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Hi Vanessa
Evangeline is gorgeous! I love those cute red shoes!!
Thank you for a lovely chatty post! just how I like them!
Have a great weekend - do you have much snow up there? It seems to very localised (we have none!)
Gill x


Vanessa, these figurines are WONDERFUL.I am in awe.


Hi there!
Love the mouse - Let's dance - wasn't that the David Bowie song with the line "Put on your red shoes and dance the blues".
You are talented lady!
Enjoy the week-end. We went out to take some photos of the snow in the lanes of Hampshire and had to be helped by some German tourists having got stuck in the snow! It was bitterly cold, minus seven!


yes i love the little new wave irony in the "let's dance" on your little big mouse! glad you're getting a big wave of L-U-U-R-V on your projects. how can we help ourselves!?

thanks for the nice note about sophie and the la houses. yes, do you know sophie's site is on the UNICEF blogroll AND is read by the folks over at the V&A (haven't checked lately if she's on their blogroll). she's another extraordinary person!

my MIL is in total shock and shut in by the snow near N'ham and last but not least, i did a bunch of papier mache bowls back in the days but now you've totally inspired me. i'm guessing you do little armatures underneath, but what about the bases? like that you left the little mouse in raw newsprint.

i know you'll get to telling us more about all of this soon enough. have a great wkend till then! xo


Evangeline is lovely! Thanks for introducing her to us. If she gets finished cleaning at your house and would like to do some more, please send her my way.


What a lovely little mouse, and your other paper mache projects are amazing.

amanda makes

Your papier mache pieces are THE BEST things I have EVER seen on blogland! What I wouldn't give for a tenth of your talent! Lots of love, Amanda xxx


Oh Vanessa I love Evangeline, she is just the cutest!
I dance when I dust too, lets face it dusting is the most boring thing in the world you have to do something to get you through it!!
Have a great weekend. :)
Vivienne x


Your mouse is so cute! Evangeline is a perfect name. She is so full of positive energy. So, so lovely.
Happy weekend,


Evangeline is adorable! Let's Dance is one of my favourite songs - and I noticed the red shoes...Love your lively papier mache style and look forward to when you have some figures to sell in your shop.Have a great weekend!
Helen x

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Now just WHAT could be more fun than little dancing mousies? She's adorable, Vanessa!
Now - I have to say - personally, I'm on Hugo's side! I LOVE the snow and I think dancing in the snow is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Then come in for the evening by the fire with hot things to drink and a snuggy blankie and life is good!
Since Miss Evangeline is dancing in that jumpy, yippee kind of way, and Hugo is happy in that same jumpy, yipee kind of way - it would seem that life in the snow surely has it's good points! How could it not, with frinds like Evangeline and Emily?
Have a most wonderful weekend!


Evangeline is fantastic and so sweet! I'm glad you said that about birthdays because I've forgotten to post a card I had ready since yesterday! I'm just the same and need visual reminders everywhere! Have a lovely weekend. :) xx



j k eells

I just love Evangaline and Emily, you are so talented. any hope of showing us how to do this. You have inspired me to start crocheting again after more than 30 years perhaps I could add paper marche to one of my new crafts. I am with Hugo I love the snow. My children are grown up and are either a university or at work all day, so as I had a snow day (working in a school!) I made a snowman and put a picture of it on face book for her, as she doesn't have any snow.

Becky Peabody

I adore your papier mache collection. They are seriously gorgeous and you are incredibly talented. You've inspired me to one day, when and if I have a quiet moment, have a little go. Please keep sharing - they're truly lovely.


Evangeline is just brilliant - I can't help myself but smile when I see her, she looks so full of cheer and joy d'vivre herself. What a jolly little mousy! And what a great idea, to forget about the housework and dance the day away without a care instead - definitely a recommended course of behaviour.

Hope you hae a great meal out tonight and enjoy your weekend together. With love Jules x


Evangeline is sooooo CUTE! I can just picture her list of chores and her radio in her mouse hole house. :) How fun! I can't wait to see more of your creations.


Evangeline is so gorgeous! Anyone would be very happy for her to dance in there houses, You are very talented if I tried anything like that it would look like a two year old made it!!

Thanks for showing us and enjoy your weekend ;0)
Tilly x


Its taken me a while to catch up with my blogs and only just read your past few posts. Lovely things are happening over in your place!


Your papier mache figures are delightful, I love them! They have such character.
Mike is in Northumberland at the moment. He says it looks lovely. I'm just hoping he makes it back okay next Tuesday.
Have a great weekend.


Your mouse is just the cutest thing! You are so talented!


That mouse is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo Robin❤


I too love the mouse... Recently I had a rat living in my garage, but it seems to have moved out. It was very bizarre! Your mouse is lovely.

the Vintage Heart

HI Vanessa, I am totaly in love with your papier figures. so inspired of to dream them up, i want them both!! such a blast of joy, and I am inspired to have a go my self, you couldnt give us a little tutorial for some thing simple could you ,i am sure loads of us would love that, I always enjoy your posts as you always cheer me1 bestest wishes,Linda x x

Alice and Raymond!!!

I love Evangeline! She is just the sweetest, you really are sooooooooooooo talented at everything you put your lovely hand to Vanessa!!!!!
Wouldn't you just love to see Hugo dance in the snow in his undies.... fairs fair really when you make Ellie and Douglas go walking in it with bare paws... I loved those pics of them the other post, and felt a bit sorry for them until I saw a pic where one of them (I'm guessing Ellie!!!) looked quite happy, so then it was ok!
OK Vanessa, I'm dropping off to sleep here! I may come back tomorrow for another lovely look at your beautiful pics!


LOVE LOVE LOVE Evangeline. And her little story.............. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow............ x


I am hoping there is a little Bowie reference in there, and not Gaga?

becky peabody

I have tried to find an email address but can't seem to - I would love to include you in a blog feature as I absolutely adore your lovely papier mache figures - I left a comment earlier. I have asked for the fabulous Julie Arkell book for Christmas. Would you be happy for me to write about your lovely characters with a link to your blog and etsy shop? I have a good following on my blog and I'm sure they would love to see your wonderful creations, if they haven't already seen them here first. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,


Evangeline is perfect - I love her! (specially the little red shoes and pinny). What a nice reason for your fabric stash. I'm reserved these days but I used to have a cupboard full of it. I'm glad you had so many lovely comments from nice people. That's because you absolutely deserve them and we all love seeing what you have been doing. Snow is alright if you don't have to go out isn't it? I've been quite lucky - I don't have to go far and as I've got my welly boots, I'm coping quite well. I think it's best to try and enjoy it like Hugo if you can but I guess that's a bit tricky if you are stuck on a motorway overnight!


She is one of the loveliest and cutest (if not the) mouse on the web..


Hi Vanessa,
Evangeline is so so sooooo lovely!! I want one!!!! And I love the name Evangeline :)
I'll have to look up how to do papier mache. I would love to give it a try one day.
Hey, you know my gingerbread village? If you want to recipe, visit my blog. In fact, make a house yourself, and send me a piccie!! :))


She's beautiful!!!!
I love her, I think you should have you own online shop, people like will buy beauties like that.
Keep up the good job, you are doing great!

Planet Penny

What a treasure! She just makes me want to dance along, and I belong to the Ann Widdicombe school of dancing! love Penny and Higgins!


I adore Evangeline - and my daughter is very taken with her red shoes!!! You definitely have a real talent for making gorgeous little characters- Please make some for sale, as we would give a little mouse a very good home, with lots of dancing opportunities :)


Evangeline is wonderful! I love her! Well done you!


Evangaline is adorable. All your papier mache is fabulous - just love it.


Hello Vanessa! I have fallen in love with Evangeline! She just couldn't be more sweet and qute!!!
You habe wonderful collection of fabrics!
Thank you for this happy and joyfull post - you made me smile!
If you miss sun and warm after all that snow, you are very welcome for a visit!


It's Saturday night in New York ... yes, let's dance!

Vanessa, you have so many ways now in which you are revealing your creativity! Each is strong, relates to the rest while holding on to its true soul.

No wonder you are getting so many bravo comments, you are such a joyeous, color-wise, sophisticated lady.



Oh! Evangeline is simply gorgeous! Such movement!

(autocorrect wanted to change Evangeline to scandalous!!!)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Oh my Goodness!!!! I love your paper mache, you have been hiding your latest talent! Truly beautiful!!! I love Evangeline and I even like the choice of paper you used for her body, very clever. Her shoes, her paws, her whiskers.....Just Divine! I also just caught up on your previous post and I was amazed by your prize winning pig and her owner...Wow!
Loved the snow photos, so dramatic aren't they, is it hard to photograph with all the light reflecting?? The doggies looked like they were having a ball!
Pity about that Rowan jumper, I really loved that but I think it is way beyond my skill level and sometimes tops that are a bit busy on top look better if you are flat chested ;-) and skinny!


Good gracious me. Am in raptures, I love Evangeline! Can't say any more, need to gaze at her photo x x x


Oh Evangeline. Can I come and dance with you?

Johanna Rackham

I love this mouse, the little red hands and the abandon she dances with. I guess that is what I would like to do (and secretly do , don't tell anybody)in between my housework. It's no fun if you cannot dance a bit.

I like the other papier mache things you have made, but this is may favourite, it has sich a joy of life in it. Please comtinue making more of these lovelies!


I love your prize winning pig and your dancing mouse. You really captured the pride of the win and the joy of movement.


Those figures are just so precious! Evangeline is so adorable - you are so multi-talented!


I love Evangeline
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


I love Evangeline, she is wonderful.

Still roaring approval! Just gorgeous and SO clever :)


Hi Vanessa,

did you hear about this new trend: knit graffiti?
Check out my blog about cheering up your town with little knitted or crochet pieces!


I found your blog today and I just love it!!!! All the colours is just what I need right now when it´s snowing all the time. I´ve just started my "crochetcareer" and I got really inspired by all the things you´ve done!
My blog is mostly about my garden and my greenhouse. You´re welcome to visit it but all the text is in swedish....
All the best to you, I´ll come back for more inspiration!


i am head-over-heels in love with sweet Evangeline.. she really does makes me want to dance!

your work is so totally magical and enchanting (i think i said something similar in my last comment, but i just can't help saying it again). it is so very lovely in every way and makes me feel all bright and skippy and not worried about the nasty weathers at all.

lots of love and warm seasonal blessings
kisses for Ellie and Douglas too
keep snug all of you xxx



p.s i almost forgot to say! that i am hopeless at remembering things too. maybe it's that arty/craftsy gene?

Judi A.

I don't know how you can take an image in your mind and make it turn out the way you do! Evengeline just makes me smile :-) Your detail on all of your creations is incredible. What a talented gal you are. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Rachel Livingstone

I have admired all of your creations, especially your fair isle dress but Evangeline is my favourite!


that Mouse made me smile and as our house is so healthy at the moment that a red cross painted on the door could be make me smile is a major achievement...she's such a cheerful mouse THANK YOU


Hi. She's really lovely, so full of life. She reminds me of a Clanger (just the way she is dancing), which is nice cos I was a big fan of the Clangers when I was a kid.
Dawn x


j'aime cette souris!!!bravo!


oh my goodness V I am just catching up after AGES and come across this post and I feel SICK that I missed the opportunity to own this - I am MADLY in love with Evangeline - even her name is perfection. oh dear!! you are so talented!

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