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Had a similar experience while wearing a maternity-style top this Saturday. Got lots of friendly looks from people on the street. And the (male) hairdresser (not my usual one) said: my girlfriend is also pregnant. ???? This top will have to go to the charity shop, as I feel terribly self-conscious in it.
Good luck with the sewing in of the ends.


Please keep wearing the lovely tops that you like - they are everywhere and very pretty so I don't know why if you wear one it means you are pregnant. Some people are just rude, why don't they wait and see if the person has anything to tell them (if they are curious) instead of making comments? Your dress is very tantalising indeed - the colours are just beautiful and I so want to see the finished dress! But I know what you mean about those ends - I'm about a week off from finishing a multi-coloured blanket and there are so many ends. I guess you just have to be really zen like while doing them and then somehow one day before you know it - all done! I love small dogs because they are little (and cute) as I like little animals. I have a similar coloured little tabby cat who curls up and keeps me company on my bed - very attracted to those yarn ends too, she is. I've taken confidence from doing my crochet blanket and have been planning out my next one. I love the anthropologie one. Isn't Garden Bell's blanket the most amazing thing? I love it. The colours just explode don't they.


I can honestly say that I sympathise regarding the weaving in of ends. I had to do it with my stained glass afghan and it was neverending. I still have some to do *shhhhh*


Well, well, that's the reason why I never ever wear smocks. I think that life is hard enough trying to stay on the large side of thin without being crushed by too-high a waist. I was on tube last week and made extra sure I sucked in my stomach so not to be offered a seat, also known as The Ultimate Way Insult. On second thoughts, I should just stop eating; sucking in my tummy all the time is getting exhausting.


Well, I didn't think you were pregnant, I thought you looked very chic with your red and white stripes and pink smock. Ellie looks as if she is trying to tell you to leave her in peace. Dress is looking good, look forward to the big reveal.


Oh yarn ends...I always swear that I'll do them as I go along...very rarely do...then it's the worst thing in the world and it's so tempting to just tie them off and cut them rather than tidyly weaving them in!!! Good luck!!


I'm a bit heavy and have wide hips so this is something I have to deal with if I wear clothes that don't define the waist. Once I got dressed up in a brand new dress with an empire waist, got my hair done, then had a really bad evening (unrelated) and as I was leaving a woman asked me when I was due. That was the last time I ever wore an empire waisted ANYTHING.


Oooooh you sweet V! Thanks for the link to PosyLinda. I'm so excited!!! I will really be excited to see your dress when its finished. It's sure to be a knockout! Which tights will you wear with it? Your Ellie reminds me so much of Posy, especially when she's curled up and sleeping so peacefully. I guess mini schnauzers and mini wire-haired doxies need alot of beauty sleep (ha). Thanks again V!


Oh I had that happen to me once but I wasn't wearing a "maternity" style top, it was just my tummy! Horrible isn't it, why do people feel the need to comment?! Your dress really is coming along well isn't it, glorious colours! I certainly wouldn't have the patience for all those ends!!! I have to do them as they go or they won't get done! Enjoy your knitting group :) x


Ellie is sooooooo sweet! I keep thinking that Ellie and Douglas would make great little characters for a children's story! an idea of them beach combing keeps popping into my head,something like this, Douglas and Ellie went for a walk, went for a walk, a stroll and a talk, down to the beach with the shingle shangle shore, where the waves dance and crash whilst the old sea birds snore! ..... you could paint them in bright watercolours with their jolly red buckets and sunshine yellow spades! with a little cath k type lunch box with crab sandwiches and pink lemonade for lunch! sorry I probably need to get out more! he he!!! fliss xxx


Keep wearing those tops, Vanessa. I don't know why people think they can comment on something that is so personal - imagine if one was desperate to be pregnant and wasn't. I've never understood why absolute strangers think this kind of comment is acceptable - sorry my rant for today, I'll stop now. Dress looks fabulous, though I don't envy yo the sewing in ends part!


oh and Douglas could be carrying a little fishing net! he he!!! xxx


Ellie is adorable.

The dress looks like it will be worth waiting for! I pity you on sewing in all the ends - never my favorite part, either.

Wear the smock tops happily and never mind what people ask. Tell them you're an artist and artists wear smocks.

Christine Fior

Hi Vanessa,
I say wear whatever you want, and too bad what anybody thinks!! Life's too short to worry about it! Wow, I don't think I've ever seen so many yarn ends in my life! Hopefully it will go quickly. Can't wait to see the dress! Love your doggies!


That is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it done! And what fun to find your blog!!! I shall be back, and often!!!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

I must say I wondered what the back of fair isle looks like!
Seems like you have started up something with the maternity top talk!!!!!
I am one of those people who never ever even mentions pregnancy until a pregnant wonam mentions it to me ha ha I won't even ask if it is so freaking obvious shes pregnant JUST IN CASE!
I'm doing my counselling training in an eating disorders clinic... Its heavy stuff... dealing with being women in a world where we are "supposed" to be thin...
thats my two cents for the day!


Well, there's one advantage to getting older (there should be some!), I can now get away with wearing loose tops like you described withouth anyone making the assumption that I'm expecting. ;-)

To me, there are few things as cute and sweet looking as a sleeping pooch. My little Min Pin gets very testy when I swoop in for cuddles when she's curled in a ball. I keep telling her, she should have been an ugly dog! ;-)

I could never, ever, EVER have the patience to sew in that many ends. It's beautiful, though! :-)


This is gorgeous! :D

magpie chic

I am so looking forward to the reveal. The whole project has just been absolutely compelling viewing. The ends are a means to an end i guess - pun intended!!! That is the cutest little dog by the way.


Hi Vanessa,
Like a previous comment, i didn`t think you looked pregnant either. I, too, love wearing loose tunic type tops as they are sooo comfortable. I always think they look so flattering. Wear what you want!!
Can`t wait for the reveal.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

annies abode

i love wearing smockey tops - they are comfy and cool when the days are too hot. keep wearing them i say!
those pooches are adorable - my dogs let out little sighs and i wonder if it is a sign of contentment - i am not sure!
wow, those ends will take some time but it will be worth it in the end - looking forward to seeing the finished item.


the dress is looking gorgeous although I don't envy you all that sewing in! Amy and I love the pictures of Ellie sleeping - what a sweetie!

Puppet Lady

Good luck with your end-sewing-in. You have quite a job on your hands there! I used to hate doing this when sewing up my puppets, and then I started knitting the ends in as I go. It takes a little longer, but removes the tedium of doing it all at once. Just an idea for the next fair isle project. Can't wait to see the final result!



Your dog is so cute! Good luck sewing in all of those ends, it's usually the toughest part of my projects : )


Love the dress, but I also have an aversion to sewing in ends - but look at how neat your floats are!
And my Dad's mini longhair is just the same - 33 naps a day is what she needs, and you're Not Allowed to disturb any of them without huffing and puffing!

Mrs Twins

I've popped over from Posy Linda. You have a wonderful blog here, it's so full of gorgeous colour!
Keep up the good work!
Hugs Suex

Cindy Rush

Hi Vanessa,

I found your blog through Posy Linda. I think I've found one more blog to read! Love the knitting, the colors, the wire-haired dachshunds? I had a short-haired one years ago, never heard of wire-haired, but I think they are adorable. I had someone ask me one time if I was expecting. I think you should wear what you want and the next time someone asks you if you are pregnant just say, "Why would you ask me that?" Why do people have to be so rude, is it really any of their business whether a person is or not?



That's really a colour beauty you are working on! Looking forward to see the outcome!!


Beautiful colors!

Aussie Maria

Been blog-hopping and found a link to yours. That is one very amazing post of colour. Seriously do not envy the sew-in, but as to the actual garment, a little green around my gills. Loving the colour

Erica K

Oh my! Let's pull out the catsuits, shall we!?! No seriously, I love the types of tops I believe you're talking about... the type I can rarely get to fit me because apparently my chest would take up too much fabric. *sigh*
I love the peak, and I love the sleepy doggy. :) I could never, ever make that dress...the ends would certainly drive me mad! I'd love to see how well you sew them in too. Sometimes I think I'm too paranoid and do too much, then other times I fear my whole piece will fall apart because I've been too lax. Well, it seems I've already gone mad... ;D

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Wow Vanessa your sleeves are looking fantastic!! That is a sea of ends isn't it, you know what they say....slow and steady!

I love maternity tops as well or the empire line as it is called, it seems to flatter my shape and I'm too old now to be asked if I am pregnant ;-)

I thought those photos were fantastic, especially the first one - I thought you'd photographed a magazine you liked! I opened the front door to someone once, who shrieked "Your having another baby!" I was speachless - people can be dumb! Take no notice and keep your own style - you looked like a model :)


I never wear smock tops for exactly that reason! Beware the bump-hiding styles - they might be good for 'big days' but they are prone to attract 'when's-it-due?' type comments.
I can't wait to see your dress! And I am completely in awe of all those ends you're sewing in. I've no idea how to do this as I've never tried fair isle and sewing in even one normal end is enough to drive me bonkers. You're inspiring me to learn though.
Good luck with it - will look forward to seeing it next week.

Facile Cécile

very inspiring!


Hi, back again! Just wanted to share this with you
I found it by accident but it's a freeform crochet blanket. I love it - and it really shows what is possible; all you have to do is think it and then do it!

Ingrid (Belgium)

thank you for the beautiful colors,they make my day!!!!!



Hi Vanessa: I hope you and yours are enjoying a beautiful Sunday. Thank you for your sweet comments about Posy. She is my good little friend.


This is Emily from Longstockings and I just read your comment about using your photo for my header. I must apologize and tell you that although I often read your blog I did not realize it was your photo. I feel terrible! It is completely my fault for not ensuring a photo on in the internet was for free use and well, doing my homework! Please note that I have removed it from my blog and will certainly not allow such a thing to happen again. I hope you accept my apology, and know that your photo was beautiful! I never meant to infringe on your work.


Ellie is beautiful! Sewing all those ends in seems a daunting process indeed but look at those scrumptious colours and just think of it as being the final process before being able to wear it - how exciting! and thank you for the lovely picture of the Anthropologie blanket (now convincing myself why I do not need that blanket - just looking - no buying!)

Retro Jordan

The pink inside of the ears are simply felt (same as for the black lips). Inside, I still added a stripe of long, white fur, to make it look more natural.

Juicy Couture Bags

In the decade captured by the photos - the 1960s - the Hashemite monarchy was newly overthrown, there were two military coups and then the advent of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in 1968.

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