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I'm a terrible procrastinator too, it makes for a lot of half finished and not started projects. I hope you finish your dress top half - the colours go so well together. Have a productive weekend!

Kate Bruning

Roses, knitting and crochet. My rose bushes are all sticks out in the garden at the moment, I miss them like I do my family. The top is just wonderful already, I can't wait to watch it's journey as it spirals downward (in a good way). Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

Heather Collins

Aah, lovely Vanessa, having not long discovered your blog, I do so look forward to your instalments. Your blog postings are inspiring, vibrant and articulate.

I do get a little lost on the knit talk though; I taught myself to crochet just this year and drool over your sisterhood blanket - it is one of the loveliest I've seen.

Love the idea of a long jumper/dress cinched in with a belt - not terribly sure about those sleeves though?! Your crochet idea sounds a lot softer/more feminine.

Heather x

Erica K

Hmm, I really like those sleeves. You know your fourth picture down...that little collage. The top left pic in the collage would be a nice dress, I think. See how the top is cut off...if it was just that stripey part a little past the shoulders, then the rest was all that grey...I think that would be pretty. Of course you said the bottom was heavy and that would make for an extremely heavy dress. And it would have to be short to look right. But it caught my eye...


clever clever clever clever
LERVE your colours.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Vanessa that is just what I am playing around with at the moment!! The Knit/Crochet together combo not the dress ;-)

Wouldn't you just love to design a collection!

I think that dress will look amazing with the stripes and the blousey sleeves.....hope it works....I can just picture it in my head :-)

ugg classic short

Great post - I'm thrilled I discovered your blog today. This is part of the problem with mainstream, national media trying to discuss events and people that they really don't know the details about, and don't bother to research. Not to mention their biases that you and some of the readers listed. And no question that there is a double standard between the NBA and just about every other sport, especially the NFL.


What a beautiful post! All those scrumptious colours of flowers and yarns - I just love it!
And that lovely dress you've knitted is so detailed. Those stitches are so teensy, it must have taken you a long time. (Frankly, I don't blame you for putting it away for a little while to take a break from it ;) ).


Really nice jumper - I really like the sleeves, preferably in a different colour though; a prettier one. Looks good but also really comfy. Had a look at Clare Toughs work - am always amazed at what it is possible to do!I've seen some knitted/crochet combined blankets recently and thought 'why not', so you never know - not quite the same innovation required though. I am so intrigued by the 'other' dress and what it may become. I'm very impressed by your ability to work up or down. I'm afraid it is all a bit of a mystery how knitting works - I can do it up to a point but there is much I can't fathom out about shaping etc. and haven't done enough of it to find out. Hope you're having a good weekend.


Hi V, love the aqua and poppy flower. You always keep me interested!

Veronika / Lalomino

Love the jumper. Although the sleeves remind me of Popeye!! haha


Clare Tough no longer designs for CT AG - that's why the current collection looks rather tired

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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