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Beautiful photos - you look really in your element in those - very relaxed. What a lovely place, set off beautifully by your tweed jacket and scarf. They do go well together don't they? Definitely loving the flowery add-ons too! It would be a shame for anything to spoil your dress now after all your work; I hope your lining goes well - sounds like you will have excellent help putting it together. What a good thing Susan and her scarf started you off on. Hurray for Susan!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

what a gorgeous photoshoot! Until halfway through the post, I thought Susan had knitted the scarf for you! Perharps that it because it suits you so much!
Lovely post today, and can't wait to see the dress! XX


Hello Vanessa! Beautiful pictures again, I love your style! The whole outfit looks great on you. I must say I also love your sunglasses (where did you get them from if I may ask?) and your twiddle (and one new word for me today :o))
I think it is great that you have so much in common with your mother-in-law!
Isabelle xx

christina wall

I could print this post out and hang it up as a poster to gaze at whenever I'm ruffled and frustrated -- so lovely. What a bit of bliss you passed my way through this post! Thanks a million!

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Hi Vanessa - love the scarf, photos & location. It must be sooooooo difficult not to say to Susan, "Oooh, I'm SO sorry but Douglas pinched the scarf, wrestled it like a rabbit, ran along the cliff with it, let go and we had to watch it flutter, full of teeth holes into the North Sea BUT it's ok because Hugo rescued it, then I copied it and so you could borrow this one to make yourself another identical one".......?


Aaah! I would return that scarf reluctantly too! What a beauty it is. Have fun V!!!!


Really lovely colours in that scarf, I can see why you would want to hold on to it!! :)
Vivienne x


Hi, i have some questions for you: how did you select the colours? Do you limit yourself to 10 or 12 or less?
I understand the different selection of Fair Isle that can be taken in books or else, but I would be intimidated by selecting the colours... Any hint?


Hola Vanessa,
You crack me up on this post!Ha! :o)
I really enjoy everything that you said today.
Gloria xxx


Just watched Eat,Pray, Love and Julia Roberts does the twiddle in that movie too!!!

Scarf is beautiful but I am loving your jacket...


The pictures you took were beautiful & the scarf is gorgeous the colors play off one another so well I would love to learn Fair Isle someday.

The Vintage Heart

HI Vanessa, I love the tweed and fairisle combination, I have a passion for tweed ,some thing so traditional and reasuringly old fashioned about it! the scarf is yummy,your a talented family, also you have offered me asolution , i have been thinking of growing out my fringe but hate it in my eyes at "that" stage ,i shall give the twist a try, you could be starting atrend here in the north!!! Linda x x

Magic Cochin

What a great photo shoot - you should be getting a call from Country Living magazine any day ;-)

That jacket - it's lovely (I have jacket envy!). My Dad always wore a Harris Tweed jacket to go to work in. I loved the buttons - they were just like the ones on your jacket.



Beautiful photo shoot ... Toast models you are not needed, stand back! and the scarf is in my very favorite shades and so sweet with that particular jacket, your Mother-in-Law sounds so friendly and kind ...


Well done Hugo!!!
I presume it was him behind the camera?? the photos are beautiful - you're so lucky to have such a fabulous mother-in-law (mine is dreadful!)
Gill xx


How refreshing, you really are photogenic and as for all the colours how calm and stunning they are. I too am a flower in buttn hole or hair girl xox


Hi Vanessa,
Fab blog as ever. I too would love to make a fairisle scarf. Blimey i have enough of a yarn stash!!!
Still looking forward to the dress reveal, ha ha!
Take care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


That scarf suits you so well, were you not tempted to leg it down the coast with it. Great photos, you are one stylish lady.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Gorgeous Scarf! And the photos were a treat too! Love your style!! Looks like a lovely day by the beach :-)

Want to give us a tutorial on how to carry the yarn in a Fairisle knit???


The scarf is so beautiful - I have never thought to try "free style" fair isle! what an amazing concept! And I love the combination of blues and browns. Can't wait to see your scarf and your lined fair isle dress.


Love the colours. fair Isle is beautiful but with my higgledy piggledy tension it never quite makes the grade for me. But I can dream.....

annies abode

hi vanessa
i love these photos - great shoot.
that scarf is amazing - such a talented mil and how lovely that you are friends.
that jacket was a real find - you should make the scarf as it matches the jacket so well.
so glad we get to see dog piccies too!
still looking forward to seeing the dress.

Planet Penny

It IS a lovely scarf, but I am so in love with the tweed jacket! I've been toying with the idea of getting one this winter and now I'm sold! And very fashionable at the moment too. Can't wait to see the finished dress, it's going to be lovely and warm with the lining.

Judi A.

Love the flowers in the buttonholes and glad to see Queen Ann's Lace included - one of my most favorite. I purposely transplanted some on the hill behind our house and am hoping they spread. Covering it completely would suit me fine. :-)

That scarf is just so,so pretty! At first I thought it was your first effort, and then, like Alice, thought it was a gift from Susan. Nice of her to share it - maybe for a few years?! :-)


What a beautiful scarf! Can't wait to see yours. Fair isle fairly intimidates me. I will have to knit a few more years before I brave that world. In the meantime, I will just sit here and enjoy yours.


I'd love to try making a scarf along those lines. Is it doubled over so the wrong side is safely tucked away?


Hi Vanessa! I popped over here from Linda's and I must say that scarf is just stunning...and this entire post is so adorable! I love your "twiddle" and the flowers you decorated your jacket with too!
What fun, fun, fun!! ;) Paulette


Hello Vanessa. So many folks have already left the comments that were in my head after seeing this post.

Fair knitting is so much fun. I made one early vest totally from a Patricia Roberts pattern, and loved the result ... mixing some fine mohair in with the shetland wools.

After that, I went laissez-faire, freestyle, just mixing colors at will in both scarves and sweaters. I do get inspired by the traditional graphs of the geometric progressions ... I have an old Alice Starmore book that I think might now have been re-issued. Part of the fun, as you discovered with your dress, is just seeing what develops.

Love the wildflowers in your tweedy jacket's buttonholes. Would you ever use that inspiration to embroider on top of the tweed, so as to have flowers in winter months?

It's grand to visit here! xo

Erica K

Oh Vanessa, you look beautiful! Yes, that scarf suits that jacket extremely well... I'm going to have to copy you and Susan and start some of my own freestyle fair isle (it rhymes!)...someday.

You know I've worn my hair up in a quasi-bun at least 99% of the time for 15 years now! But if I were to wear it down I think the 'twiddle' would suit me well.

Hugo really should've let you mess with his hair. It couldn't be more perfect for flowers and other bits. He could start a new trend. ;D

Lily McCool


I have a question. I love knitting, I don't do much fair isle but I would love to get into it. Please can you let me know how you do the scarf because there doesn't seem to be any of the nasty back that shows all the cross overs of the different wools. Do you make too scarfs the same and stitch them together I can't imagine you do????


You are gorgeous!

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I have to share your sentiments about sewing. I really want to

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Nike Shox TL3

I'm totally blaming the baby for the fact that I got slightly weepy towards the end there. Blogs are, by their nature, very much me, me, me, and I like them that way. I like to

get to know the 'me' behind the blog - even when I know them IRL, because the blog is a different side to them. But it's also nice to find out more about the people behind the

'me'. And it can be moving, as it was here.

Angie Byrne

Love the scarf! Just a few questions: How do you work the edges that they don't curl inwards? Is the backing lined with fabric or not? My daughter {in London - I am in S Africa] loves it and I'd like to try my hand.

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