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Lovely roses! Funny, I just dyed yarns in those same colours this afternoon :))

Linda Gilbert

Thank you for sharing in a way such a mundane room but making it so special. I sometimes wonder what to blog about next but something seems to pop into my head. Thanks for that lovely idea in yours


Hello! I just found your blog through another blog....I've taken a liking (a love actually) to knitting this past year, and I also have a miniature Dachshund, although mine's a short hair. I look forward to browsing through your blog!


Dare I say that I enjoyed this post as much (possibly a teensy bit more) than your big fair isle dress reveal post? I loved your text and the flappy robin interruption made me laugh out loud!



I was wondering yesterday, Vanessa, where your Monday post was, you were missed indeed. What a treat to see your bathroom, like you, I am in heaven nosing at other people's houses! Your bathroom is fab and I was very excited to hear Hugo has a waterpik as I saw one in the chemists the other day and thought it rather nifty (said as one who can't get the hang of floss). Does it come highly recommended then?
You've reminded me that one major upside of Summer ending is that my scarf shall be coming out to play again, hooray. In fact, it is peeking out from the coat hook which Andy mended at the weekend, I fondled it just yesterday!
Have a great night, prepare to be the belle of the ball as you deserve!
Hen xxx


I think flowers in the bathroom is perfect ..... I must admit that I have been putting them there for many a year ..... they make any visitor smile ...... as do your blogs.

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Ooooohhhh, I love a good nosey round other homes, so thank you for that and looking forward to seeing the rest of your lovely home! Great lampshade in your bedroom!


Vanessa, your posts could never be boring, all the colour! Your bathroom is fab, and I love the chandelier outside the bathroom door. I did miss your blog posts on Friday and Monday, so I am glad to see you back.


You have such a beautiful house! I love the colours of the wool in your picture too :o) xx


You do make me smile. It's like having you in the room. I'm sure I can actually hear your voice through your writing. I just need to know which grey you used in the loo, then it qualifies as the perfect post.


Love the bathroom, and the dress. And your glasses (note to self, must find some like those). one question, why are the toilets in Brittan always so far up the wall?


Thank you for such a lovely post, I HAVE to have flowers in every room , I love to pick posies and put them in the old bottes I collect. Romantic David Austin roses make me weak at the knees.
I amlooking forward to your scarf pattern, I jave just taken a break frm my knitting to do some crochet and love the variety of 1 and then 2 needles xox

Kate Bruning

We don't always need big knitting reveals to be interested - that was tremendous and rainbows bursting through skies and stars ablaze but we can't live with that kind of excitement everyday can we - my heart just wouldn't take it - and instead you are letting us all get cosy - I love seeing your house and it makes me think we should all do a little bit more of that because we are all such curious people - I love the green shoes by the way. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


I love your writing voice, it is so friendly and welcoming. Reading your ALL of posts is such a JOY ♥.
Oh and your bathroom is fabulous, just love that bathtub!


Hi Vanessa
I'm sure you and your lovely dress are having a lovely twirly time at your knitting group tonight!
I enjoyed the nosey in your bathroom but what
on earth is a waterpik???
Gill xx

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

your bathroom is gorgeous! It's like a show home! My bathroom is a complete wreck, needs a good re-paint and it definately needs the retro 1970's hotel room vanity ripped out!!! Ah the joys of renting! One day... one day I shall have a bathroom as delicious as yours! Although maybe not with a mirror like yours... those magnifying mirros frighten me, I'd rather not know!!!!!
Lovely to read your post, I missed my Vanessa vibes for the week!


That last crochet pattern is stunning! I love it!


I love hearing what you have to say (or should that be reading?) just as much as what you show us, so you really don't have to always have something extra special to show us. You are entertaining and interesting all by yourself! It's funny how a 'voice' can still be heard even though you are writing and not talking. All the things you show us are good to see - Hen's scarf for instance, is beautiful and it is lovely to be reminded of it (and great to hear that a pattern is coming) and yes it is fascinating to see your bathroom. With your paintings, your knitting and crochet not to mention the little doggies and the trips out that you take us on sometimes we are pretty spoiled actually. So no pressure on yourself - it's all good!

beth smith

yay! i can't wait for that scarf pattern. have been coveting that for a long while. yippeee.... waiting with eager anticipation :) thanks, beth

Cath W

Ooooh Vanessa. I think I need you to come and help renovate my house. I think that is the Ikea outdoor chandelier I spy in the background. I was all set to buy it when a windstorm knocked over our beautiful, huge, hundred year old apple tree. We too have a large space above the landing but we hung the enormous dandelion fitting, having completely forgotten about the one you used! It looks amazing.

Planet Penny

Oh Vanessa, I do love your mirror with the candle sconces! And the light fitting on the landing. Hope you are all well, Higgins sends love to Ellie and Douglas. He's been up to all sorts of mischief lately! love Penny xxx


Hello! Your posts are always lovely and this one particularly so. Lovely bathroom and so pleased you mentioned your cabinet with bits in as that would have worried me otherwise - like: but where does she keep her bits???! And the robin! oh my god.

Gorgeous Things

How grand your bathroom is - I love it! I too like to hide all my potions and lotions away - even the shower never has any gel or shampoo left in there. If only the rest of my house was so tidy. What a good idea to show us a room - I'm soooooo nosey!


Hi Vanessa.
Oh i just love love love your blogs. They are colourful and inspiring, whatever you write about. I love seeing your paintings, your house and gardens. Just seeing a lovely photo of a flower close up makes me smile & cheers me up. So please don`t stop.
Your home looks lovely.Take care
Love from Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


ooh, it's a lovely bathroom, and looks very neat and well looked after.

I just had to tell you - at school yesterday Christopher's class story was Bringing Down the Moon - he was thrilled and told everyone how Mummy "knows" the lady who 'does the pictures' as the children call it. The whole class were raving about what a great book it is, as well.
(And as an aside, I've been giving copies of the books as birthday presents left, right and centre, and have received so many comments from parents of recipients saying how delightful they find them)
Hope the headache has finally gone, and like other commenters, I love all your posts so please, please, don't ever think about giving up!!x


Loved seeing the pictures of your bathroom - and the flowers, even past their prime, are a lovely colorful addition! Makes me want to go into my not-so-photogenic bathroom and sweep all the bottles and containers into the cupboard so as to have nothing to clutter the eye.


I usually put flowers in the bathroom when we are having guests. I should try them for myself!


Got here by way of someone else, can't remember who. Love your FairIsle dress. Years ago my mumma knitted me a Fair Isle cardi and I LOVED it. Don't know what happened to it but now I NEED her to knit me another one. RIGHT NOW. Can't do it myself as I did not inherit her knitting genes.... Gorgeous blog, will be back soon.


I'm like you, I love looking around in other people's homes. Not snooping, just seeing. I love your quaint bathroom. Is that toilet a standard UK fare toilet. I mean, with the tank positioned high on the wall? Our tanks are attached to the toilet bowl here in the US.

I could really identify with your comment about missing your magnifying mirror, and coming home to a hairier face. I'm always shocked to see myself up close when returning from travels. Except when visiting my mom, who thankfully has a lit-up magno mirror in her very roomy guest bathroom.

I think some posts do tend to invite more comments by the very nature of the posts, but it's generally the writer and their photographs that draw readers back again and again. I don't often post, but since discovering your blog recently, I never miss coming to see what you have to say, or what pretty pictures you're sharing that day.


Hi Vanessa, may I please visit your bathroom?! I may be in there for hours, lolling in that beautiful bath filled almost to the brim and admiring that exquisite mirror with the candle holder attached ...

A bird came into the shop the other day right into the display window among the smocked dresses and then calmly walked out again while I held my breath!

I'm so very glad that you're sharing the "how to make" instructions for that beautiful scarf, l've been longing to make one and even started one, jumping between your blog and Sarah's and squinting at the photos so it will be lovely to have some help, but only when you have time.

Jan Pegler

I love your fairisle dress it is beautiful, amazing!!!!

Erica K

Oh thank you Vanessa! I'm such a curious/nosey sort of person, and that was right up my alley! :D You have a lovely really puts both of mine to shame! *sigh* I just love those flowers! I would put flowers in my bathroom, but it would depress them...the flowers, that is! ;D lol

Cherry Cabban

What a beautiful rose,and a wonderful composition. Not to mention the skill in getting the 3D effect in the photo! It would make a wonderful still life to sell on the web!

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