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Oh, I want an 'Ellie Dog'! :) She's way too cute!
Have fun papier macheing!
have you started on the coat yet?? :)

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Well - I would say that Miss Ellie simply has her standards and that, as they say, is THAT. As crocodiles go, I think she's just top notch. Miss Lucy thinks she would make a fine friend!


Oh Ellie, you do sound a complicated little soul. Cute as cute can be though.



I just adore dacshunds. Ours is a spoilt boy. He is very affectionate and lets our cats sleep in his bed! I love your red and white spotted dog bed. Ours has to have plastic otherwise he chews them in the night. Once spoilt him with a suede bed which lasted a few months before having to be thrown out as it had been mauled to bits!

Planet Penny

Ellie and Douglas are so adorable in their spotty bed! For little dogs, dachshunds have huge personalities don't they? And are determined to be in charge. The only one Higgins can't boss about is Henry the cat who controls the situation with a pawful of claws in the bum when Higgins goes too far!
Hope you are not too inconvenienced by snow where you are, it's so beautiful but causes so many problems.
love Penny and Higgins xxx


She's such a little sweetie though isn't she? - I'm sure you forgive her for any erstwhile behaviour. All animals are totally different even if they may look similar, that's one of their joys. One of my cats is just so cute you really want to pick her up all the time but she just does not like that AT ALL - yet she comes to be stroked and fussed over and will sit on your lap and purr. My other cat is as cuddly as can be on some days but on others not. I love them both dearly. Having animals is about accepting all their funny, quirky and yes sometimes naughty little ways. Little Ellie is perfect at being her own funny sweet little self. I don't treat my cats the same - they wouldn't like it but I do love them equally. Little Ellie looks mighty happy snuggled up having her cuddle.


Well, I will forgive you this time Miss Vanessa, for making Miss Ellie the star of the show. You know my heart belongs to Douglas..... But they look so cute together don't they?
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and looking forward to more of your blogposts in 2011.


i've been enjoying your dachshund posts-we have a mini long haired doxie :)


Lovely pics Vanessa :) Now you menion papier gives me an idea! All I need now is another week to do all I need to do before christmas. Why do I find so many essential jobs that need doing immediately at this time of year?! ;) xx


Hi Vanessa
Any snow up your way??? We've got a couple of inches but more to come I think!
Great pictures of Ellie and Douglas curled up together in the spotty bed
I'm really enjoying seeing your adventures in papier mache
Love Gill x

Janice Perkin

love them all snuggled up but sad no pictures of the flowers you bought - flowers like yarn always do lift the spirit


Hi Vanessa, Ellie and Douglas are so beautiful! I agree that it's always so wonderful to see our dogs like that, sleeping and relaxing together! Thank you for all these lovely photos!
We wish you and your family Joyful Christmas time!
Teje and Nero

Alice and Raymond!!!

"Our dear little crocodile" is a very telling quote!!!!!
She is so deliciously cute, but wow, sounds a bit scary too!
Glad to hear you are feeling better and looking forward to seeing your next round of papier mache! Keep your lovely self warm and have a relaxing weekend!


Hi there,
Yes, Charlie is a standard wire-haired dachshund. A true gentleman of the doggie world. No malice in him at all. They are big personalities on little legs aren't they?
Best wishes on a freezing day!


Those two little dogs look soooo sweet cuddled up together! It's so cold - now is the time to stay in and make things! I hope you're enjoying your papier mache. Keep warm. Helen x


YOUR Dogs are trully sweet & are cute..But as l love all dogs l`m a pushover for cute cuddley photos.. Best Wishes for Christmas..Stay warm & safe.. Regards, Pam Clarke.
New England, NSW, OZ


oh you have one of those "love divas" too?


Your pups are adorable and I can completely relate as we have 3 of our own, including one that could have a barking match with your Ellie. LOL post! Have a lovely holiday with your 4-legged family :-)


Hi Vanessa!
Stopping by to wish you a very merry xmas!!
Hugs from Sweden

katy alston

Hi Vanessa (first time I've done this!)
Lovely lovely dacksies - I'm a whippet girl myself but can admire your pooches.
Fantastic papier-mach'eing!Love the girl and pig!


so cute!
i don't doxie wants to walk so bad i can usually not even get the leash on her fast enough-unless it's snowing or raining-then forget it :)


Hi Vanessa, I love reading your blog - I am inspired each time I do. My little dog Bella is cute too, they really are very characterful aren't they? I want to say a little Thank You for the pleasure of reading your posts by awarding you with The Stylish Blogger Award, if you pop over to my blog you can take the button for the Award and add it to your own. While you are there please take a peek at my Give Away for the 31st January. I hope you have time to participate and to enjoy your Award :0)
May you have a wonderful creative New Year!
Val xx


Ohhh another thing I LOVE!Dachsens!I have an almost 13 year old dachsen lady called Brechtje:)we just adopted a galgo from Spain.His name is Felix.Dachsens,esspecially the wiredhaired have a special place in my heart.Brechtje was born out of wiredhaired parents but never got the wirehairs...she is kind of smooth.But you can tell by her built she is a wirehaired dachsen.xoxo

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