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Congratulations Vanessa, good news indeed!!
Have a great weekend. :)
Vivienne x


Gotta let you know that I love your paper mache. They are too adorable! :D

tracy x

super, super, super news lovely lady x
how soon could you make me one of those patchwork skirts in my size ;)
have a wonderful weekend
t x

amanda makes

I'm not at all surprised to hear your news, because your papier mache pieces are pure genius! You'd better get used to it! One day, if my hairdressing salon takes off I would like to treat my reception desk to a piece of your work! I think it would set just the right tone for what lies ahead for my clients! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx


they are beautiful...they will be very popular i'm sure


Congratulations! I think your paper mache pieces are amazing! How tall are they in real life? They are all so detailed! Florence is my absolute favourite so far!! I will be joining you in a glass of wine and some knitting once the children have gone to bed :-) Have a lovely evening.

The vintage heart

Ho well done you,but I am not surprised as your work in mache is rather fab, I really love your little girl piece ,my favourite one of yours.. up to now, can,t wait to see what you create next, have a great weekend, Linda x

Cath W

Woo Hoo! Not in the least surprised, these are wonderful.
And a glass of wine sounds like a fine idea.
: )


Wow that's fantastic Vanessa, and no wonder. They are truly fantastic pieces of art. I will certainly be popping in if I have a trip over to the UK during that time. Well done!


Hurray! and a huge well done for getting your work excepted. As soon as I saw your first picture I began to smile. And not just because she's lovely but because you can really see the full range of techniques and attention to detail. I can easily imagine your work being shown to exemplify the range of creative possibilities that can be involved in papier mache. Papier mache is its foundation of course, but all the embroidered, stitched and crocheted detailing and the use of fabric is what really elevates it (isn't the little patchwork skirt too cute?) and makes it so unique. All your various skills are being utilised; its fabulous and I love it!


Congratulations! I don't often leave a comment, but wanted to say how pleased I was to hear this!


Huge congratulations Vanessa!
But we all knew you could do it!!! These two are fantastic - I especially love the bird on the book!


Exquisite! And congratulations on the Scotland coup! Not surprised at all that they want both!

Have a great weekend!

Alice and Raymond!!!

Well done! that is so fantastic but not surprising at all!!!! Both pieces are just beautiful, your imagination must be a very sweet and pure place to dwell!

Crochet Galore

Congratulations! Not surprised your items were picked for the exhibit, they are wonderful.


Gosh indeed. Well done you. I absolutely adore little Florence.


Marvellous..well done!
Take care


Congratulations - and well deserved too!


Your work is just absolutely beautiful! Stunning and gorgeous...wishing you so much good luck!

Teresa Kasner

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* My daughter has just asked me to teach my granddaughter a weekly art class and I am encouraged by your work to teach her paper mache! I'm proud of you and am not at all surprised that they were accepted as I love them too.

Teresa in Oregon USA


Well I'm really not in the least bit surprised that they were accepted! Both pieces are fabulous! Lucy x


Well done and many congratulations!! I'm not surprised these were accepted - they are just exquisite - sooo special. I felt thrilled when I saw them! Helen x


Hi Vanessa!
I've been meaning to compliment you on your beautiful papier mache artwork for a while, I love it so much and spend a long time looking at each picture and appreciating the details. I adore Florence's skirt :) Florence is actually my favourite name for a little girl, it's so pretty.
Congratulations on having your work exhibited, it certainly deserves it.
Love Heather xxxxx


Breathtaking attention to detail. They must take you hours.


Yee Ha!
Well done you- your sculptures are delightful and brilliant;how very thrilling to have them accepted for a show.

norma keyte

they are absolutely divine very good luck to you !!


Congratulations Vanessa, they are two lovely pieces of work, a fresh and unique mix of papier mache, textiles and embroidery. Well done.


Bravo Vanessa! Well done you! Have they got them in Edinburgh already? How does it work from now?
Oh, congratulations, I know I don't know you but I feel proud of you! :o)
Isabelle xx


How wonderful, congratulations! Daisy is great - I love the humour as well as the detail :) You are very talented indeed x

June Purkiss

oh, I just love that girl with the lovely patchwork skirt - beautiful and the wee birdie too! Many, many congratulations. Truly deserved - amazing talent!

Jo, Cornwall

fantastic news. Your creative talent is truly awe-inspiring. You definitely deserve recognition. Well done.
Jo x x


I love the little girl with the daffodil. Did you piece together all those tiny patches? Such attention to detail!

Bobo Bun

Well done Vanessa - I should think they were thrilled when they saw your work. Your creations are on a really exciting adventure now. They'll bring all the visitors to the exhibition so much pleasure.

I love love love both, I can't decide if it's your attention to detail, the colours you use or the gentle humour of each piece that I love the most. I think it's everything as they are perfect.
Have a great weekend.



Gosh indeed. utterly fantastic in fact xxx


Congratulations and lucky me I can go and see your exhibits.


Love, Love, Love your girl!

Cherry Cabban

Well done little daughter. Another triumph and aren't they just charming. Each one tells a story. Wish we could see the exhibition, but we won't be back in time.

Jo harratt

Yay!!! What fantastic news!!! I absolutely love your work!! They are both amazing!!! Wishing u all the best of luck for the exhibition not that you need it!! It's your time to shine!!! Xx


congratulations Vanessa so lovely to hear both pieces were chosen. Before I even had a chance to read the post and had just glanced at the first photo I already had a smile on my face, the pieces are so cheery and happy. Well done!!!

kate is greedy

I love them so much and am completely unsurprised - I have to admit that when I saw Florence I had a lump in my throat - a strange habit I have when I see something that is truly unique, beautiful and inspiring. I love how your mind works - honestly, a bird with an insect book. I am hoping you can write a children's book based around your new papier mache creatures. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

Brad Fallon

Congratulations and a job well done! I think you deserve it for all your hard work that it really pays off! Keep it up!


I'm not surprised that these pieces were accepted, they have so much personality. Congratulations!

Thank you for sharing all of your lovely work with us x


Hi Vanessa,
Florence is soooooo cuuuuutttteeeeee. I love love love her!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxx


Well I am speechless Vanessa, what amazing attention to detail and beautiful innocence your pieces evoke. I would love to see them in the exhibition. Absolute Congratulations to you on your triumph! Thank you so much for giving us the joy of sharing this with you xox

susan hall

wonderful work, congratulations on your deserved success!


Wow!!!!! Congrats. Your work is amazing and I am just so happy for you.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Sarah Anderson

Congratulations!!! Although i'm not surprised, your work is stunning :)


Ahhhh Vanessa, this is lovely news to hear. How grand for your paper mache to chosen for the exhibit. Lucky folks who'll be able to see the sculptures for themselves.

When I've seen the examples you've posted, they've struck me as dreams come true. They are real and sur-real, fanciful, yet full of close observation, wit, beautiful color choices, balance and the result of a multitude of processes handled to perfection by a unique artist.




CONGRATULATIONS Vanessa!!! That is so wonderful and such an honor for you. Your work is indeed amazing and so beautiful. I really loved and wish I had bought the dancing mouse!!!! Relax and have a great weekend, xo Robinā¤

gill smith

hi vanessa, your paper mache work is really beautiful. i'm sure you'll have lots of success with it.

katy alston

Well done Vanessa!

This is only the second blog I've responded to!How exciting ! But I just had to say congrats.

Have been following you for a while and think the papier mache is so wonderful - really spot on !Really good news.



Oh my goodness Vanessa, you make the most gorgeous things. The little girl and her daffodil is just lovely. Perfect.

Judi A.

When I started scrolling down to see your blog and the daffodil and then the top of the head of "Florence" started showing, I was going "Oh-oh-oh!" The birdie on the book is adorable, but Florence....the detail is phenomenal and how you created such a perfect, beautiful face I'll never know!! Both pieces definitely deserve the attention received! Congratulations!!

gris fleur

Bravo ! They are soooo cute !


Hello Vanessa! I love love so much your paper arts! I'm so happy that they are in an exhibition so that many people can enjoy them! They are all so adorable, unique and also fun which is important! You have so nice way to 'put them' like the bird kneeling and trapping the book!
Have a sunny weekend! Teje


Two wondrous works that well deserve to be "ooooo'd" and "aaaaaah'd" over.
And what's with the cup of tea... thought you felt like something stronger?


Yay!! Congratulations!!!!
I'm so proud to be your bloggy-friend! :)

The pieces are beautiful as always!

Lots of xxxs

Dawn Nelson

That's excellent Vanessa. Well done!


j k eells

Well Done Vanessa, Florence is wonderful. All of your paper mache is amazing, you just want to look at it forever savouring every detail. they always make me smile so I will be coming back to look at florence when the days are a bit dull and I need a bit of sunshine.


Wonderful news! I am not surprised, though, as your work is just perfect! I LOVE the birdie on a book, adorable!

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend, Vanessa!



Congratulations, your work is gorgeous

Planet Penny

Congratulation, Vanessa! Two lovely pieces and Florence is especially adorable!
Penny xxx


How exciting. I live in Edinburgh and I shall definitely go along and have a look. I love your work.

Julia Thompson

Congratulations Vanessa - thats wonderful news. x Love Julia

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Well, OF COURSE your work has been chosen. What you make is absolutely charming and I wopuldn't believe that anyonce couldn't see that. Good on you! I'vevery happy for you and Forence and the wee birdie. I can't wait to hear what comes of this for you!


delighted to hear your great news - can't wait to visit the exhibition in the coming weeks

love from Susan and Alan


All I can say is WOW you are so talented in so many ways! love it all especially how wonderful you use colour!


Congratulations on the exhibition. Thanks for sharing the good news. Your pieces are witty, charming, colorful - just delightful.


Congratulations Vanessa. But they are so beautiful, you totally deserve it! xx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Congratulations Vanessa that is brilliant news! Thanks for showing us as well, its a long way for me to get to Edinburgh :-) I love her reading the book!


That's wonderful news - am thrilled for you. And well deserved too!!

Kelli Woodall

Congratulations! These are so adorable, I love the skirt! I would love to buy either of these if you ever make more of them.


Love them both but the little lady is absolutely stunning.
Carol xx


I love the neatness of detail in your paper mache, and how your colours are always so consistent and spring-like. It's always spring over here, or early summer.


Vanessa - Your work is utterly delightful. Like you, Fridays are tough. I usually have big plans like dinner out, a few hours at a bookstore, maybe some creating...but, I usually get home change into comfies, watch a movie, think about all the grading I have to do and pass out. Wow, that sounds worse when I actually write it down. I better make a change.



unDeniably Domestic

A homespun year well deserved. Your papier mache is the patchwork skirt and all the other pretty details!
Will be back to read more of your fascinating blog.
Margaret and Noreen

Sue Varley

Congratulations! You're work is original and magical so you should have faith in yourself for the commercial world. You are probably up on all the craft fairs in the UK but your work would go down a bomb at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen Craft Fair in June
Good luck! Sue x


Congratulations! Your work is whimsical and unique, I'm sure it will be appreciated.

Claire Boynton

Wow, congratulations, they're gorgeous. You really do have your own style and colour palette, you know? You could look at a piece of work and know it was yours straight away. I aspire to that.


Your little gardener is adorable. What a talent! Wishing you congratulations and much success, Vanessa. I love your blog and your designs....they are delightful.


They are both wonderful pieces, Lots of luck with them.


Oh Wow !!! Your work is great Just LOVE it. Well done you deserve the best price in the world!


Hello Vanessa, here I am trying to comment again, my last one appears to have evaporated and this is too wonderful a post not to comment on. You have really excelled yourself here Vanessa, these works are just wonderful, you've really found a niche here and created your own style. I have to keep looking at the photos to take in all the details. Might you please tell us some more details, like how exactly you made the wonderful skirt, did you really hand sew lots of teeny tiny squares together? Are Florence's legs painted or textile? I've noted all the cute details, the mittens, the rosette (something of a hallmark of yours, I think?), the buttons, the pretty rosey fabric on the blouse. Scrumptious! And Daisy, what a wonderful idea and the colours you've used are your trademark sublime palette. The messages you've embroidered are the finishing touch. I can only wonder how long it must have taken you to make these... Ahh, ravishing, I think I'll have to go and sit down with a V&T to recover. But I'll be back to look again, I'm sure I'll notice even more details. Congratulations Vanessa, you so deserve it. I only hope one day I'll be near enough to an exhibition of your work to see it for real.
Hen xxx


these are just beautiful vanessa. really, really lovely. well done you.
i'm in edinburgh this weekend for scotland v wales, i may have to pop in to the gallery for a closer look at florence and daisy..........


Oh My Gosh! Congratulations!!
I absolutely LOVE both of these pieces, so glad they were chosen.

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