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Congratulations on selling your work Vanessa but it really is no surprise!!! :)
Vivienne x


Oh Vanessa how sad, selling Evangeline! I know I know stop being soppy but she is soooo cute. I just love all your crafts.
But i am glad for you really, but also sad, lol!
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

tracy x

dear sweet Evangeline will have such a wonderful life with her new owner - a perfect match!
so so pleased for you both
t x


still enjoying my v. cabban painting thanks v. much and can't wait to own a papier mache piece too!

hoping all the best for you for '11 too and i'm convinced, a tiny bit of self-doubt is almost always a guarantee of excellence. you prove that everyday vanessa!

continued happy making!


Oh Evangaline has a new home, good but sad too. well done on the sales. i think you might be right about inflated egos but you really should puff up with pride over Evangaline, she is FAB


COngrats to selling your beautiful works!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I think Evangeline will be very happy in her new home, though of course the excitement of the trip and the new surroundings may make her a bit fidgity for a bit. But once she is there and has had a nice cup of tea and found a good radio station with jolly music, I'm sure she will be dancing happily with her new friends. I would keep an eye out for a post card from her, though. She's probably already planning her nightly excursions to the computer to check up on your blog.
In the meantime, lots of fresh air, and lovely furry cows and little furry doggies must have made for a wonderful New Year! And aren't the children's Christmas trees perfect?

Claire Smith

Lucky Evangeline going to live at Dots and Spots.....
I would've found it hard to part with her, she is adorable, but congrats on the sale.
Someone connected with a little part of you and loved it enough to buy it, always makes me happy too.
Can't wait to see your new 'makes', I love your work. Do Highland Cows feature I wonder......They are definitely cuddly looking.
Your beach walks look very chilly, but enjoyable.
All the best for a creative 2011.

Becky Peabody

Squeal! I've just seen that she's on her way - beyond excited. Thank you for the lovely comments and link too - I will share her arrival on my blog. Thank you.


clever funny happy beautiful mouse

Alice and Raymond!!!

Lovely Vanessa! Well done on the sales! You are so awesome and it's great to see you succeeding! I agree an over-inflated ego is not such a great thing, but it's nice to enjoy our own work and humbly appreciate the beautiful things we produce too!
Raymond thinks you should make a paper mache siamese cat, he thinks Douglas and Ellie would love it ;Op
Have an awesome rest of your week, oh and I love the Hugo throught the ice pics!!!!!


Oh Wow!! I haven't dropped in for a while so have been having a lovely catch up of your blog this morning with a cuppa and I have been blown away by all your paper mache creations...and all your snow!!
I have to be honest and admit I would be right there alongside Hugo, well not in my underwear but excited nonetheless :)
I can't decide which is my favourite of your paper mache creations, perhaps the paperhat boat with the bird first, very closely followed by the seedling in the cup and of course Evangaline.
I can't wait to see who or what you create next :)
Happy New Year Vanessa!


Lovely Evangeline, safe trip!!
I liked your pictures a lot!!! how fun the ice (well, I have never seen it like that)
Happy New Year!


I did wonder if those two beautiful items had already been sold!! I'm not surprised at all! I love my recent print from you and am planning to feature it in a post soon. I know what you mean about self doubt creeping in every now and then - seems like it's a common feeling among artists, maybe what keeps them striving and why they go on getting better and better instead of feeling they are alredy perfect?? I'm so looking forward to your work this year and hope to add to my collection. (And I hope your wishes come true, whatever they may be!) Helen x


Hello Vanessa. I'm not a bit surprised at you selling your work so readily. It is so pretty and Evangeline is a gem. Good luck for this year x

Dawn Nelson

Am still loving Evangeline and sorry to see her go. I just think she's lovely.
Do you think you might put up a tutorial of how you made her? I would be very interested to find out having not done papier mache since primary school.
Dawn x


Bravo Vanessa!

It's grand that your creations have been "captured" by folks who truly love them. Is that not part of an artist's dream, to share our work?

I also compliment you on those beach photos. They definitely show the chill, but also the pleasure of being there. Hugo is a very amusing man, is he not?

Best wishes to you on all sorts of explorations and creations and wonder in this still very New Year. xo


Did you see Vanessa?
Evangeline arrived! :)

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Happy New Year Vanessa! It's absolutely no surprise that you sold these so quickly, and so nice that you did - you are only sharing the enjoyment of them ater all!


Your Evangeline is so heavenly, well done on your sales, your work is so inspiring. Happy 2011 to you and Hugo and E and D doggies, really look forward to seeing more of your works this year xox


Evangaline looks delightful in her new home. I 'spotted' her there before I looked at your new post. Are you thinking of doing a basic tutorial - pretty please - just a general one because I would love to have a go.

Planet Penny

Congratulations on finding a new home for Evangeline. It's like parting with a member of the family isn't it, but so nice to know she is going to be appreciated. Love the pictures, especially the one with Hugo's nose!!!


i am so glad dear Evangeline is going to a lovely home. but like most (truthfully all) of us here i wish she were going to mine.
i love love love all your photos. Hugo is such a sport isn't he? what a sweet couple you are.
i have some good news...i am now back in the land of blog..hurray!(hopefully this time for keeps).

wishing You, Hugo, Ellie and Wugwas a trully happy, healthy, sparkling, creative new year xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

love and hugs

millie (sumea)


Just a thought, Vanessa, but what about some paintings of Evangeline?

I am sure you could bring her to life with your amazing talent and style...

Lisa xo

And much happiness for 2011


Hi Vanessa, congrats on your sales, but sad to see your special gifts go... If you like dots and spots gift accessories I saw this whilst searching online and thought you might liike it too...


It will be sad to say goodbye to Evangeline won't it? But off course it was inevitable that she was snapped up as she is gorgeous - I only wish I had such a spring in my step but I think I will have to wait until the Spring until I feel more sprightly again. Great news about the painting too! I think artists are their own best critics and I can't imagine you creating something that you are happy with that the rest of the world wouldn't be either! I think it must be really tricky as an illustrator to be true to your own vision while trying to please other people. Too much ego is definitely bad but too little makes people afraid to do their own thing. Pride in good work well done, is a good thing though! I don't think you should show us how Emmeline is made - she is your very own and not to be duplicated by others! I quite agree with you when you said that you wanted to find your own style and I think that is what everyone should try and do.Too much of everyone doing the same as everyone else is going on in some cases! I love to see your things Vanessa, be they paintings, something knitted or crochet (and now papier mache also), they always have your own stamp on them and I love that.

I love the pictures of Hugo, he looks terribly artistic and interesting in those icy shots doesn't he? More fun for the doggies now there isn't a foot of snow on the beach though. There is something mammoth like about those Aberdeen Angus, at least they have some fur to keep them a bit warmer. I also think a Siamese papier mache cat would look great as they have a unique shape and their own quirkiness.


Lovely, lovely mouse - and your pictures are just so beautiful! hank you so much for sharing!


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Hello Vanessa, I'm slowly catching up on the posts i've missed while I was poorly....

Congratulations on selling your work, both adorable I must say!

That ice on the beach...AMAZING! My boys loved seeing that and I have to say I just love those Hairycoos ;-)

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