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It reminds me a little of a dress shirt with the panel in the front. Not a shirt dress. The sort you wear under a DJ. Sorry. The red wine is kicking in. I'll get my coat.

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I love that you actually knit whole dresses - a pretty ones, to boot! I'm in awe of you.


How about baby doll as a name for the pattern, you are so talented!


Such candy colours of happiness again Vanessa, really incredible that you work on hand creating your own clothes. Nothing but admiration for this.
I thought of "bib ad tuck" whe I saw your dress, not sure why but hey ho there we go xox Thaks for popping into my blog, lovely to meet you xox


How annoying to have miscalculated. I often get so dispirited when that sort of thing happens, that it will get left for ages. I think a cardi sounds a good idea.
Whenever I slip and fall on the ice, which thankfully I haven't this year, but it happened a lot in Sweden, my first thought is, 'I hope nobody saw me!'
Enjoy your weekend.

Baa-me Kniits

That dress looks great, I've been thinking of a dress but I know knitting is pretty unforgiving so we shall see?? I liked smock dress. :-)


That's so pretty, Vanessa. I think I like smock dress - reminds me of those shepherd's smocks.


Vaness, I do like the idea of the motif insert on this dress. I've got no suggestion so far for a name, though.

Sorry to hear about how much yarn your cable dress design might take. Yes, I would set that one aside for a while and let it cool.

Isn't it fun moving from creation to creation?


Oops. I did mean Vanessa!


I love the colours of Le Bib Dress - so delicious. I've never knitted a dress but I'd love to wear one - so cosy and just what you need right now!
Have a lovely weekend. Helen x

Janice Perkin

this dress is going to be really pretty - keep going - love the birdie in the boat by the way!

Alice and Raymond!!!

Hello Vanessa!!!
I am stunned to see you dragged yourself away from your papier mache to knit a few rows!!!
And glad too, because that dress is soooooooooooooo cool! So perfectly "you" in those lovely soft sweetie, candy, soft lovely colours! And stripes of course!
You are so clever making the insert all checkered, I love the dress it's fantastic! Are you using the top down knitting book to help design it?
Have youself a lovely rest of the weekend!


Having a 2 year old who is an avid cbeebies watcher, I am very 'in tune' with all the kiddies programmes and your dress instantly makes me think of 'Florrie' from The Thimbles :o)


I love how you have interwoven the two different colour and pattern sets - they look really good together. I love the colours too, they are so complementary. The insert is a great idea, it's almost like smocking without the smocking!It's so colourful, yet subtle at the same time. I think this is going to be another stunning dress.
Wow - that's a lot of stitches for your cable dress; 384 is quite enough already! it kind of shrinks doesn't it, cable? I'm not sure I could handle (actually I am, I couldn't!) that number of stitches. Knitting can really get prohibitively expensive can't it.


I think I would call this a "charming dress"! and I do love the crochet blanket it's displayed on so much ... of course I've seen it before but it really is gorgeous - all my favorite colors ...
I have seen the Renew yarn and wondered if it were nice to knit with?
ps I'm knitting a cardie with 200 and something stitches and even that's a lot!
Love, Barbara.

Johanna Rackham

I am no "big thing" knitter myself; socks and mittens I can do, but admiring your knitting. I think the dress looks like a "Candy Stripe" dress, bib or no bib. The bib pattern looks delicious though.
I am sure you suddenly get an inspiration for the perfect name.Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this pattern.
PS. My answer to your question about the teal jacket is on my blog comments. Sorry, but the blogger wouldn't give me your email...that's how it is quite often.


That's so cute! I love the juxtaposition of colors and patterns! Whatever you name it, it's going to be beautiful.


Hello Vanessa. I think your dress is looking cosy, soft and very lovely. It rather reminds me of dolly mixtures!


Your knitting is amazing.

I've been pondering the naming of your dress. One option that sounds prettier than bib to me is La Pettorina, which is Italian for bib, but in the sense of overalls or an apron. At least it would get you away from the connotation of babies drooling. : )


How about Bibbette?

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