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Hello Vanessa
We did miss you on Friday but your lovely post today has made up for it!! Such lovely colours - just what we need on a day like today!
Love Gill x

Alice and Raymond!!!

a feast for the eyes Vanessa! Beautiful paintings, flowers and fun bright lights, hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, your watercolors are brilliant! Makes me want to bring out my paints and brushes and paper... I'm enjoying making that zigzag pointy scarf! :-)

Hugs, Teresa

Erica K

That ride's painting is beautiful! I also had roses and dahlias in bloom as of this weekend(actually, some of my spring shrubs also bloomed. I'll probably have a dull spring now...). Today we have snow. I'm interested to see your papier mache! :)


Beautiful pictures of the fair. I love your pretty paintings.

I'm not much of a roller coaster, thrill rider either. Instead of groans, the person who takes me on those rides gets their ear drums pierced with my shrill screams of utter terror.


Such a beautiful post Vanessa, take care enjoy your painting!
ps My favorite is the one with the pink booky mug


I am so glad I managed to bag one of those when I did, I'm just gutted that I gave it to my Mum!

Have you made any prints of the daffodil ones at all?


All of your paintings are beautiful! I'm so glad you're making prints of some to sell. Wish I could bottle up some of our sunshine and send it your way - have a lovely week!

Isabelle Kaye

Hi Vanessa! What a gorgeous patchwork your flower paintings create, you must be proud looking at them!
Have a good week!
Isabelle xx


Such a beautiful post as ever, thank you for sharing your glorious talent! I LOVE all the colours you use in your paintings and never come away uninspired with all your hand made goodness xox Penelope xox

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I'm always in awe of anyone who can create art. I think your paintings are lovely.


Beautiful pictures- the flower paintings are incredible! I think I want this one, then that one, get the idea. Looking forward to seeming them in prints on your etsy shop.
Thanks for your lovely blog.


Your post has brightened up a very dull and cold morning! Love your paintings....and I love the fairground ride. My family used to own steam traction engines and so I used to spend summers as a child at these sorts of fairs....fantastic memories. Thanks for sharing :)

Planet Penny

So flowery and colourful, just what I need on a grey day. I know what you mean about fairground rides. When the children were small my parents and I took them to the fair and they all clamoured to go on the swinging Pirate Ship. We stood in the queue for ages watching it, and one by one people dropped out 'till it was just me and my dad. He looked so crestfallen that he might not go on the ride I said I'd keep him company even though by then I really didn't want to go on myself. It was AWFUL, I felt so queasy. Dad LOVED it! Now he's not around tho' I'm glad I did! Penny and Higgins x


Hello. the paintings are lovely. They are so sweet . It's a beuatiful gift to be able to paint like that. There is so much sensitivity on those pictures...
Have a good time



OMG Vanessa your paintings are just beautiful i really wish i could afford one. Mind you i would take forever to decide which one i wanted. Do you know what? i would have one of the ones that you have rejected and consigned to the wastepaper bin; cos i bet they are gorgeous too! Lol!
Thank you for your email.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

miss holly

wow! your work is just heaven! I would like a wall of them! cannot wait to see them on etsy! beautiful job~

Alice and Raymond!!!

Hellooooo Vanessa!
You have such a good memory!!! Yes, I am a student, I'm studying counselling full time, plus I have a hateful retail job, PLUS as part of my course work we have to work as a counsellor in an agency with a case load of clients too! I have TWO counselling jobs, one at an eating disorders clinic and one at a women's refuge which I LOVE being a part of, and where I have my own office- UNHEARD of for students! Lucky lucky meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I don't really blog about it because once things get on the net they're there forever and I'm mindful of people who don't need to see it seeing it... I'm probably a bit paranoid, however this thursday is white ribbon day so I'm doing a Saying No to Domestic and Family violence post then!
So that's me in my private life, underneath the crochet goodness!!! tee hee.... I'm knitting a baby raglan sweater right now (no help from Mum happening, and I even learned skpo from google... so empowered am I) so I'm off! It's enthralling!
HHow is your rowan jersey coming along?
Lots and lots of love,
Alice and raymond XXXXX


Hi Vanessa,
I see my little treasure of a painting in that mosaic - I still adore it every time I look at it.
Hope you're well,
Pam xx

Veronika / Lalomino

Oh, i love the little paintings!
And I'm like you when it comes to going round and round and round and round and round and round...... sick. :) Or the back of the car for that matter.


I love the ones with the polka dot mugs and pitchers. So very lovely, especially with our weather being -10 degrees right now. It's just snowed and I wish for spring already. Thank you for the eye candy. :)


Hola Vanessa, your paints are magnificent. I'd love to buy one of them, at least a printed one, in the near future.
Cuidate mucho! Gloria x


those mosaics of your paintings are just fabulous. I'm going to make a cup of tea and indulge myself in looking at them all carefully and trying to decide which ones are my favourites. (Note the -S) because I'm already pretty certain I won't just have one!!

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