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The girls at my knitting group have been making this blanket all year in the most loverly colours. It is online and called a shell pattern. If that is helpful x

Planet Penny

What a wonderful experience, it really brings you so close to the art itself. As I was reading what you had to say about the royal engagement it was atually being woven into the Archers script. They are SO topical! Penny xxx


Your trip sounds just lovely, and your scarf is so bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing your vacation.
Have a wonderful day,


Hi Vanessa
Glad you had a lovely break - you timed it well didn't you?? It looks awful on the news!
I agree with your comments on the Prince William/Kate Middleton engagement - good luck to them
I look forward to you working out the pattern for the crochet blanket - I love it!
Gill x

kate is greedy

So intriguing looking through the studio with you! Now I must say, what is wrong with having a Princess Kate... or dare I say Queen Kate - I have been waiting for this moment for all my life... I am so excited about the engagement that when Prince William and Kate Middleton were being interviewed on t.v. last night I let them hop back out of bed to watch (we are extremely strict when it comes to bed time). Hugo is very lucky to be able to watch coverage whenever he likes - the boys were sent straight back to bed when it was over. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


Oh I adore Barbara Hepworth, we were fortunate to have an exhibition with her sculptures in the De La Warr Pavillion about 3 years ago and I couldn't get enough of it. I LOVE going into artists spaces , it's a sensory delight for me. Our daughter, Alice is very excited at the prospect of a royal wedding as she is fascinated by royalty...she even once wrote letter to HRM (which I must find and do a post about ;0) thanks so much for sharing xox


Oh my gosh! That afghan in the store window... I made one of those for my great-aunts when I was a kid! Sadly, I no longer have the magazine the pattern was from, and I don't remember how it went. (Sorry I won't be any help!) Still, it was just crazy seeing an afghan like the one I'd done all of those years ago! :-) Sorta made my day.



I know this pattern, I made a scarf out of it:

It's very simple! Maybe you can work it out with the picture on my blog...
Good luck!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

What a lovely trip! The Museum looks like a serene, peaceful place to be and I envy you being able to be there in the quiet.
And then the afghan - a beautiful contrast in colors from the white stones of the museum.
Isn't it fun to have "prettiness' all about?
I totally agree about William and Kate. I think they will make it. They've been together for a long time (8 years, is it?).


That is a gorgeous blanket! :)
I agree, great news about William and Kate!!

Jenni at Baame Kniits

I love your photography Vanessa!

How does England feel about Kate getting Diana's ring??

Loved that blanket too!

Lovely to see those photo's - it made me work out that it's been 11 years since I last went! And that was with a four year climbing on things. So you can imagine our experience! But I agree that there is a real presence there. Didn't Barbara and Ben Nicholson hitch up, leaving our beloved Winifred all alone? I can't quite like Barbara for that but she was a good sculptor. Claire x

Richard Rose

The photos look real nice. The blanket looks simple enough, and I definitely don't need a pattern for the scarf as I have already made one. I would like to know what the stitch is called though, if you have a name for it.


sounds like a wonderful trip and the BH Museum is definitely on my list now. We did the Tate when we were last in St Ives and the children and Mike were all cultured out by the end of that, so had to leave BH much to my disappointment. Shame we didn't know you were coming down, if you are down this way again, you must stop by for a cup of tea (we are just outside Exeter, so a perfect spot for breaking your journey!)

I agree it's lovely news about Kate and William, although I do hope that after the initial excitment they will be left to get on with their lives as they were doing - they do seem like such a lovely couple, how can anyone do anything except wish them well for the future ?

Hope you enjoyed your knitting group x x


Vanessa, thank you so much for all the photos and your excellent description of the BH Museum. It's a place I would love to see in person, but truly feel that I have had a very good visit via your post. I loved that you mentioned the sense of scale of sculptures in the garden, and had all those close up views of the studio. Lucky you to be there off season.

And yes, how awful is that flooding!
Best wishes to you.


It really does look like she will be back at any minute! Thanks for showing us round, fascinating to see. I too find the news about the royal wedding surprisingly optimistic. They seem a really nice, well suited couple don't they? Flooding is a dreadful thing to have to deal with - the effects last for months. I really do empathise. Talking of blankets, the pattern looks to be mainly shells but with a spike stitch going down into the previous row at regular intervals. It really is a lovely one isn't it? I adore wooly blankets, knitted and crochet and sewn. Here are some you may like. This is just so colourful and lovely - a simple idea but so well done, you may have seen it already. The 2nd picture is best.

You may want to remortgage your house if any of these takes your fancy
prices (if you can bear to look), are at the bottom of the page)

Alice and Raymond!!!

Beautiful pictures as usual Vanessa!
How moving to go into someone's space when they are no longer there and just be with all of that energy.
Love the crochet blanket! Delish! It almost looked like a rag rug to begin with... yes! Crack tht pattern!!!!!

Aussie Maria

Love the scarf colours and pattern

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa,
I'm very excited about the royal wedding too, I do hope things go better than they did with Princess Diana and whatshisname. :-)

I have done that scarf pattern for years, only in a baby blanket and lap blanket sizes - it's a diagonal stitch. BUT for the life of me I am not sure how she does the 2 points coming down at the bottom. I will try to figure it out too. Here's a great tutorial for it.

Love your blog!! ((hugs)) Teresa in Corbett, Oregon


Hello Vanessa! Thank you for this facinating post with exiting photos! So nice to see that work room!
The blanket is wonderful and doesn't look too difficult to make by your photo!
Best wishes! Teje

Veronika / Lalomino

I'm so the same when it comes to taking a sneaky-peak at other artists' studio! They can be so inspirational and can give you great ideas!

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