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ooooh gorgeous, I've been thinking about you and your open gardens and meaning to ask you to recommend a fave - I guess I've missed a good one .....


Stripy sleeves???


The garden looks fantastic - I'll have to look out for some - I'm always up for good tea and cake!
The Dress sounds intriguing...


Hi Vanessa! I do love your garden visit posts!! I hope you'll be going to agricultural fairs as well this summer! :o)
Have a good weekend!


Pretty, pretty, pretty and pretty! Your garden outings are always such a delight and your dress is coming along very nicely!


I love going to open gardens. I, too wonder why more younger people and families don't do this on weekends. It is such fun. I adore the tea cups!:-)


Vanessa, I am so with you in your praise of this beautiful garden...and the tea, too. There is nothing, nothing like this anywhere near here. Do relish the riches around you.

Thank you for taking all those photos!

Your mixed stitch dress is looking better with every view. I am so curious to see what you have in mind for the sleeves.

Have a marvelous weekend ... hoping that some of it will be spent outdoors. xo

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Hi Vanessa! The garden was beautiful and what a lovely way to spend a day... I can imagine having a good knit on that sofa, I hope you indulged! I've never read one of your garden visit posts, so that was a treat! Especially as its freezing here in NZ!
I'm wickedly wondering if you're going to knit ORANGE sleeves?
Have a lovely rest of the weekend


Thanks for the garden tour with pretty tea cups too! Your dress is amazing!


Lovely cups and saucers...I want the lot! Your dress is coming along wonderfully.

Janice Perkin

what an amazing garden - just my type no cake though?!


Now wouldn't it be great to be young enough to wear that dress and those shoes?! LOL, I have come to the realisation that some things are just not on when you're over 40 and a granny... sigh. I stay bright, but not quite that bright!

So, those sleeves... I'm thinking puffed sleeves to balance the colour and pattern? Puffed AND striped?!! Curious indeed...

And I adored the gardens. I'm off to collect up my teacups and find someone to have a teaparty with -


I'd love a sofa in my garden, and some cake and some bunting and everything. Fab garden, an inspiration, I'm equally enthusiastic about your knitted dress.

mlle paradis

gorgeous gorgeous garden - hubby and i also always seem to be the exception to the wrinkly demographic at these things but....any day now and I won't be able to say that anymore!

you look like you're having such fun with your fair isle work!


That really is a beautiful garden Vanessa. I love the relaxed feel the vista gives it and the veg patch . In fact I love it all x


Will a pattern of your beautiful, stunning, gorgeous fair isle work be available? And are you a member of ravelry? I would love to fave your stuff :)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I can't believe that beautiful garden and in the middle of all those wonderful! Sounds like a great way to spend the weekends :-) Are you going to polka dot and puff the sleeves of that gorgeous dress??

PS We received our lovely book and the boys were thrilled with the note and the special message inside. You would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, listening to the eldest sit next to his brother in bed and read him the story.....brought a tear to my eye :-) Thankyou so much Jen xx

Petit Filoux

What beautiful photos! Thank you very much! It's made me all happy and cheerful! x


Oh so gorgeous! I actually feel as tho I've been sitting on that couch under the trees ... Heavenly garden and china ... we do have a similar open gardens thing down here in Aus, a bit limited by the drought in recent years but this spring should be wonderful with all the rain there's been.


Visiting a garden with children needs a lot of balance, balancing the childrens need to run with the need to repsect the garden, balancing the childrens need to spend time with you and your own need to look around. Its hard to relax when you are having to keep a check on everyones behaviour. National trust gardens are working hard to encourage familes with games and activities. Its not that we dont want to take the children to gardens but its not much fun if you have to keep an eagle eye on them not to damage anything. Not everyone is relaxed about children and its fair enough as it's their garden, their pride and joy and the have every right to expect people to know how to behave.
oh sorry, that now sounds like a bit of a soap box when you just made a random comment. You are absolutely right, we should take our children to gardens.


Wonderful garden! Thanks for sharing. And a great knitted dress!!!

the cornwall yarn shop

the dress is fab, lovely bright colour beautiful....I adore the cup & saucers ..all the best rebecca

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