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Happy New Year, Vanessa, Hugo and furry friends. I think your papier mache creations are just fabulous (very jealous mousey has already been re-homed) and you should definitely go for it with marketing, exhibiting and selling. You have a great eye for colour and form from your painting which really stands out in you papier mache work. I'd love to have a go myself but it's far toooo daunting, I'll stick to my fabric and ogling your creations and Julie Arkell's book!
I would have thought it quite a good idea to give a little peak at what you might exhibit - to encourage people to visit the exhibition and indeed buy? Pleeeease show us the teacups soon...
Hen xxx


Happy New Year! What a lovely thing to do - making a gift out of the champagne stopper!
If you do exhibit make sure you don't get ripped off by commissions! A peek on the web would be a good way of attracting customers to your work - so a bit of both maybe?

Helen Tzabar

Please please let us keep seeing your fabulous creations. Anyway it may encourage people to visit the gallery and see them in the flesh so to speak. Not everyone will be able to visit but may still want the opportunity to buy, especially if you do a friend of evangaline.....
The chair is a very clever idea. Your friend could have enough for a whole set!

Jo Harratt

Oh no dont stop showing us your work!! I am one of those customers that cant get down to you and i definitely would love to buy one of your lovely creations xxx

Alice and Raymond!!!

Vanessa! How fab! An exhibition of your papier mache would be wonderfully magical! you should serve shampoo in china tea cups with saucers on opening night to add to your amazing whimsical vibe!
i don't see why you couldn't show your exhibition work... maybe not all of it, save some for the show then show us later!!!!!
I am so thrilled for you, I know it will be an amazing success :O)


Vanessa I love your paper mache creations! Evangeline was sooooo adorable and what a fabulous new year chair! Please keep showing us more! I got the Julie Arkell book for christmas and I'm having a go at at the moment, love your colour! xx

Planet Penny

What a great idea and a wonderful keepsake of a memorable evening. Yes, keep showing us what you do, the more people who know about your work the more potential sales! Penny x

Planet Penny

And I've just found this from which you'll see the inportance of having a blog, a website,contavt details!


Congatulations on your tea cup commission, I would be very sad if we couldn't see your amazingly beautiful creations, I just love all of the characters and colours you use, such skill and talent! Your new years eve party sounds ever so memorable, good food, wine, friends and words...perfect xox

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

That is such a great idea and you have made a beautiful thank you gift for your friends, I'm sure they will cherish it! I don't know about showing us your new creations if you are going to exhibit them?? May be put them up on your blog when they open in the gallery so no one can COPY your work?? Do you have a separate web page just for your creations yet??

Check with your business manager, he sounds like a good one :-) bubbly jubbly sounds delicious!!

French Knots

Thank you for showing us the little chair! We had a bottle of shampoo with friends at New Year, I'd saved the metal top so I;ve just made a little chair too!


I love this idea!!
I can't wait to see your latest teacups, and I hope your business manager lets you show us some sneak peeks of some of your other works too ;)

Helen Stephens

Happy New Year! Those mice are too too beauuutiful! Hx


i really really really want to see them else i shall go pop like a bottle of champagne. but you always show us such lovely things, so i guess we can wait if we really really have to. i love the champagne papier mache and the sham addpoo story.

hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

btw did i tell you i have a little newby blog just started.. i can't remember? anyway, you are most welcome to call, though there is not too much in the way of exciting things happening there just yet.

also i have a new email address.

are you having a sunny sunday? we are having some almost spring-like rays here today, i do so hope you are too...

lots of love to you and the little furries

millie (sumea)


i'm not sure what happened to the spelling of shampoo in my comment above?

anyway, i also wanted to wish you the very bestest, healthy, happy, sparkly, creative 2011


Hi Vanessa,

Happy New Year! There's an award for you in my blog, please go an see!

Have a great day!


Sherman Unkefer

Fabulous paper mache!
That is a great idea and you have made a beautiful thank you gift for your friends.
They will surely love it!

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