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Vanessa- really interested in your prints as I'm thinking of doing similar with my pictures- dare I ask who you found to print them? I've looked at Abacus printers- wondered if there were any other printers worth investigating.Thanks and good luck with the new venture, doing it myself , I know just how scary it is!


What a real treat to read your blog as the weekend arrives, I love your work , especially the prints of the flowers and tea cups. Good luck with the 384 stitches! Look forward to seeing the end result, happy friday xox


I love that purple wool you're using. I don't envy you having to unravel it all though but well done at starting again! Your prints are lovely and that pink just springs out of my computer screen! xx


Gosh you are very brave to unravel the skirt and begin house is littered with abandoned projects that I can't seem to get around to unravelling!

PS I love your art work :)

Good luck with the prints and the dress mark 2!! Claire x


Delicate, oh so delicate, and pretty.
Not my usual choice.
But you are winning me over with these paintings.


So much snow! And we don't have any at all here, in Moscow.
Love your illustrations, especially the mole.
And love-love flowers in the previuos post.

Planet Penny

Well done on your shop, I hope you sell really well, the prints are lovely. Good luck with the knitting, you're are very brave to unravel all that painstaking knitting but that wool is too good to waste. Good luck with project mark 2! Penny xxx


enjoy your weekend, stay warm and cosy xxx


Why are we supposed to hate the dark winter months? They have an allure of their own just as do all the other months. For me, it's as you said, closing out the world and getting cosied up in front of a fire with books, crafts and a cuppa.
Your animals are delightful.


Gorgeous, just gorgeous, i love them all.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


I love your gorgeous prints and will treat myself to one very soon! How to choose though, when I like them all?? I'm enjoying seeing your knitting progress too, and impressed at your patience - though I do get a bit like that myself when I want something to be really right! Have a good week and keep cosy. Helen x

Alice and Raymond!!!

Hello Vanessa!!!
Fantastic etsy! I know that Karen would love one of your little animal ones, she has a thing for little cute pictures of forest animals.... which sounds a bit wierd as I type that!!!!! It's all so lovely and I hope you sell heaps and heaps and heaps. Would you do card sets too???
Oh that beautiful Rowan all balled up... it looked very purple in today's post, it's funny, every time you photograph it, it is a slightly different colour!
Show-shots look so fairy tale..... I've never been in falling snow believe it or not, except once on a mountain skiing when I was about 10 which was not softly falling fluffy snow! I wish I could have a go at being snowed on, but then on another blog I saw the temp was -10 degrees and I think that would kill me, it really would!
OK well I hope you had a lovely weekend Vanessa! Lots of love XXXXX


Hope you had a great weekend, and managed to make good progress on your skirt. Love the vibrant colour.


Hello Vanessa! What a beautiful purple yarn! I love always your knittings and paintings!
Best wishes! Teje


Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I noticed the animals look like ones in a children's book I just thrifted for my daughter, "The Nutty Nut Chase". Did you do those? They are adorable!


Your prints are looking fabulous - I'm hoping to treat myself after Christmas, I've chosen it already in anticipation, not an easy thing to do as they are all so lovely! It will be brilliant to have one of your pictures hanging up.I'm glad you are going with your idea on the dress - doing cables on the sides just moves the problem doesn't it, don't know why I didn't think of that. Cables all the way round should do the trick. 384 stitches, wow! that is a lot. Still, you are such a quick knitter, complex pattern and all, I'm sure it will whizz by. Fingers crossed it goes well. I'm almost at the stage where I want to have a go at making a cardie or something - perhaps a sleeveless top first. Only ever made baby garments before so a bit of a challenge. Our first day of snow here in London and it's causing chaos. No trains for people coming home from work - feel so sorry for them. No gritting, nothing. It does look so pretty though.


Your prints are so lovely! Someday I'm going to get one for my room. Your new knitting project sounds intriguing and the purple yarn is a treat!

Claire Garland

Hi Vanessa - lovely, lovely artwork!
I have a knitty type blog too - not long been live with it - I'd love to know what you think?

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