. must find a way to resurrect it in my life.

thanks as always for a lovely wander in your company vanessa! and i've never looked at egg crates/cartons the same since your turkey posts!


beautiful photos Vanessa! oh and I love the stripy tablecloths - they warm my soul indeed. Stripes are the best :-)
Lots of love, Heather xxxxx


Shame about the scones. But I must admit, those tables look good enough to eat!


Seagull babies are a little like baby pigeons - ill seen but often heard!

What a shame about the scones. There is something quite reassuring about the fact that there are still places that one can visit which take you back to the simplicity of life, albeit with unfortunate cake...that does make me think of my grandmother's rock hard rock could lose a tooth - like cake roulette...anyway...


well the scones may have been a disappointment, but the table tops look lovely - such a joy to see the bright colours and flowers now that the weather has turned grey again!


Hi Vanessa,
What a shame about the scones, never mind the garden looked lovely. Is the Black labrador yours? I love labradors.
Can`t wait to see more photos of your dress. No pressure then lol!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Magic Cochin

All that hard work spent on the lovely tent, table cloths and vases of flowers... to have the scones let the show down - such a shame. (note to self - make sure all cakes and scones supplied to village events are top notch quality, just in case a blogger visits!)

We're still sweltering in dust-dry Suffolk. If there is cloud it makes the heat stickier but it doesn't rain. Harvest about to start - that means thunder flies (thrips) Yuk!!!

You've inspired me to do some knitting... might just pop it on the blog when it's done ;-)


Katie Willow

It's the china medley that's doing it for me :-)God I love the stuff x

Jenni at Baame Kniits

I love all your bright photos! Where were all the other people at the open garden?? Were you the only ones there? I thought the scones looked lovely, weren't they? Too many questions don't worry about answering you are too busy :-)

Can't wait to see what you have done to your dress!

Poor baby seagulls but the vet was right, predators would have had them if they were left out of their nest and they would have been too cold at night without their mum. Well done for saving them :-)


A scone that was inedible? That is rather a tragedy.


very beautiful pictures, I also get happy by looking at them! Sad about the scones then... I know how it is to get ones exitment all rounded up about cake he,he

Jordan 1

cake is a nice dessert, but it's easy to get fat, so try to eat less...

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