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ooo its lovely! dont blame you not wanting to throw the bottom half away, I wouldnt either :) could it not just be a skirt? I think it would be a lovely skirt in its own rights or a petitcoat style dress mmmmm

P.S love reading your blog


Tenacious is the word that springs to my mind. You're right. It's chilly down here too.


Your striped dress is fabulous! I am also a bit fascinated by the stockinett/purl rows effect. Curious to see what you make of the bottom part :))

Handmade with love by G

The dress looks fabulous :))) I wish I had a fit body to wear knit dresses ;)

The bottom part could be transformed into a poncho maybe??? The pattern and the colour is so lovely to be wasted :))


Anne Donald

Hi Vanessa - having read more of your blog, I've realised that you don't live quite as close as I thought! I will be seeing Lindsay on Sunday, when she hosts one of her fun 'Woolgatherings'. When I was in my teens, I crocheted two dresses, but since then my knitted garments have been somewhat smaller, so I am in awe of your dress! Regards Anne


hello! I like Clare's idea above!
By the way, what was the reaction like when you showed your dress to your knitting group friends?
Bon week-end!
Isabelle xx

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Oh wow... I'm getting excited about the big reveal of this dress...
I loved your autumnal colour scheme for today's post! I love watching the seasons change on the other side of the world, through my blog friends photos... spring is meant to be in the air here, but would you believe it has been snowing in NZ? Donw in the south island! The strong winds are bringing an icy chill to wellington, so its feeling rather autumny here today too!
Much love to you Vanessa and a nice big "keep away doggies" warning growl from Raymond to Ellie and Douglas!!! XXXXX

Jenni at Baame Kniits

I am loving that dress Vanessa!! Its turning out really well...can't wait to see what you are planning for the skirt! I would be like you...all that knitting and waste not want not :-) I came across a bunting challenge last week and I now can't find it have you seen it at all??

Planet Penny

I just love those red leaves against the blue sky! Gorgeous photos! And as usual I am in awe of your tenacity with your knitting. I'm sure that dress is going to be as sensational as the last one. Thank you for your nice comments on the bunting! love Penny x


I so love all the autumny posts appearing in blogland at the moment and the colours in yours are amazing Vanessa. My golly you are such a quick knitter! I really feel put to shame for whingeing about Dave's jumper and will get on with it forethwith! x


oh am so loving the colour combination (but I think I might have mentioned that before) Bluesky/redberry dress is looking like it may yet be my favourite, and I am sure that you'll do something great with the skirt piece - it looks like it would make a lovely skirt in its own right as it stands. Hope you have a marvellous weekend - we've not quite experienced the turning seasons down here yet, but we're always a little bit behind because of our warmer temperatures, although I'm definitely sensing a change in the air, and colder tempteratures in the mornings. Time to put the fire on soon I reckon!


Thanks for all those explosive fire cracker colour! Love your dress ad certainly the bottom half of your tea dress is divine xox

Planet Penny

Just to let you know I have had so many nice comments about the pompoms I am doing a 'Pompom Bunting Giveaway', Didn't want you to miss out, Vanessa! love Penny xxx


Hi Vanessa,
Your blog on friday was soooo lovely and colourful. Autumnal colours are brilliant. That jar of berries would make a lovely picture, so get to it lol!
You strippy dress is brilliant, you are so clever.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


Really love your stripy dress Vanessa - looks really easy to wear too. Think it will suit you perfectly, the colours are great and it's just right for now (what with summer having all but disappeared!) Can see you skipping through the autumn leaves in that one - will look nice with leggings or tights or jeans. Pictures of you wearing it when it's finished, maybe please? Think you are just brilliant for rescuing your knitting and ending up with fantastic dress - if you can do similar with the other part then wow, you are are a genius. I admire your tenacity and creativity. Brilliant. This weather of ours does have compensations doesn't it - wrapping up in hand crafted woolly pullies and scarves is one of them.


I loved looking at all of the photos in this post! Your knitting is beautiful : )


Hi Vanessa, I've given you an award over on mine! :o) x


ooh that dress is gorgeous! I love the colors and the shape!

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