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Hi Vanessa
I see the scarf is coming along nicely!
We had a lovely sunny weekend here too - but today is drizzly and blustery.
I love the piglets - I wish we had the space for some!
Love Gill xx


Such cute piglets! I saw piglets being born when I was about 9 and have loved them since. I live in the south England coast and I am a big beachcomber too. Sea glass is my all time favourite xox Looking forward to a hooky recipe for your scarf xox


Would love to see a picture of that lovely mossy green cardigan, and pattern?

Love Victoria

It looks like you live in a really lovely part of the world. I have so missed getting a breath on the beach this year (new house = no hol) I would love to live by the shore.

Debbie Rippon

It was lovely to chat at the weekend, I'm glad you like your fingerless gloves from Kate. I hope you liked to read a bit about Kate on our website. The boys were pleased to get home to the rest of the Barnacre herd Sunday evening.

I have loved reading you blog and will keep following.

Barnacre Alpacas


What adorable piggies! Am jealous of your sunshine, it has been mostly raining here (Glasgow).

The scarf looks great & I just love your spotty outfit!

Gorgeous Things

Those piggies are soooooo cute! I have a bowl of interesting stones from the beach too - so smooth and tactile.


I love alpacas, we "met" some at a village show in Dorset last year. Their fur is unbelievable. Shame all the yarn was sold out as I know you'd have made something wonderful but the gloves sound yummy. Sorry I have been pants at getting back to your email, Monday is always nasty busy for me with boring chores. Write tomorrow, promise.
Hen x


Oh, the piglets! And such beautiful clouds and skies. What a heart-warming weekend!


Those little piggies are so cute! :)
Beachcombing is great fun and addictive, once you start it's hard to stop. Sea glass is my favourite.
Vivienne x


Vanessa, your scarf is a beauty, and all that your report about the weekend is making me very envious.

Isn't alpaca wool marvelous? I have not knitted with it, but am lucky in my job to be able to wear gorgeous soft alpaca sweaters ... pretty much for free. All the same, I would like to find out what it is like to actually knit and purl it.

Those pictures taken along the beach are wonderful ... really giving a breath of fresh air to this city person.



Hello Vanessa. Lovely bright and cheery post full of good things. Pics of the fingerless mitts please! x

Planet Penny

We have a flock (herd?) of Alpacas living down the road and the yarn is amazing. So soft. And piglets next door, but not shampooed and shiny like your little darlings! Looks like a lovely day out! Penny x

Magic Cochin

It's good that you got out and about in the sunshine - it does blow the cobwebs away doesn't it?

Shame you missed the alpaca yarn - there are quite a few alpaca herds in Suffolk and I keep saying - I must get some yarn, then I forget and they are closed for the winter!

I followed the link to the alpaca web site - did you watch the shearing video? Lawks!!!!


Petit Filoux

Oh I do love alpaca yarn, it's just so soft... I'm off to check their website!!


Hi Vanessa,
What a lovely weekend you had. I would love to live by the sea or near some water. There is a lake about 30 mins away from us, Hollingworth Lake, and we sometimes go and just sit and look at the water. I sometimes take my knitting with me. I love it.
I would love to knit something in alpaca wool.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Jenni at Baame Kniits

The weather looks perfect and so does the the piglets and the dress! Those tunnels look like fun....imagine living in those times :-)


Smooth pretty pebbles, cotton wool clouds and grumpy kissable alpacas......what a wonderful weekend you must have had.
florrie x

crafty jemima

That beautiful summer sun has well and truly gone away from here. blustering winds and rainy showers are here to stay it would seem. But on a happier note I wanted to say I've given you a mention on my blog as your fair isle dress inspired me to try some fair isle of my own:
Nerys x


Piglets are so cute. The scarf is lovley but I kept thinking about weaving in all those ends. I dread that part of any project so my hat goes off to you. Have a great day.


Your weekend sounded fantastic! I also love poofy little clouds in the sky - and what amazing weather for strolling around a town filled with such history. How lucky you are!!


The piglets look so sweet!

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can i get the instructions for the scarf please

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