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Hello Vanessa
Alice and I also went to see the Little Fockers a little while ago and left us giggling loads (she was a little too young to get all the adult humour thank goodness!) I too would have been fascinated by those chairs, there is something almost art nouveau about the way they flow within the beautiful natural environment they have been placed in. I a a huge fan of poppies and your photo has been a lovely reminder of what I once again have to look forward to this summer. Just beautiful.
Really looking forward to meeting Louise and then there is always space for the one and only gorgeous Evangeline xox


Hi Vanessa, thanks for sharing these lovely piccies, they are making me feel very exciting about Spring approaching with all those lovely flowers! I agree about the chairs, they are beautiful - and what gorgeous views! Sarah x


Hi there!
Lovely posting as usual. That does look like a lovely garden - I agree with you those chairs are really something special. Love the plants too. Why doesn't my patch of garden look like that?


Love the garden, too!!!


Aww. I hoped you would finish that post by saying you found similar chairs in Edinburgh or on the way home and bought them. One day maybe, they are gorgeous and just what you deserve.


Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. We are grey here with snow still on the ground and chilly feet. Thank you for letting me think of spring. I hope it hurries along. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Alice and Raymond!!!

Wow, Vanessa, your photography is just so beautiful!
I love the picture with the red poppy mostly closed at the front of the shot the best, it's funny how particular things resonate with us individually!
Have a lovely week XXX


Oh you have just fed my need for spring/summer flowers Vanessa. Gorgeous pictures and as for those chairs...beautiful x


Went to the same garden and loved the same chairs! Also got soaked in a fun summer-rain sort of way when the heavens opened and had to make a mad dash for the car with the bubs. My sun hat was so wet that I had to wear it round the house for the rest of the day while it dried so it wouldn't shrink.

I think the Open Gardens scheme is like free museums and freecycle and libraries. One of the things that make life civilised and lovely.

Eleanor x


I really enjoyed seeing these beautiful chairs and garden pictures - very inspiring. I love the summer Open Gardens - we saw some in Dorset and they were so fascinating and charming, each one with their own character and all very different. I'm looking forward to exploring some more this summer too. Enjoy your making! Helen x


Hi Vanessa,
Beautiful photo. The colour of that poppy is my favourite colour, a gorgeous fushia pink!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Thank you for sharing that beautiful garden on a dreak, miserable January day. The NGS is a fabulous idea I love poking round other peoples gardens. I also loved your optimistic approach to the carrot cake.
Jo x

Claire Boynton

The chairs are amazing, but that tree! The wide one with the bench. I love trees, they make me feel very humble and small. I love that feeling.

Thank you for sharing, Vanessa x


Thank you Vanessa! Gorgeous as always!
I love that tree seat! if only I had a tree big enough to put one around! We planted over 100 trees here in 2002 but none are quite big enough for a seat yet.
I love visiting other peoples gardens too and as you say it's so incredibly generous of them

mama elf

Lovely garden memories...But now I am all for seeing some more Evangelines!


After a day with interminable rain how nice to see some photos of summer.They really cheered me up.

Liz W in Missouri, USA

When I was very small my Great Uncle lived in a beautiful old Victorian home with "grounds". There was a large pond all surrounded by rocks and plants and statues and benches. There were paths and flowers and I remember running through this garden feeling like I was in a fairy land. It was quite magical to a 6 year old. This is what your pictures remind me of. Happy Days. Wouldn't Evangeline just love it there?


I've never seen that film - actually I haven't seen any film in a very long time, on TV or in the cinema. Whenever I see beautiful things that humans have made it reminds me what we are capable of. There are such beautiful buildings for example- in the UK as well as all around the world, in various different styles. Which is why I get cross when we choose to make ugly things - and there are far too many of them! Those chairs are very attractive because of the lines and shapes, someone who obviously cares about such things designed them. It makes all the difference doesn't it? I also love the tree seat - who doesn't love sitting under the shade of a beautiful tree on a hot sunny day? The gardens that you visit are so beautiful and luckily you take lovely pictures so we can see them on a miserable January day. What beautiful colours that flower has! I am intrigued by a pig named Louise, can't wait to see her!


i love this series of photographs

so serene and beautiful x

Planet Penny

What a beautiful garden! I love the poppy picture too, it's lovely to bring on the the seasons by way of a blog post like that, very cheering! My first thought was that you had those chairs in your gardena and were about to chochet cushions for them. The finishing touch!
Lots of love, Penny and higgins xxx


i love your blog, its always filled with lots of colors....Its so bright and filled with happy all the flowers..

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Yes nice chairs, and the view from the gardens is lovely too!


Ohhh a dear blog friend of mine,just sent me the link to your blog/etsy.I am soooo happy she did,I love your artwork and your blog is super lovely.I so needed some inspiration for my garden,and so love your photo's.Esspecially the deers in the goodness so beautiful.Thank you for sharing.And I will certainly visit more often!!!wishing you a happy weekend from Holland!xoxo Dees

Silver Hayes

i really like your blog!

Willow Sanders

those garden chairs are lovely! =D

Eryn Ballesteros

The chairs and tables matched the naturalist-romantic view of the garden! The chair's curve designs resemble a bubbly outlook. Meanwhile, its light colors give emphasis to the the bright colors of the flowers and plants surrounding it. Anyway, I wonder how often the owners repaint the chairs and if they redecorate from time to time. I can see that they really invested time and effort in that garden. I wish I could also visit the place. Keep safe.

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