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Planet Penny

What a pretty cushion. You're right, wallpaper would be lovely. You wouldn't need a lot but it would make such a statement. I'm sure I can see the curtain fabric from my childhood bedroom in Hen's mix. I so wish my mum wasn't one of those people who throws everything away! P x


Hi Vanessa,
So much to catch up on on your lovely blog. I love the Fair Isle dress, might I say, I am very envious. You know, I do like seeing things I've made through other people's eyes. They always look different, somehow (very good too). I agree, a vintage patchwork wallpaper would be a dream come true and I am toying with repainting m den and having a wall of wallpaper bits 'n' pieces but there's so much going on in there already, I just think it might be too much...
Hope everything is well with you all.
Love Hen xxx

Kate Bruning

Cath Kidston actually has a digital wallpaper based on an idea like this - I even copied the link (so efficient particularly considering I haven't even finished my first cup of tea for the morning) - it is hideously expensive though...
Better finish that cup of tea. Love Kate, xxooxxooxx.


when I was little we had this wallpaper that was exactly like patchwork, only the patches were hexagons. I absolutely adored it. Can't remember now where the wallpaper was in my childhood house(bathroom maybe? bedroom?), but some years later when we moved house I ofund a roll of this wallpaper and asked my Mum to cover a cardboard box with it for me. I kept this Patchwork Wallpaper box to hold all my secret treasures. And do you know what?? I still have it. It's in the Attic eaves. Will try dig it out and photo it for've brought back some lovely memories for me ((thank you))!!


Oh yes, such wallpaper would look fabulous!
I'm going to have to stop resisting the temptation and buy one of Hen's patchwork cushions one day, as I notice my heart aches everytime I see them! :o)
A bientôt,
Isabelle xx

Clare Powell

Great idea! I have one of Hen's cushions too they are so beautifully made I love it!


I just saw this and thought of this post


Just popped in to see what you've been up to. Lovely blog you have here. The Hen cushion would indeed make the prettiest wallpaper.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Hi Vanessa :-) My husband said I was not to teach Squirrel any of those tricks, stick to bowing and standing on platforms....isn't he a spoilsport, I bet Squirrel would love a cheeseburger!! PS The patchwork is LOVELY!!


Thanks for visiting Vanessa.
I love patchwork squares, so yummy, and that cushion of Hen's is such a treasure.

Gorgeous Things

Patchwork wallpaper is a great idea - I love to wallpaper furniture, and a bit of patchworked paper would look amazing. I can see I'll have to experiment with that when I have some time and space to make a mess(so difficult during the summer holidays). Your sleeves are looking amazing - you are so patient and careful working it all out - I am in awe!


something like this maybe?

It's a Dutch company, but am pretty sure its available in the UK.

or this?


oooh lucky you, what a beautiful cushion to have in your possession! I do like your idea of patchwork wallpaper - that would be lovely wouldn't it?

Janice Perkin

the cushion is lovely

Erica K

I'm certain there must be a patchwork wallpaper out there somewhere! Although maybe not in the patterns/colors you like. You could, however, make your own!! Ooo, how fun! Go around and get 'samples' of your favorite wallpapers and paste them up like a real patchwork. I wonder how well that would work??? You'd have to make sure to paste them really well...

Kristen de Wolf Poulton

Hi Vanessa! I love your Fair Isle dress - it is fabulous. 8-)
Kristen (de Wolf)


Isn't that just so beautiful? Lucky you! I thought I recognised Hen's work there. What a lovely thing. I give myself a terrible time looking at all this inspiring stuff. My mind keeps endlessly flipping over all the things that could be done. I love fabric and woolly things - it's so difficult to choose. The main thing is the colours I think. But I love textures too. The list I want to do keeps on growing. Oh well at least I have started on something for once (am making ripple blanket). Otherwise I dream of the quilts, the grannie squares, the colourful patterns that I will make - one day! Wish I could get as much done as you (you are such a fast knitter!) Wouldn't patchwork wallpaper be fun - you would never be bored would you?


Have you seen this one?
We have it here in Sweden, I´m sure You could find it in UK as well, Otherwise there i a webshop, that you can contact and ask if she will be able to send it to you.

Love your blog!


I love the idea of patchwork wallpaper! So cozy and cheerful!


Hi - just back from holidays and catching up on blogs. Read your post about patchwork wallpaper and was all excited as I thought I could pass on some info you might be interested in - but Kate beat me to it. Was going to link you to the Cath Kidston one. Lovely but mega bucks!

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