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How terribly sad... Hope you both have a good rest this weekend.
Isabelle xx


Oh this is very tragic, life is so precious. Hope you all have a relaxing and peacful weekend and of course get some timto knit ! xox


A terrible tragedy, we heard the news last night. Thanks to Hugo and all the volunteers who turn out when needed to give their time and help, I'm glad he's home safe with you and the doggies. Have a lovely weekend, I'm sure you will be counting your blessings.


That is just so sad. That poor family.
I hope you and your brave husband have a restful weekend.
Vivienne x

mlle paradis

peaceful sleep to all. good for hugo helping out but it must be terribly sad, not to have a good result after much effort. it's hard not to be affected. terrible tragedy for the little boys family.

hope the weekend brings happier events or at least peace and quiet to let the events of the week settle in.


I have so much respect for Hugo and his volunteer colleagues - they have a tough job at times, so sad that they didn't find the other fisherman. I hope both you and Hugo have a lovely, restful weeked this weekend, and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Kate Bruning

Dogs are pretty amazing at sensing things though aren't they. I am always so in awe of people who are willing to drop everything in order to help out with all of the truly tragic and awful things in life. He deserves a blanket of warmth and love like the dogs are providing for him.
For a little bit of light relief for you, my Hugo just tottered down the stairs (I was awake before him for once) and said as his sleepy, red cheeked face came around the corner "It's me, little tuttu feet"... (tuttu is a maori word for fiddling things and making general mischief).
I also have to email you a huge thank you as your wonderful books arrived. We are just loving them and Hugo insisted on taking 'Dear Tooth Fairy' to preschool and told me that it would help him to stay cheerful and not cry (very rare that it happens) when we would say goodbye. The children all loved it and it was so appropriate as all of their older siblings are losing teeth but to them it is still such a strange mystery. Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxxooxxooxx.

Katie Willow

Ahhh Hugo looks so sweet and divine, you lucky girl and so good he returned safely but wrecked!!!

The dogs have it hard you know doing all this therapeutic work on their owners...

Val Reaves

Rest, dear Hugo, and I will say a prayer for the lost boy and his family. What a comfort our pets are to us. They really provide a "pet therapy" role for us sometimes when we need them.
Bless you all,
Val :-)


I was rather touched by those photo's you've taken of Hugo bless him. There is a lot of love in those pictures. I'm sure you must be pretty shattered too as you must have been worried about him. Hugo does a very altruistic thing; this time not all lives were saved which is very sad but we know everyone did their very best. No one can possibly do more. Without the life boat teams how much worse things would be for those at sea. There are many who have much to be grateful for thanks to them. Unsurprisingly he looks absolutely exhausted. Luckily he is back on terra firma, safe and sound. I know the doggies have a hard life - I feel their pain! So sweet cuddling up like that; perfect medicine. Hugo looks to be getting lots of deserved TLC; you deserve some too. Hope you get lots of rest over the weekend and manage to put your feet up. Take care.xx


Oh, this is unbearably sad. I was crying when I heard the news about this young young boy. I keep thinking about his mother, I have a 15 year old son. I have nothing but admiration for Hugo and all the other lifeboat volunteers.

The Vintage Heart

Hi, heard about this accident on the local news, and as i have a 16 year old son my heart broke for the boys family, just want to say a big thank you to Hugo and all his colleagues for so bravely volentereing and doing some thing amazing , so so sad he coudnt be found , but at least they did there best, and thank god for the lifeboat men! hope he isnt called out again , have a restful week end, hugs to your furry babies ,bestest wishes,Linda


Heartbreaking story - but thank goodness for people like Hugo who care enough to volunteer for essential services. It is so tragic for one person to die, yet another's life was saved.
He deserves his snuggles from the doggies!


So very sad. And yes, thank goodness for the brave volunteers.


Dogs seem to know what people need. What a fantastic fellow Hugo is. Such a sad tragedy. Blessings.

Erica K

That's so sad... I can't bear to think of thinking about losing one of my kids...ugh, it felt awful even talking about thinking about thinking about it! Yay to Hugo for volunteering for such a wonderful thing!

(I saw your jar-full of yarn!)


The photo of Hugo and your story really touched me, how unspeakably awful for the family, and for all the life boat teams who must have searched frantically for the boy. I see in Hugo's face the absolute exhaustion, more than that, the sinking deep into the sleep where you let go of all that is in your mind, the pictures that hover around.
Like Kate I see the dogs as knowing at a deep level that Hugo needed some healing and I am fascinated the way they are both stretched out over him, covering all his body with love Kate said,]
I do hope you are able to have a peaceful weekend, looking after each other and maybe doing something really special even iif it is just eating some beautiful chocolate! I must say too, where would we be without the brave volunteers who do all sorts of amazing things for the sake of all of us.Lots of love to you both, Aubrey

jordan retro 1

The mystery of creation is like the darkness of night--it is great. Delusions of knowledge are like the fog of the morning.Do you understand?


I'm wondering what Hugo will think of all those photos of him sleeping in the armchair. He deserves his rest though. It must be very demoralising when you come back from a rescue like that. Love to you both.

Planet Penny

Poor Hugo, he does look exhausted. I heard the news on the radio and it's so sad. Thank goodness for Hugo and all the other volunteers who do such amazing work. Have a restful weekend, both of you, Penny x

I come from Fowey in Cornwall and knew many of the lifeboat crew. I'm in awe of them and now Hugo too. I cam across your blog via bunny mummy, it's wonderful - regards frugal queen


Goodness, what a heroic but exhausting task for poor Hugo. That must have drained him emotionally as well as physically.He has two very-soothing-looking small hairy blankets though. I expect he'll feel tired all weekend. Sending thoughts today x


Very sad news thinking of the family Hugo and all the hero's of the RNLI
Love the photo's of the loving hairy blankets


Oh how terribly sad, I saw this on the news too. What a kind and brave soul your Hugo is being a volunteer.

Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous prints, they're truly beautiful.


That's horribly sad, I read about that too...what a star Hugo is for volunteering.
Wishing you a restful weekend with your lovely pooches Xxx

Chris, milatos

How brave all the volunteers of the RNLI are.
What lovely photo's of Hugo and the dogs. Have a peaceful weekend


Heartwrenchly touching. Brave Hugo and the RNLI deserve all good things in life. Sometimes our pets give us more than we realize. Its amazing. I wish you and your family a peaceful weekend.


Vanessa, let me join with all those prior commenters who've praised Hugo's volunteer work, while expressing such sadness at the sad recovery story.

Yes, please do have a restful weekend...surely those doggies will help. xo

Magic Cochin

I heard the report about the fishing boat and the missing boy on Radio 4 news - what brave people the volunteers are - Hugo deserves his rest and the big cuddle from Ellie (I think dogs know, don't they?)



Much repect to Hugo - I'm always in awe of those who put their lives at risk to save others. Awful, awful for the family though - I've got a soon-to-be16 year old boy and what his poor mother must be going through does not bear thinking about.
I didn't realise you lived so far north - I've just moved up to the Isle of Skye - literally a week and a half ago.

The Curious Cat

Oh how terrible...I do hope they find the body...for the sake of the family... xxx

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Hi Vanessa, what a tragic event! My uncle sends us a card for xmas every year that support the RNLI and I had a wooden jigsaw of a Life Boat man that my boys loved for ages. They do such a great job don't they.

Dogs just seem to know and there is nothing better than a doggie cuddle to help destress.

Hope you get some downtime this weekend :-)


What sad happening but well done to Hugo for giving his time so freely to a pretty scary cause. The photos are priceless, thanks for sharing! Hope you managed a bit of rest over the weekend...
Hen x


Just found your lovely blog, what a sad story, honourable man and fantastically companionable pile of dogs!

Mrs Bun

Catching up here Vanessa and saw you looking stunningly colourful in your photo shoot above and then moved on to this post. Thank goodness for people like Hugo who make the time in their lives to commit to something like this. Dreadfully sad that it wasn't a simple case of rescuing someone home. Very emotionally and physically draining I should imagine.


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