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K. McCullough

Light blue eggs tend to be robin's eggs. And they are notorious for leaving eggs behind.

Janice Perkin

thank you so much for setting my mind at reast as to why my sweet peas have had a bad year - lovre the t shirts - we too celebrated our ruby wedding this august - wehad a great party in the garden and the children are sending us to Stratford for 2 nights next week! aren't we lucky and it is Phoebe's christening this Sunday!


What gorgeous colours in your dress and in the flowers, and such a lovely little nest complete with blue robin's egg.x


I love your dress colours so much - the blue (turquoise?) is so beautiful with the cable texture. Really I could eat it! So pleased your lining went well too. Little birds are so clever I think to build their little nests. I think robins do lay blue eggs but I don't really know about these things. Lovely for you to have them in your garden - even if it does make you feel like a visitor! Happy weekend xx

Kate Bruning

Those t-shirts are so funny. Jonno's parents would look good in them too. They have a campervan and Maureen (jonno's mum) bought a licence plate that says 5in bin (as in sin bin) - Jonno and I are always a bit mortified when people comment on it to us (we are tremendously serious at all times) and particularly so when the children are on born. Maybe we should have another baby (never in a million years) so we can just pretend it says 5 in bin. I am loving the dress - even when it is finished could you please keep showing photos of it all the time. I think it is heading for the knitters hall of fame. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


Vanessa, the dress is beautiful! I look forward to seeing you modelling it. I wish I was a bit more adventurous with my knitting, but things always seem to go wrong for me. I think I will just stick to scarves. Have a nice weekend, see you next week.


Woo hoo Woo hoo Woo hoo INDEED. Holidays sunshine, almost finished projects.

Those colours are gorgeous. I think I am having some sort of physical reaction to them, a sort sweet lolly melt down. Gunna have to try them myself.

I come over here sometimes just for a little colour fix.



Those t-shirts are so funny.
I love the sweet peas. They're one of my favourite flowers.

Chris, milatos

The colours in your dress are lovely, you have done well. The t.shirts are great, hope they wear them.hehe The sweet peas are so prety.

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Wow, I can't wait for the finishing photo shoot! What a mission this dress has been! It's all so exciting!
And Yay for a new wool shop opening up... sounds like it's going to be your new procrastination spot!!!
Have a lovely long weekend XXX


That dress is just so pretty.. And yr flowers make me wish for spring to get over here really quickly.


Hi Vanessa,
Your dress is looking stunning,oooooo it is going to be sooo snuggly and warm in the winter with some lovely coloured thick tights, that you love. It`s fab.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


Your dress looks so lovely! That little peek of lining through the neckline in that one photo is just delicious!! I can't wait to see the finished dress.
Oh, and those T-shirts made me laugh out loud! Happy 40th to your super adorable in-laws!


Wow that is beautiful,,,and I love the tee shirts,,it always good for a preacher to have a sense of humor..


Ta robe est super!
vivement une photo de toi avec!

Teje Karjalainen

Dear Vanessa, your dress is going to be something else!!! And so beautiful flowers!
I'm waiting to see the dress finished!
Best wishes from Teje


That dress! I keep coming back to your blog to see it grow. The colours you are using are so gorgious, and the idea to make a complete dress with Fair Isle motifs is just ridiculous. Now you are teasing us with little sneakpeeks and details. I want to see it!!!


I'm really looking forward to seeing this fabulous dress!!


I truly admire your stamina and skill in knitting the dress but how on earth are you going to wash it and keep it in shape? Just a thought.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Your dress is looking divine! Love those T-shirts ;-) Hope they wear them!

A new shop with all that goodness inside....going to stock up for your next project??

Did you have a go with the sleeves on your stripey dress?

Have a great Long Weekend xx

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Oh Vanessa of course I'll put more Raymond up! Would you believe Karen (my partner) said the other day "people are going to get sick of seeing pictures of him Babe" ha ha! I'll show her your comment!


Wow you are really close to finishing your lovely dress!!!! Can't wait to see it. I think you made the right choice in changing the sleeves - it zings!! Have a wonderful week V.....


Your dress is so beautiful, the colours, cables and stitch is all I can say a piece to treasure for a very long time, I can't wait for the big reveal...

another lovely post :)


gris fleur

We had the same nest with 5 eggs in our garden recently, about two months ago. I found in a thrift charity shop an old book with beautiful drawings of eggs. It could be a robin nest but also a Whinchat. Good luck for the rest of the dress !


The dress is just divine, please share how you made the lining. I am in the midst of a feather and fan dress which is going to be so nice but I think it will need a lining.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Could you let me know how you made the lovely scarf that you sent to Hen in November 2009. I would like to make one for my mum for christmas.


oh my goodness, so beautiful! the dress is stunning!

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