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very lovely! can't wait to see it finshed

Helen Tzabar

No wonder you're tired. Seems like you haven't stopped at all! Your dress is coming along a treat. Can't wait to see it finished. Hope the weather perks up a bit for you.


Oh I am still loving the fair isle, this will be a very candy happy dress. Hope your knitting bring therapy and peace this evening xox

Planet Penny

Oh my gosh! I have a headache thinking about all those sums you are doing, Vanessa. I am SO impressed. That dress is going to be FAB! P x


Your dress is looking fabulous! :)
Vivienne x


Hi Vanessa
We've just got back from our hols in Ireland so I'm off to see what you've been up to while I've been away!
The dress is looking really good - the colours are fab
love Gill xx


Hope the tea helped a little! And that you feel a little less out of sorts very soon. Appreciate you posting so that you could show us your gorgeous dress. The colours are looking so beautiful and I really love the patterns you have done - so very pretty. Staying with orange was such a good thing to do. It works so well with the pink and blue. Love the whole thing. Shame to take the sleeve off again - but at least you know it works. Well done for getting it to work. The whole thing is looking fabulous.


The fairisle work is absolutely beautiful.

Kate Bruning

Oh dear... what has happened to us. It takes me a week to recover from a big night now too and my version of a big night is actually rather small in comparison to when I was in my early twenties. Even a late night wreaks me. Thank goodness for strong medicines like knitting. I can't wait to see more of the dress, it really is magical.


Great news about the gallery taking your prints.
Your dress is really coming along, you must be pleased with it.


That is one unique dress. Do you have a plan for when you'll wear it? Any special occasions coming up? Have a great week.


Looking good Vanessa, I'm mightily impressed! I think this 'summer' weather keeps us flatter than we should be at this time of year. Bring on some balmy summer evenings soon please, Lesley x


Ddear Vanessa, Highs and lows are exhausting aren't ythey. I'm glad you had such a good night on Saturday, it was probably the best medicine you could have had after the sad funeral, even if it made you more tired. Nothing like good friends. I really am enjoying seeing your dress and am fascinated with you false cast on. I read about it the other day but couldn't really understand why you would want to put a false beginning on your knitting. Now it makes wonderfully perfect sense!!!
By the way I loved seeing Hugo and the dogs and wonder who was having the most fun! We have our two, the old lab who is full of beans and the young golden retriever who is full of the joys of spring and occaisonally have two JRTs come to stay, they love running aroung together on the farm as you can imagine! Love Aubrey


Hi Vanessa,
I know what you mean about one late night taking soooo long to recover from. My daughter & boyfriend stayed over on Saturday night as they went to a party locally.And it was about 1am when they came in, phew i can`t cope with that anymore. I still feel shell shocked now. Hey ho!
Your dress is coming along nicely. Can`t wait for it to be finished. I just love love love the colours.
I`m off to my knitting group this evening.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Jenni at Baame Kniits

I love a new post about your dress, its like getting a present :-) Hope you are feeling more perky tomorrow, it takes me ages as well to recover from a late night now and I hardly drink at all anymore.

You have inspired me to try my hand at cables and Fairisle. I made a scarf (see my recent post) and now I have found a pattern for some Mangas (sleeves) that look so cool. Have you got any tips for Fairisle knitting? Do I have to twist the colours when changing or something?? Jen xx

Janice Perkin

the dress is looking really good


Gorgeous knitted dress! That will look so lovely when complete.. thanks for sharing with us...


Vanessa, how kind you are to take the time to show us the very cool sleeve treatment for your dress. It is going to be wonderful!

Congratulations on having the gallery take your prints. I would have been quite nervous on that visit ... and then truly exhilarated with the outcome.

You are such a busy lady. I do hope that you have time for a few more relaxing cups of tea. xo


I really love the colors and the intricate pattern on this dress! Your work is beautiful!


OMG - that looks AMAZING! Can't wait to see a full photo of it finished. The colours are gorgeous too, as well as the texture.

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