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Have a great weekend Vanessa, hope you get that costume sorted!! :)
Vivienne x

Liz W

Maybe you could cover yourself in leaves and say you have just come up out of the grave and haven't shaken off yet. Zombies aren't known for being particularly tidy, you know!
Good Weekend to you! I love fall, best of all the seasons!


I had a horrible moment there when I first clicked on your blog - I thought the title was "fail", and that your fabulous dress was in the bin! Thankfully, it was just my mistake. I like the idea of 3D stuff. I have just enrolled in a needle felting nightclass, and would like to make bowls and little balls. Enjoy your party, and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Mary Grace McNamara

Oh yes, that tea cozy is quite delicious! I love the colors! Fall is fabulous! Our leaves are just starting to turn and they are gorgeous!



Hi Vanessa!
How right you are about the fall and falling leaves. I never thought of that. Maybe because english is not my native language :)

Wish you a great weekend!


Okay - no ideas for the costume but I have one for 'special effects'. Put on a face mask - you know the kind that dry into rubbery bits - then partly rub it off until it's hanging in bits like bits of skin falling off. Very effective.


The 3-d fabric items are interesting. I can see how you as an artist would see many possibilities there.

Love that tea cosy! I've thought about downloading her Hip to Hook issues but never have. I'm such a novice at crochet. I'll look forward to seeing your cosy, and hearing how easy/difficult it was - then perhaps I'll have the courage to try it.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

That 3D art is amazing isn't it! I love textile inspiring :-)

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

How fun! I hope you post pictures of your zombie self for us to enjoy!!!
I loved the comment you left about how Hugo isn't really interested in cats but has a look at Raymond... I can understand where he comes from...
I muse to Karen often, that Siamese are not actually cats, they're a freakish hybrid... half alien, half monkey.
I sometimes see that alien in him when he is turned sideways to me..... and I wonder what planet he is being sent from, to spy on the human race.
Yes... I know what he's up to!!!
Oh how I wish I was reading lovely books and Sarah London magazines... I have a weekend of learning all about anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and mood disorders! My time will come after my exam, meanwhile, you deserve it after doing all your books! Great work!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Planet Penny

I went on a course with Janet a few years ago and love her book. The crochet one looks good too, I'm a sucker for teacosies! good luck with the zombie suit! Penny and Higgins x


Have a good weekend Vanessa and enjoy the zombie party! Even though it sure won't be as colourful as that gorgeous teacosy!
Isabelle xx


Oh darn you Vanessa, now I have account envy. I have to get on with mine, but there are so many other things more interesting. You have inspired me though so who knows? x


Nothing like spending a week doing accounts for turning one into a zombie - I speak from experience! Can't wait to see what you make in 3D.

Gorgeous Things

Can I be a spoilsport, and join you in a mutual loathing of fancy dress parties? I really can't be bothered with it all - bah, humbug! and all that. A party is supposed to be about getting together with friends and having fun - not spending a day faffing around trying to find something silly to wear! .... rant over ....
Gorgeous x
p.s. I'm not really a grumpy person ;-)


Hi Vanessa
I hate dressing up too - the words fancy dress fill me with dread! Not what parties are all about eh???? Nevertheless I'm sure you'll have a great time
Your autumn/fall really cheered me up - I'm not an autumn lover - all those dark evenings and early mornings. Still at least it'll soon be time to light the fire!!!!
Gill xx


That sounds like a varied weekend Vanessa, I wouldn't enjoy the dressing up bit either, but all the other plans sound lovely.I love to get cosy in the Autumn and start on lots of lovely knitting projects!
Enjoy your film!
Rachel x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Me and the kids often collect autumn leaves. Love the colours.
I hope the zombie party was funny;)
Did you like the movie, Fanny & Alexander? I havn´t seen it since I was a kid, and I just remember it as very long (a long version on tv) and boring. But maybe now as an adult, I would like it.
Love from Anna-Karin


I got told off the other week by my daughter for saying fall instead of Autumn. It just seemed a natural thing to say because that is what happens! I love Spring best because of all that promise but I love also that kicking through the leaves and the mulchy dampness of everything underfoot. I tend to bring the really colourful leaves home - the pinky ones or the golden-orangey ones. Yesterday, I passed a conker tree or two and couldn't resist filling up my bag (only a mini one) - they seemed destined to be splatted by cars otherwise, which I felt was a shame. The only thing I dislike about autumn is that it heralds winter and I'm not so keen on that - far too cold! Oh, and the fact that the poor trees are all bare, which always seems a bit sad. I also love texture as much as colour, which means that most colours are interesting to me because even the duller ones are brought to life. Your book looks like it may lead to inspiring things. I used to like dressing up, but haven't done it in years (or gone to a party for that matter). I have to say though that I preferred the more flattering looks rather than pumpkin types of costume. I think the last thing was as a vampire. Come to think of it I don't suppose that mauve lipstick and chewing fake blood capsules did me any favours! Enjoy your party Vanessa - I always found the one's I didn't want to go to much were the most fun and those you planned for and looked forward to were rubbish!

Stephie @ Narrativeself

I know exactly what you mean about fancy dress, I mean what have you got all those lovely party dresses for if your friends want you to ditch them and wear a bunch of bandages instead! Meh, just have a few glasses of wine too many and go back in the morning and tell them 'this is what a real zombie looks like'! Have a great weekend :)

Anne Donald

Hope all went well with the zombie costume! I know that feeling of having something else to say - it happens every week when I talk to my son on the phone ..... as soon as we hang up I remember what it was that I particularly wanted to tell him!!

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Oh, no a programme about Eddie Stobart and we've missed it - no tv since our digital switchover a few weeks ago. We haven't really missed tv but I would like to see strange as that sounds! We have a long list of the names we've seen on Eddie's lorries from Alexandra Freya, Delia through to Seibatu Asha and we continue to collect them, it's quite good fun


hope the party was good and that the zombie costume finding didn't prove to be too arduous. Mike watched the Eddie Stobart programme too - wasn't it deathly dull (or was that just me ?!)


Hello Vanessa! Wonderful tea cozy! I don't have any, I think it's time to make. Also you have lovely book - interesting figures - great new ideas! Waiting to see the ideas it gives to you!
Have a lovely day! Teje


The colours of your knitting are fantastic. Great combo. Can't wait to see it finished. V x

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