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I'm sure it's going to work out splendidly. I look forward to the big dress reveal.
I love the cardi - wish I could knit!


Oh I'd love to see all you could achieve in the dress-making department!!
Isabelle xx


Are you going to add dressmaking to your repertoire? Your dress is looking fab! I have signed up to a pattern cutting nightclass, so hopefully I will be able to make some nice things for myself. Hopefully anything I do make will fit, unlike any knitted garments I have made.

Helen Tzabar

Well done! This is a huge project and you have done it all by yourself, I am v impressed. I definitely would not attempt it myself. Anything I ever made that was supposed to be earn was a disaster. I especially remember a nylon nightie........ Better left at that.

Erica K

Hmm, I like yours better than the one on the model. :) I'm very proud of you for doing that lining! I can't seem to make anything without making a huge mistake...(usually measurement related) :D

I love that curtain fabric!

Yes, I've noticed the light slipping away. The summer went by so fast for me...I have to wonder where my head has been that I missed it! :(


I can't wait to see the dress when it's finished - it looked so gorgeous in the photos while being knitted! The lining is looking good too. I'm inspired to knit some Fair Isle again myself now.Thanks for a lovely, bright and inspiring blog.


That curtain fabric is so pretty; I hope you will think of something lovely to do with it. I thought your dress would take quite a while to get the lining sorted out but you have made a flying start! (I used to have a bed sheet like that one when I was little). I hope you won't mind me butting in and saying this though - some machines are not so good as others with thick fabric (it is definitely the machine and not the person). Also, you probably need a larger stitch for such a thick 'fabric'. If you have too small a stitch it won't be able to move through fast enough and will get jammed up and before you know it you could have sewn up and down on the spot over and over (yes I've done it!) which can be awful to undo. I don't want to sound off putting because you always do everything beautifully without any scaremongering from me. I can't wait to see it. We have seen all the different bits of it and now inside out, so now I'm really rather looking forward to the big finish!


Hi V, it's great to see the fairisle dress coming along so well. I still love that green cardi, it looks good on you!


Can't wait to see the dress fully finished!!!!

We had those stripey sheets as kids!!! I can still remember how soft and snuggly they were!!! (Not that i'm saying you have my sheets!!!! lol)


Great fan of old sheets - such a lot of fabric at so little cost and they're often washed to a great softness. Can't wait to see the dress.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Those sheets are going to make a lovely soft lining for your dress!

It's getting closer.....can't wait :-)

Love some of those Rowan patterns, very $$$$ tho :-(


My sister and I spent our whole childhood sleeping between those very same sheets!
Lining makes such a wonderful difference to clothing I find ...
And thank you so much for the Rowan pattern reference, it is such a charming cardie.


It's good to see you are using recycled/upcycled fabrics. My dressmaking skills far outweigh my knitting skills, so I am eager to see how your lovely dress turns out. You may find this blog interesting


I buy up these candy stripe sheets any time I see them - I've got pink and white, and lemon and white, and various coloured stripes with white. I LOVE THEM! And I can't wait to see your dress once it's done Vanessa.
I've started knitting a big cashmerino scarf for the winter - another Rowan pattern. 10 years old my Rowan book is, but you know what, the patterns still look modern. I'm liking that!

Magic Cochin

Me too! I had sheets like that on my bed when I was little too!

Are you going to sew the lining into the dress? Or make a separate slip - so it doesn't pucker the knitting? Just being nosy ;-) Hope you don't mind. The dress is so gorgeous it will look divine with your boots.

And that flowery fabric is luuuuuvly! You could make such a sweet little blouse with it!



I'm sure that dress is going to be absolutely stunning - clever you! Totally agree with you on the fabric stash front - mine seems to be mainly made of clothes which no longer fit but resulted in a wonderful copy of the Sea Dancer at St Abbs costume for my daughter last month! Just tried to look at your sisterhood crochet blanket pattern (may make a brave attempt given your wonderful crochet tutorials) but the link is broken - is it just a glitch or has it been removed? Congratulations on your fabulous blog! Raquel xx

Janice Perkin

the big project is nearly finished!!!!!!!!!!! - well done - I sympathise withyou regarding the loo - like Billy Connolly i never let one pass by!

Puppet Lady

I too remember having sheets like that! Dressmaking is OK (my mother was a professional dressmaker) and as you say, gives quick results. But it takes a lot of space - and you can't tuck it into a bag and pop along to your dress-making group the way you can with knitting!



Great job on the lining. What a task to undertake by yourself. I am glad it is going so well for you.


Very nice! And I love the re-purposed fabric choices - such a good idea!


I can't wait to see a picture of you wearing the lined dress!


Hello Vanessa
Was just led to your blog via BaaMeKnits.
What a beautiful thing it is. Having to tear myself away after half an hour to do some work.
Will be back.


Hi Vanessa
Sorry it's taken so long to send you the photo of you and our dog Frankie when we met you in the street in Berwick many weeks ago. We now have a new pup this time a dandie dinmont terrier she's a wonderful friend for Frank, she's called Sadie.
How can I send you the photo????
Best wishes Louise


I know email us:
& I'll send it to you

Cherry Cabban

Do hope it fits it looks very interesting and beautifully made.

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