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Hi Vanessa,
Can`t believe i`m the first comment, yay!
Love Biscuits & the Bird in the Boat, so cute!
I think the idea for a hat with flaps is a brilliant idea for blocking out snoring! You may be on to a winner lol!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


these are so cute-i have a miniature doxie too :)


Me too! You have inspired me with the knitting and I am really trying to make my little girl a cardigan (I figure at 11 months she is too young to know if it turns out awful!) but the split skin on my fingers has brought it all to a halt. Let us know if you find a magic remedy!


I am blown away by your papier mache. Amazing. I love, love, love the different papers you use!

The snow - oh, my! It's cold here, and even with central heat (which we keep very low, due to expense) I sleep in warm pajamas, wool socks, a wool cardigan, and several blankets and a down comforter on the bed. I need to knit myself a warm woolen cap - my youngest wears his cap to bed every night - because I know it would help!

Stay warm!


Vanessa, it's such fun to see you exploits! Of course, until now, I'd no idea that you'd previously explored papier mache, and thought you'd only ventured into 3-D via textured knitting.

Love the pup and the bird in the boat. Of course, you've now got me wanting to explore the possibilities of 3-D, too. Thant will just have to wait until the new year.

Meanwhile, best wishes to you and yours. (Don't change the name of your site yet to Do You Mind If I Sculpt Some Papier Mache!)



This is so pretty, thanks for showing it! :-)


How kind of you to defrost the birds' water ... here we put ice blocks in doggie's bowl because it gets so warm!
ps Loving the papier mache ...


I, too, am blown away by your papier mache. It's beautiful and so whimsical.

Cath W

Jolly little lollop indeed! I think what I like most about your paper mache creations is the sense of movement they convey - I fully expect them to dance right off the edge of my screen. And isn't it fab to find something you love doing so much, particularly in weather like this?!


Love that little dog - your papiermache make me smile. Snows gone here but it's colder than ever outside.


Vanessa, I've been rushing this way and that and hadn't read your last couple of posts until now. OMG! Your papier mache creations are exquisite. Truly, I've spent the last ten minutes drinking them all in. Absolutely stunning and so wonderfully original. You are clever.

Heather x

PS. Every year I invest in the Body Shop's hemp handcream for extremely dry skin - it's brilliant. x


It looks just the same over here. Everything embedded in a thick layer of snow. Usually we do not have snow until january or february - if we have snow at all! It will be a long winter this year for sure... brrrrr....

Hugs from Sweden


Hello Vanessa! I just love your paper animals! Today I made a post with Christmas buiscuits and put a link to your sweet pig...then I found your 'Biscuits' dog...nice coincidence. Buiscuits is adorable but still I think I love mostly Evangeline!
I enjoy always your creations!
xxx Teje


You create the MOST beautiful things which always gives me such pleasure when you share these beauties with us, thank you Vanessa xox


Your two new papier maches are gorgeous! I really love them. Love the fantastic snow pictures too! Enjoy your making - it's a wonderful thing! Helen x

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I love that all of your little papier mache people are so ALIVE - busy with their little lives, doing what they do, instead of standing straight and posed like so many bronze statues. I'm quite sure they dance and have midnight tea parties after you have trotted off to bed, much like the dollies in the old Raggedy Ann stories.
I just love you blog, Vanessa - you always bring a smile. Even the snow. I think it's lovely.


Oh my, I love your work! The doxie is fantastic, my mom has one and would love that! Birdie in the boat so great and such fun decorations for any time. The winter pictures are great. Boy, you have gotten alot of snow!! Keep warm. Love your blog, xo Robin


Love, love, love the papier mache!

A trick for dry, chapped hands and feet, slather on lots and lots of moisturizer and slip on thin cotton gloves and socks before you climb into bed. It's an old Canadian trick - it's also the reason Canadians aren't considered sexy.


I have just come across your blog and it is absolutely lovely! I am in love with your little "Biscuit" and the birdie is adorable.

Johanna Rackham

Bisquits is really cute, but I really love the song bubble on the birdy. The snow situation looks oddly familiar.
If you need a really good thing for dry skin, use pure shea butter. It goes long way and what's best it absorbs moisture from the air. It's natural, no nasties and you might help a womens' co-operative by buying from I don't get any kick-backs, just love their stuff.


The papier mache creations are wonderful, I love them all!

There's a giveaway on my blog and I hope that you'll take part.

Alice and Raymond!!!

you poor thing Vanessa being so cold!!! Can you get lanolin cream over there? Being that sheep are so wonderful, I'm sure they could bring some healing to your hands!
Your paper mache is just amazing, you really are so clever,
have a lovely creaative weekend XXXXX


Love the little doggie so much - you have totally encapsulated all of a little dachshunds character. I have got a thing about boats - they make me go all funny, (in a good way). No idea why as I get very sea sick and am frightened of deep water, but I do love boats, all kinds. I did take a little model boat out for a sail on the pond and make little paper boats as a child though. Perhaps that's why. You've combined your lovely boat with a sweet little bird; even better. Really like the paper you have chosen. Love very much to see all of your things, however you have made them.
Isn't it just too cold? You made me laugh about wearing your hat in bed - I have to own wearing a hat and scarf and socks in bed, but I did take them off before I went to sleep (leaving the socks on though). It's just so very cold! Putting hand cream (or oil) on your hands thickly and then gloves on over the top and leaving overnight is meant to help with sore hands. Every now and then mine get a bit rough so I just use Nivea which seems to work well enough.


Oh Biscuits. Biscuits has charisma - in spades. I think it's the ears. He looks very busy and he makes me smile Vanessa.

Planet Penny

Oh my goodness, so much snow! Love, love, love the dachshund! Penny and Higgins xxx

The Curious Cat

You never cease to amaze me! I love these! Sooooo cute!!! :) Sorry I have been away! xxx

donna flower

VANESSA!!!! How clever are you?!!! I adore these figures, really, really love them. Now I know what you are up to with the fabric.

Have a wonderful Christmas lovely lady xxx

Sarah Anderson

I came across your blog by googling knitting and union jacks of all things, but I'm so glad I did. I've been scrolling through, really enjoying your work. This daschund (sp?!!) is adorable, as are your later teacups with little seedlings. So so lovely :)

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