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I'm sure my son had the book with the pictures and sound effects when he was younger. It was a fun read, especially once he started making the sounds himself. Your nephews choice of card is pretty fabulous for one so young. Dress is looking good too, you are so adventurous with your knitting. The colours look so good together. I love the little dog as well, you're lucky to get surprise gifts like this!

Kate Bruning

Joined up writing is a big deal. It is even a big deal now when I use it rather than my quick scrawl. Maybe she had a case of 6 1/2 year old case of nochalance (if that is how you spell it). I am so excited about the dress - methinks you are a very fast knitter... Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


I think that writing is exceptionally neat compared to similar offerings from my sons at that age.

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

I have to say, I'm getting very excited about seeing the dress in it's full glory!
The card is so so cute... and her writing is great, you're not biased at all!
Have a lovely rest of the week!


I love it all - the card, Clementine, the dress...I'm sure she was trying to impress you, saying how easy it was to do all that fancy-pants writing! ☺

(We are LOVING our books here...thank you!!)

mlle paradis

i've always had such respect and awe for knitters, both for your patience, commitment and even-tempered approach to your work, but also for your tremendous capacity for suspense and surprises! when it actually all comes out perfectly and properly well then, that is nothing short of miraculous to me!

as to millie....FINE WORK!


Hi Vanessa,
Ooooohhhhh the Dachshund, Clementine is lovely. I don`t blame you for putting it in a prominent place so you can look at it all the time.
And i cannot get over how clever you are re-knitting your dress. I wouldn`t know where to start. And it is looking sooo brilliant.
I`m having to slow down on my knitting a bit! I`ve got Osteoarthritis in the joint at the base of my thumb, so i`ve now got to wear a splint. I`m managing to do some knitting, but then i have to rest a bit! So i`m not doing any small things, ie toys, strawberries etc,for a while. So i`m just knitting with DK or Aran yarn. Then i`ll try again in a few weeks time. A bit of a pain, cos i love doing little things. Never mind if i take care of the joint i hopefully will be able to continue knitting.
Hey Ho!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxx

Don't believe her - joined up writing is good for a six year old - but that's girls for you!

Janice Perkin

clementine is so gorgeous

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Vanessa, I just have to tell you that I was sitting in a very looooong and boring class (cognitive behavioural therapy in fact) yesterday... I had my knitting in my bag and mid-way through the day wondered if I should ask my tutor "do you mind if I knit?" After all... it is good manners! ;) I had to smile to myself!
I managed to restrain myself, but escaped half an hour early to sneak to the wool shop as a reward...

Gorgeous Things

The dress is looking amazing - I can't wait to see your next update. The colour combo is gorgeous.

Erica K

I think her writing is wonderful! I have a 7 year old boy to compare to even! :D

The sleeve sounds like quite an undertaking! Can't wait to see the dress completed...very exciting! :)


Your niece's writing - whether she needs to concentrate hard to do it or not, really IS very neat. As well as that it is joined up! I can promise you that Milly does indeed have the excellent writing you think she does from what I've seen of 6 year olds (used to help out in my daughters class). Fingers crossed that the sleeves are going well with your own invention, sounds like it will look great - really can't wait to see! The little doggie is full of character; a really lovely gift.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Your cables are divine! And Clementine's bow is perfect :-)

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Your cables are divine! And Clementine's bow is perfect :-)

Simone Lykke Hartz

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your fair isle dress pattern - so beautiful!

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