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I grew up listeing to my Mum saying this CONSTANTLY, at one point in my teen years Thatcher had sent UK troops to the Falklands, but I was a good daughter and said nothing.


I'm with you on the grey weather and it's been like that here today for the most part anyway, yuck!! I so wanted to get into my garden today as well.
Love the little Auriculas, at least they're bright and cheery. :)
Vivienne x


Yes, I've heard women say things like this and heartily agree. I think we're more aware of war's impact on our families and loved ones.


Hi Vanessa,
Those Auriculas are gorgeous, where did you get them; a garden centre or specialist nursery?
By the way i`ve printed another copy of that pattern i sent you the other week, and i`ve posted it to you.I wasn`t happy with the clarity of the other copy. You should get it in the next couple of days.
Take care. Oh & weather is rubbish here today too!!!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


its been chucking it down here most of the day, but the sun did come out this evening. i agree with you, if women were in charge what a different world it would be.


Our weather (in Belgium) has been very changeable too. But I am absolutely in love with your Auriculas ... I've been thinking about starting a collection I'm thoroughly fascinated by them. Hmmm, maybe I should buy one :) I hope your day is sunnier tomorrow.


I don't think that I would agree about women and war - I think women are more than capable of being scrappy and they are not adverse to sending men off to fight for them! Women are frequently un-nice to other women and these days they don't hold back physically either. Women often think they wouldn't have war if they were in charge - but I'm pretty sure they would! Hurts me to say but I think we are pretty tough and can actually be rather more aggressive than we would like to think we are. To change the subject, isn't the weather grotty? Bucketed down last night - right through the window in my bedroom; drip...drip... very annoying! Thankfully very much drier today but as you say very grey. I think a glass of wine and a wood-burning stove sound just the thing to cheer a persons spirit up - am considering putting the heating on myself. Honestly - it's only August! Whatever happened to the summer? Your little flowers are looking lovely, how nice of them to come around twice. You probably gave them plenty of tlc. I thought your pun was bloomin clever too!


I agree that women are tough and yes they have been in charge during wars (but I don't think Maggie Thatcher exemplified good female traits anyway!) but I have said this for years so I do agree.

I think women see the human cost more clearly - on both sides of a conflict. I have always maintained that as women bear children and care for them and husbands/ partners that they are more closely linked in to the emotional side. Maybe not true for all women but I think for the majority.

And it is very, very wet in Yorkshire too - I have been away for the weekend and it has been so sunny I got burnt! Then back to driving rain - what is wrong with August?


Emma Angel

We have had grey, grotty weather constantly since the girls broke up for the school holidays! It really does start to get you down.
I've never had a fight in my life although I've had a fair few arguments. I think there would be far less wars if we were in charge. Can we really count Margaret Thatcher as a woman?
The Auriculas are so sweet and cheerful.


Dear Vanessa, I do love your auriculas, I didn't know them until you introduced them to me, really sweet little pets. I have always said that women should run the UN as they are always the ones that sort out the arguments within families! I too can't tolerate wars, beautiful young men going off to fight, coming home dead or maimed, all for the glory of the older men, greedy for spoils or power. I know women can be bitchy and scrappy too but on the whole I think they wouldn't advocate war when it is their familythat has to go. Why can't all the now trillions that have been spent on wars be spent on helping , building, good things so that all men and women can live in peace. Love Aubrey


Sweet auriculas, I thought they were only for spring. You talked me into lighting our woodburner tonight, the temperature was down to 11 degrees and the rain hasn't stopped all day. The cheery fire did make me feel a bit better so thanks for that, just hope we don't need it again tomorrow.

Mrs Bun

Each time I see a picture of auriculas I fall in love and lust after having some of my own. I've not found any as yet, but one day maybe they'll turn up.

I always think the rain comes on the wrong days. Some days it feels good to snuggle up indoors knowing all you can do is be cosy and do cosy things. Not so good in August though is it.



Hello Vanessa from a NYC that has also been very grey, foggy and rainy today.

Those auriculas are wonderful. They do seem to be reacting well to whatever climate changes have occured in 2010.

Now. About women ruling the world, war, etc. I keep thinking about the fact that all sons have got mothers as their earliest influences. The cycle just never seems to be broken.

In the fields of the powerful that I have been privy to, it's always seemed as if the folks who get to climb up that greasy pole (male or female) are those who the current top of the pole folks see as "one of us." And so, this is another situation in which history is sort of programmed to repeat itself.

How very encouraging!?

Best wishes to you. xo

Rama Lama

Whenever I watch the news and they mention someone being caught/convicted/put in jail for a crime, I always point out, "Oh, would you look at that--another man committing a crime!" Really, doesn't it seem like most crimes are committed by men? Although I've also heard that lesbian couples have the statistically highest rate of domestic violence. So, you've got to be careful about drawing hasty conclusions.

Planet Penny

Oh dear, what a tricky topic for a grey day! I think I'll just agree that wine and a fire sound like a brilliant idea and we'll keep our fingers crossed for an Indian Summer! I wish I could instill the mon/Wed/Fri blog thing into my head like you, Vanessa. I've sadly neglected mine and now I'm in photo overload panic mode. Hope today is brighter for you. Penny x


Having been caught in the cross-fire of many battles waged by high-powered female academics, I rather fear that woman are all too eager to send other people, especially men to war. The Thatcher model is alive and well in many walks of life.
On a brighter note, love Auriculas - such perfect little flowers. Less bright, torrential rain here yesterday and clouding over today as I type


I would love some rain right now! Feel free to send it over to Texas...we've had far to much sun and heat this summer!!
Robin Williams once said "If a woman were president we would never have any wars...just severe negotiations every 28 days!" I've always liked that quote...since that's pretty much how it works in my house. :o)

Teje Karjalainen

I agree! So nice flowers! I live in Greece and we do have sun but also too dry this time for nice flowers.
Your blog is wonderful and the name is perfect (I laugf because I was many years like that: knitting everywhere).
Best wishes Teje

Lou Martin

Hi Vanessa, my outgoing email is screwed so I thought I'd try this as a means of communication! Are you going to the opening party at the new wool shop on Fri? I hope you are and that I will see you there. I'll prob try to go between 5 and 6 to fit in with kids bedtime. Will contact Bob too to see what her plans are. Reply if you can to my usual email address
Lots of love
Lou x

Teje Karjalainen

Dear Vanessa! I'm so happy I found your blog!I am going to read all your posts. I have seen already so lovely handworks and met your most wonderful doggies! All the best!


Been a lovely dry day here today.
The auriclas are bonny...and they are primula probably will flower twice a primroses do.

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