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I just love the colours of your cardi, pink and green combination are one of my favourites and it looks simply beautiful on. I am so pleased you are going to wear it after all the years of hibernation.
My daughter (whois almost 10 years old) and I also love our local library and indulge in knitting and crochet books too. The children's section is always great for beginner knitters xox


Your cardi is just as lovely as you are. Very pretty color! We are totally excited about the new Nanny McPhee movie here at my house. It starts showing in the theatres here in the States next month. Libby and I have a 'date' to go. You did a great job of picking out books at the library...they look quite good. Ellie and Douglas are just too cute!!!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

the cardigan is lovely! Just beautiful! And how cute are Ellie and Douglas, They're just the sweetest! Have a lovely weekend! Ooh, and your badge is in the post as of today!


Hi Vanessa
How wonderful to find you've got an extra month!!!! Bad luck about the bank holiday though!
I love the green of your cardigan - my favourite colour.
Your library has a much better choice of books than mine - I hardly ever find more than two good books. I'd be interested to hear what you think of the Janet Bolton book - I've got two of her books but not that one.
Have a great weekend(it looks like rain here!)
Gill xx


Your cardigan is beautiful et les couleurs!!!


Keep trying for an Education - Awesome!


Hello Vanessa! The cardigan looks great on you! I also love your trainers!! :o)
And I'm just like you, I still enjoy very much looking at wedding dresses. I might just get myself a magazine tomorrow, to look at with the girls!
Bon week-end!
Isabelle xx

Erica K

I love that cardigan! It does look better without the ribbon. I still like my wedding dress. It was very inexpensive and casual as we had a casual outdoor ceremony. I actually bought 2 dresses, one a little less casual, but I didn't wear that one. Funny...poor dress has never been worn, and I doubt it ever will.


I agree, the cardigan looks much nicer without the ruching. I love green! I didn't know there was another Nanny McPhee movie out, must look for that.
As for the wedding dresses, I didn't have one. We were married in St Lucia in regular clothes, though we did make sure we co-ordinated, and I never felt the need to wear a typical wedding dress.


I adore your knitted cardi! The colours are divine!:-)


Pink and green are a great combination. I'm glad you found the cardi - its too lovely not to wear. You know it doesn't need that ribbon one bit. Have a wonderful everything!

Liz T.

Lovely post. I too thought that there was a Bank Holiday on Monday! Luckily I was disabused of this notion before I told too many people and got them excited too. Still, I was planning to work on it anyway (I'm running out of days before a big work deadline) so it's all to the good. I listened to Lynn Barber on DID and was reminded that I want to watch An Education (I was a bit annoyed that they spoilered the ending though). Have a good (albeit) shorter weekend.


Hi Vanessa,
Your cardi is lovely, nice fresh colours. That sort of short cardi is useful atm, just to slip on as i think it is quite cool if you are sat inside.
I, too, love my library. I often pick up craft books to look at but not necessarily read. Our local library in Rawtenstall is brilliant. Have a good weekend.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lovin the cardi, much better with out the ribbon and nice colour combo:) I'm also jealous of the well stocked craft section you must have in your library, much better than ours. Good film choice too.

Happy weekend

Katy :)


Love the cardi minus ribbon, gorgeous colours as usual... you have a wonderful eye. But as for wearing knitteds myself... forget it. Badly packed bag of spuds, overstuffed sofa, all describe someone my size and shape wearing handknits, so I steer clear of them these days. It wasn't always thus I might add, but age and ill-health have added the weight and mis-shaped the nice shape I once had. Still, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine I am alive, thirty odd years ago I wouldn't have been, so lots to be thankful for.
Our village library has an appalling lack of decent dipping into books, most are OLD. And since I usually like books so much I don't want to give them back, I wait until a good bargain comes along and buy them, then I can dip into all the time, whenever I fancy. Which is how we have acquired our own little library of 2500 books!
Never been one to 'ooh' and 'aah' over wedding dresses, to me the whole dressing up thing means nothing, it's the vows, the person you are with that count.
And I still love Douglas.....


I really LOVE that cardie Vanessa. That colour green is my favourite colour to wear. It looks so beautifully knitted and suits you so well! I'm glad you got it out of the cupboard. Because you are a skilled knitter and know how it all works better than most, I think you have a fair chance of 'rescuing' things that are not quite as you thought. That is one of the reasons I haven't made things for myself. I would be so upset when it turned out too loose and floppy, too tight to get over my head, bunchy or whatever. Also I know people find it difficult to sew things together satisfactorily, letting down their lovely knitting. I made lots of baby bootees but other than that the only 'proper' garments were a little cardie and jumper which I have lost - I'm sad about that as they were not bad and showed me that I had potential if nothing else. Your knitting is stunning and I love to see what it is all meant to look like. You got very lucky with your library books too - not much going on in ours. But I've got 'Material Obsessions' coming - a beautiful quilt book. I dream of making a quilt,but if I don't I will enjoy the pictures as they are beautiful. I have a colour knitting one in my Amazon basket, calling me - I like to know how to do things; even if I don't (got books on everything!) I wish I was more productive that's all. However, one of my very great pleasures is looking at stuff that other people make. Thank you Vanessa for giving us so much eye candy! Little doggies are adorable - know what you mean about them when together. My little cats have semi-snuggled once and sat next to each other on the window once - just like your two. Did my heart good it did. Bless them. Have a good 2 day weekend. xx

Emma Angel

Hello there, I love your cardi and definitely think that you should wear it. Its lovely. Your glasses are fabulous too.
I have to confess that I am in love with Ellie and Douglas, they are the most adorable of pooches! So sweet.
Hope you have a good weekend.


The cardigan (without the ribbon) looks fantastic! The colours are great!

As your camera is digital can't you set the timer and put it on a shelf (or similar) so you don't have to worry about the arm stretched out look?

Can you believe that we have lived here for 6yrs and I've never joined the library!!!? I can't believe it either.

I used to live in my local was just across the road from my house as a kid...then a bus ride into town took me to the big heaven!!!!

When we walk past our library I always think I must join....about time I did!!!


The cardigan looks great with the ribbon removed! I like the green and purple combination!


The cardi is awesome! I am a new knitter and feel overwhelmed by all of the stitches and patterns out there. I am impressed by this! Gorgeous.

Lisa Smith-Clare

Hope you enjoyed Nanny McPhee, it's an absolute visual treat. A friend and I moaned when the mother drops her beautiful coat in all the treacle.

I don't think I've knitted anything for me that I've actually worn, they never seem to match up with the sylphlike models wearing the patterns. Glad you managed to remodel yours and get some wear out of it at last.



Hi Vanessa, I love your cardigan , the green with the edging is such a pretty combination and much better without the ribbon, we just need to look with different eyes sometimes don't we! I knitted myself a vest, first thing for years and years and it was TERRIBLE on me. It sat there for a few weeks with me mourning the loss when I saw a knitted cushion covered with crochet flowers and motifs and suddenly I knew I almost had a cushion. I am about half way through the crochet bits and keep posing them on the vest to see.... a good outcome. I have begun another pattern, a cardigan so am keeping my fingers crossed!
The two dogs look gorgeous together and I too love to see them snuggled in together, even if our two are three times the size of yours!! You cptured a lovely image! Love Aubrey

Planet Penny

Sometimes designers just go that one step too far, gilding the lily my mother says, and spoil something simple and classic and that ruching ribbon was a case in point. Looks super now and you'll probably get years of wear out it now! Love your double trouble doggies! Penny x


Oh Vanessa your green cardie just made my day ... Beyond adorable, enjoy wearing all your long-ago beautiful knitting ... your photos look perfect
Snowy is helping me to knit a green cardigan at the moment in Sirdar spring green
and sends special greetings to Ellie and Douglas
An Education is a wonderful film ...
My favorite photo editing button is trim, I use it constantly to remove my neck!

Veronika / Lalomino

I really really like the cardi Vanessa! It was nice with the ribbon too, but I think I agree, it's just lovely without, but with the frilly top. I wonder what other forgotten things you'll find in your wardrobe that will be as pretty as this one!

On the topic of wedding dresses... I got lucky with mine! Just when me and my mother-in-law went to shop for a dress went into town, one of the most expensive shops had an x-display-sale. There were a lot of women fighting over dresses, but I found mine and quickly hugged it tight so no one could get near it! It would have been £2500 new... I got it for £400 if I remember right.


I love the cardi too, although I must admit I would never have teamed up green with pink but it actually makes a great combo! I also like the cardi with the ribbon, but you are right it probably isn't very wearable.

I just love the little boats onthe wall in the fist picture. Can we have another shot of those (as you often post inspirational eye 'candy' shots from around the house?!)


Hi V. I really love that cardigan, I can see why you like it better sans ribbon.

I can pop 'An Education' through your door if you still haven't watched it?

Tam x


Love the cardigan. I'm sure you will wear it often now you have remodelled it! Love libraries too. Like the fact that you can try the book before you buy, if you know what I mean. Our library has gone all digital and now you can walk in, put your books through, choose some more and check them out all without speaking to a soul!!!! Shame, I love passing the time of day with people! Have fun!


Your cardigan is lovely, the green really suits you. I can thoroughly recommend Nanny McFee, it's a lovely film, and there are lots of Fair Isle tank tops! That's a really sweet picture of the two dogs, it's as if they are trying to pretend that they aren't really sitting next to each other.

gris fleur

I'd love to have such a library but in we live in Cobham Surrey, and the library looks so sad and unfriendly that I stepped outside right away ! There must have been two or three books on knitting dating back to dinosaur time !


You and the cardi are so wonderfully cute together. Ahhh, the colors! So very well chosen, as they compliment each other and compliment your skin tone as well. My local library is sadly lacking when it comes to knitterly/crafty books, I'm sad to say. As for wedding dress browsing? I'm still smitten and love watching the change in trends and designs. After many years of marriage, it's still fun to flip through the Bridal mags while waiting on line in the supermarket.

Tara K

Wow, the 2nd Nanny McPhee movie isn't out here in the states yet, I believe the release date is Aug 20th. I love the collection of books you got at the library, and I agree that the cardi looks better without the pulled tight ribbon. :)
Just found your blog, and I love it :)

Holli Yeoh

What a pretty little cardi--and so much the better for removing the ribbon.
I found I often didn't wear the things I knit so I took a good look at my wardrobe and realised that I was most likely to wear a grey cardigan. I've made a couple now and I wear them all the time. Now I'm much more discriminating about what I'll knit for myself.


gorgeous cardigan, any chance of you finding the pattern and letting us know which one it is?

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