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Beautiful pictures, very inspirational. I love the little rabbit painting.


Hi Vanessa
I wondered where you were on Monday! You see we've come to expect your regular postings!!!
Anyway what a riot of beautiful colours!
Gill xx
PS enjoy your knitting group - by the way do you ever crochet at your group or is it only knitting???


WOW, your pictures tell so many stories, no need for words! Do you know, you have recently inspired me to wear more colours, so thank you for that! :o)
Isabelle xx


How lovely to see all your things all together like that! You should definitely do one of ALL your knitting and crochet - there may even be some things we haven't seen. Gorgeous pretty things, all of them! Poor you having to be terribly serious - anything like that, to do with money literally frightens the life out of me. Brown envelopes and bills are the bain of my life. I try not to shove them away in a drawer but I wish I could! Still if you grit your teeth and just do it, it does get it out of the way doesn't it? This evening though, forget all about that stuff and have a lovely knit and natter. Have fun x

Liz W

I came across your blog a few weeks ago quite by accident and bookmarked it immediately. I want to tell you how much I adore it. your choices in bright colors and mixes of colors never fails to make me smile and feel happy. I had purchased a couple of your books for my grndchildren in the past because your artwork is so enchanting, and now I can see why.
Thank you for the photos - again - a happy day!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Lovely Vanessa!!!
So colourful and it has just brightened my day!
I love looking at my ravelry projects page becasuse I can see everything I've made alltogether and it looks so colourful and delicious and inspiring...
Blessings on your bill sorting! Shake it up with some fun times and it will go much faster!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

What "firework" of colours!!! Gorgeous! You look wonderful in your Fair isle dress, by the way.
Love from Anna-Karin xxx


Oh my goodness me that was indeed a delicious feast for my eyes! Thankyou for such glorious beauty! xx


Yummy mosaics Vanessa -like being in a sweetie shop.

Kate Bruning

Such a feast - I will come back to those pictures throughout the day. Lots of love, Kate xxooxxoo.

lucy locket

What a beautiful post! What is that gorgeous granny ripply-ness? Lucy x

mlle paradis

who had more fun vanessa, you, or us? it might have to be a draw!

know what you mean about those other boring jobs. just finished four hours of vine trimming and sweepings - couldn't even dream of knitting at this point! cheers!


Very cheerful color mosaic! I always find your color combinations uplifting - and your paintings are so happy!

Magic Cochin

Accounts always leave me numb and dumb too - maybe I'll try some bright mosaics as an antidote!



Such an explosion of colour - reminds me of a tropical island. Just need to put my Ray Bans on and grab a Tequila Sunrise!
Jak x


Hi Vanessa,
Fabulous, Brilliant, Lovely pictures as always.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Vanessa! Wonderful post! So beautiful photos and happy colours! I love your paintings - lovely bunny! What it is in the colours that they make us feel so good?!!!
I use often a little bit muddy colours so I enjoy very much when visiting you with all those happy colours! Wishes Teje

gris fleur

Oh ! I love this dancing rabbit.


Vanessa, hello!!! Do you not have a Flickr account???? You would SO love it, it's a perfect way to bring all your fave photos together and to create collections of images.
I imagine all your crochet and knit pics together would be truly awesome!


Oh Wow! Oh My! Those are happy-happy-happy colors. =) You have a FANTASTIC sense of color and I'm just a wee bit jealous of all your finished projects. Is that a granny ripple????? Pattern linky please!


Vanessa, seeing these mosaics really does give us a great view of your delightful color sense. I love its playful sophistication!

One of these days I am going to have to learn how to make up some mosaics. Perhaps it is not as difficult as I imagine it to be.

Now, that your colors have cheered me, it's off to work I go. Many thanks for the uplift. xo

mary lou

Thanks for a lovely blast of color and charm on a grey day.


What a terrific selection and such lovely bright colours - really brightened my day, Vanessa!

Planet Penny

Wow! I hope that cheered you up after the dreary accounting. It's certainly made lots of other people happy! Penny and Higgins xxx


Wow , I am speechless xox


All work and no fun is ...well no fun, so glad you managed to get along to your knitting group

Helen Cowans

Lovely photos. Did you know there is a Vintage Fair at the Maltings on the 23rd October?

chris milatos

Every picture tells a story, you are clever colourful,and proberely lots of fun


What beautiful, cheerful pictures to pick me up on this Friday afternoon, languishing at my desk, yearning to get home and crochet... I particularly love your patchwork of teeny grannies, and your Bonne Maman jars of buttons. I keep those jars too (have quite a collection going - the cherry is my favorite) and haven't yet decided what to put in them. Snipped-off yarn ends, quite often... but buttons - what a wonderful (and obvious, can't believe I missed it) idea!

Hope you have a great weekend...

Jenni at Baame Kniits




Veronika / Lalomino

Beautiful beautiful things you've made Vanessa! I've been away for a while (moving, starting school, etc) so just catching up with you.
I adore your little crochet flowers. I'm just looking for someone to teach me how to do them.... Say... do you live near Kent?? :)) xx, Veronika

Charla Anne

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog:) I love all your fun & happy projects and photos!

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