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How beautiful is that pin cushion, what a fabulous little pastel beauty. I know what it's like to be in 6 year old land i.e. hard work at times, bless them. Glad you had a fab time with your family xox

donna flower

Ohhhhhh I adore that pincushion. You need to make more Vanessa ;-)

Your family pictures are just delightful, thank you for sharing them x


Lovely to have you back Vanessa!!
I'm glad you enjoyed your break
Gill xx


Lovely to have you back Vanessa. Good to hear that you enjoyed your time away. There is nothing like a 6 year old telling you what's what is there? Hope you did what you were told! Children are so funny sometimes. Did you meet up with Hen - as you were 'down south' I know it's a big place and all, but it would be fun if you did! It will be a shame to stop your swaps - many a beautiful object was exchanged. However, anyone could see the huge amount of care and work you put into each others gifts so I'm not surprised that time is an issue!

Love the little pin cushion - I'm always losing mine so would be great to have one to hand (so to speak). The little labels are fab too. Must say a word about Jean Greenhowe - I love her! My mum used to collect her articles in one of her magazines when I was little and I used to look so longingly at the pictures - never got anything though, I think I was a bit too old. She had both sewn and knitted toys in her repertoire. I borrowed old books from the library that had the most adorable little stitched toys in it and had a lovely time making them up for my daughter. They were so cute.

Your penchant for beautiful things obviously runs in the family - your mum made a beautiful dress for Milly didn't she. Lucky Milly - all these things for her to learn if she wants too!


Good to have you back Vanessa!
Love the watch, at least with it time doesn't go so fast!!
Have a great weeknend. :)
Vivienne x


I have a g'daughter just like Millie and I have to say whoa-up I'm the grown-up! Love the knitted watch/pin cushion.

Liz W

Lovely to see you back. Sounds like a good visit and a good time with the little ones. The pictures are great - they make me want to pinch cheeks and pat heads and silly things like that! I love the picture of Millie and George looking at the cake - you can just see that thay can hardly contain themselves.
And the watch - I mean, really! How cute is that. You really are an inspiration when I find my projects starting to get a little hum-drum and dull. How can I not smile?
perhaps, if you listen closely, you can hear the rhythmic tick of the watch - knit-purl, knit-purl, knit-purl, knit-purl.


Hello! Welcome back! That pincushion is fabulous. I adore the idea of a knitted watch bracelet - so lovely! Have a great weekend Vanessa.

Cath W

I'm sure I've said it before, but I love your posts Vanessa. I love the things you create, and enjoy seeing your perspective on children. Good to have you back : )


It's a long time since I last heard anyone calling it the goggle box. Made me smile!


What a beautiful party and even more beautiful family! How nice to be able to enjoy the time together. The pincushion watch is perfect for a sewing woman. Did you make it up or have a pattern?


Oh Wow Vanessa ,
That watch pincushion is fab, i just love love love it. It would make a brilliant pressie for our " secret Santa " at my knitting group. I will have to try and find the recipe/pattern!!! lol!
You did have a brilliant holiday, with lots of fun too. You deserve it. Have a fab weekend and glad to have you back.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


Hi Vanessa, it's nice to have you back, glad you enjoyed your time with your gorgeous family. Have a nice weekend.

Gorgeous Things

I love the watch pin cushion - really, really cute! And, yes, it would definitely make a brilliant bracelet - I'd love to see one of those. It would certainly make me smile!
Gorgeous x


Lovely to see you are back! The little knitted watch/pincushion is so sweet - I love the colours.I'm glad you enjoyed time with your family - your photos of the children are beautiful.
Helen x


lovely post. lovely watch. i had a big sister like milly. in fact, i still do! welcome home!

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

Hello Vanessa!!!!
Lovely to see you back! And wow, what a very cool watch... it's so cool, I think you should definitely make one as an accessory!
Millie reminds me of Karen's nieces! I suppose most wee girls are like that... I used to find them particularly exhausting, but now they're growing up and not so interested in adults!!!!!!! (A good and sad thing!!)
Have a lovely week, lots of love from Alice and raymond XXXXX

Jenni at Baame Kniits

I love that watch..... and your label! :-)

Milli's party dress is lovely, tell your mum she did a beautiful job. Now we know where you got your talent :-)


I have children about that age too and my oldest is very like that! Although my son, who is two, does not put up with any of her nonsense.

Loved the tractor cake! And the pincushion. Hadn't heard of Jean before, but will defo look into her site.

Veronika / Lalomino

Good to have you back!
And ohohoh, I'd love to have a pincushion watch like that! But i think I'd use it as a bracelet too.
Did you see the little knitted mouse I found at a boot sale and put on my blog? It's so cute!

Amanda Keeys

Gosh the pincushion watch is so sweet!
I think big sister is typical of bigger siblings at that age ;) I know my lot are all the same.


lovely to have you back Vanessa, and glad you had a good time, down sarf.

What a great tractor cake, I bet the little man was thrilled with that. And I can add, after living with a six year old, that in fact, they are all like that, and definitely need a bit of straight talking from time to time (especially as they seem to up the ante a bit for aunts/uncles/grandparents, presumably because they are wise to the fact that the extended family will tolerate a bit more sixyearold bossiness for a bit longer than their parents!).

That knitted pincushion watch is just divine, no wonder Hen was thrilled. Lighting the fire and settling down for the evening with Hugo sounds so comfy and cosy - I can't say that I'm enjoying the cold turn the weather is taking, but the opportunity to sit fireside and vegetate in front of some rather good television has been a small compensation!


What a fab time you had!
Love the watch pincushion. I've been wanting to make myself a wrist pincushion but I'd thought of flowers, just not sure of the design yet. A watch is a great idea. I need a wrist pincushion for when sitting in the armchair in front of the telly, too easy to loose the pins.
Jewel says thank you for the lovely comment... you're too kind!

Judi A.

Loooove the watch pincushion. Would you, could you share the pattern with all of us? :-)


That is the cutest pincushion watch ever! What an adorable idea. love it.


Hi Vanessa,I love your blog! I was wondering if you could tell me where you had your labels a little something by vanessa many thanks for your help.Happy new year.julie.

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