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Erica K

I love the pictures, especially the flowers in the 2nd mosaic, top right. The color is wonderful.

I'm glad you started blogging, you're quite the inspiration yourself! ;) I started blogging mostly because there's no one here to listen to me, and I like to chat. I didn't expect anyone to care or listen, but when someone does it just makes my day.

Janice Perkin

the photos are lovely - like you i like the appearence of bulbs - they give so much hope of things to come - this year I have indoor narcissus - the fragrance is wonderful

Isabelle Kaye

Hello Vanessa! How interesting to read about your first steps in blogland, I felt a lot of emotions in your post today! It's your turn now to inspire us in many different ways. As for Spring... aaaah... We had a taste of it early this week, but the snow is coming back tomorrow! How cruel!! I can't wait! And seeing your colourful pictures, I can't wait even more :o)
Isabelle xx

mama elf

Hi Vanessa!

Like you I have been anticipating the return of the spring. Just today I was sniffing around in my garden like another dog, smelling the soil and hoping that I could detect a "plant growing" scent. I think I might take a leaf out of your book and plant some hyacints in a pot. I love the scent of them. I am glad that you decided to blog three years ago, because it brings so much joy to others as well as to you. (And yes, I am anticipating your posts and checking on your site regularly. It's blog yum yum!)
Love, JohannaXX


making a quick one for you to read v. but yes, your last post gave ME lots to think about! looking forward to a couple days off, starting tomorrow to spend lots of time with you and take this all in. you have a gift for so many things and one of those is communicating! happy spring to you! and if you have some, say hello to the hellebores for me - haven't found any yet in l.a.! (sad face).

nicola mellett

your blog is just beautiful and so inspiring, I've just started my own blog and am very much a newbie....I loved hearing about spring in your house, it's so exciting isn't it!? I feel like a map pie hunting out silver looking for those green shoots. Please have a look at my blog I'd really appreciate any advice Enjoy soaking up that wintry sunshine xxx

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I came across your Blog this year and have it neatly tucked into my "favorites" for a daily look-through. You never fail to make me smile and I'm very grateful that you are here and carrying on. It bares repeating that your work and photography and paintings are just lovely - not to mention the wee little creatures and flowers that inhabit your studio and dance in the night when no one is watching. I hope you will be around for a long time to come. Us blogless ones enjoy it very much.


I saw my first snowdrops today it always makes me go 'ah' inside well actually I think I said it out loud. They do actually make me feel happier and make me look forward. I started blogging in very much the same way as you looking for a long time and then jumping in and your blog was one of the ones that inspired me to do so. So thank you. Only been blogging since December but already enjoying it lots. I actually went walking today with dog and camera and walked further than I had intended just so I would take more photos - I also seemed to notice more - do you find that. Anyhoo this is a long comment so I must go or it might just turn into a blog post. LOL.


Hi Vanessa
I agree with you about what a lovely community blogging creates, everyone who takes the effort to comment and develop a relationship with you makes it so much more worth it, and it certainly keeps me inspired and enthusiastic! Thanks for all your lovely home truths and inspiration which has become a mon. weds, fri routinefor me to see what you have been up to.
I saw THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SNOWDROPS the other day and of course Ididn't have my camera with me!! I love them,love their name too. I have filled our home with tulips and daffodils for colour and happiness this week.
Hope you have enjoyed your knitting tonight xox P xxx


I came for the knitting and I stayed for the color. I'm not in the grey north but everyone has those days when they need a dose of supersaturated color to cheer them up and I know I can always count on you for the blues and pinks and reds and yellows, flowers and teacups and doggies and knit things that require way more perseverance than I think I have in me. So thank you for that. :)


I'm longing for spring flowers too, not long now!!
Vivienne x

Alice and Raymond!!!

Ooh, I went back and had a look at your first ever blog post!!!!!
In 2007 I was living in a falling apart farm house with big leaks in the roof and chickens in the back yard... we didn't have a computer, and I had never had the internet. not since I left home 12 years ago! What a difference a few years makes, I so wish I had gotten to know you sooner than 5 or 6 months ago! I love that I have made friends with you because you bring much fun and sunshine into my life! Love your blog, always, it is fabulousness and so are you.

Love your sweetie purse... it is very cute!

Puppet Lady

I enjoy reading your blog regularly and lapping up the colours, although I don't often comment. I fully agree with you that blogging helps you to see things around you with appreciation. I've been blogging for a year now and I really feel it's helped me to be more positive generally.


Hi Vanessa,
What a lovely colourful blog, as ever.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


How interested I was to read how you got and get such bloggy inspiration from Jane Brocket. What a gorgeous blog as is your own. You have inspired me greatly, enough to start a blog of my own. I just have a handful of followers at present and hope one day to have a whole long list. At the moment I am still hesitant in what I am doing, mind you I couldn't even send an email until a couple of years ago. I always look forward to your new blog posts - thank you. x


Like you I wanted to be Jane Brocket, well without the children, the book writing and the tv appearances but you know what I mean. I started my blog in July 2007 and have loved it ever since, wouldn't be without it or my lovely chums. I love your eye for colour and your creativity, you too are an inspiration a la Brocket


This post really uplifted my spirits - it really seems that there will not be spring at all this year (two months or so still...), so thank you so much for these color-therapy pictures, Vanessa! And what a coincidence, Yarnstorm was one of my earliest blogs-favorites, and I still visit Jane regularly. She's a real inspiration - just like you!

Have a happy day!



A lovely breath of spring!

Dawn Nelson

Yes, I'm a fan of Jane's too. I find her blog very inspirational and it's through her blog, I looked at others and then eventually found yours, which I also really enjoy. I started my own blog recently because as a writer I felt I should have some sort of presence on the web (and my last website 'broke'!), but instead of writing about writing, I'm finding I write more about the things I'm making and that's down to people like yourself and other crafters who blog. I love it. Long may the craft blogging community continue!


Lovely photographs, wonderful tulips. I love late winter (snowdrops, hellebores) and spring (daffodils and tulips) for all the heart lifting flowers.
Your blog is always a pleasure to visit, as a non blogger I feel privileged to share in so many amazing, creative lives.
Thank you.
Carol xx


So glad you took that plunge and started your blog. And, in a true what goes around, comes around kind of way, it was reading your gorgeous blog and looking at your wonderful photos that inspired me to start my own blog - so in a way you have become a Jane Brocket! And, no offense to her, but I much prefer your writing style and beautiful appreciation of and sharing of the bright and colourful side of life!

Jane Tyrrell

Hello Vanessa, I am a first time visitor here and came via Helen Phillips blog..what a beautiful print she bought from you and had framed.I love your blog writing here, such cheerful photos and posts, I shall visit again if that's OK?..(I was also surprised but delighted to see you used to read an old friend of mine's blog..Elspeth, so sad that she is no longer with us. We were very close friends in the 2nd and 3rd years of High School and I met her once or twice over the years after we left school....a very dear,sweet person). Have a great Sunday,
Jane x


I know what you mean about blogging and it becoming such an integral part of life, i feel the same. And you my sweet Vanessa were responsible for me starting out with blogging, do you remember??? And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

I spied the little primula painting up there and my heart immediately lept up, so dear, i glanced up in the Attic and there it is looking down on me, I love it more than ever.
Don't often have time to comment these days either but I always visit with you, your recent papier mache works have been so so wonderful to see. You are such an amazing talent.
Anyhow..neeed to scoot off now, you've been on my mind lately and i just wanted to come and say hello, lots of love as always xxxxxxxx

Anne Toprak

Beautiful flowers and painting. Lovely on a cold and snowy winter's day.

Anne at PlumCreek22


Vanessa, this post is just beautiful! Your colours always delight me, and your blog was one of the first that got me interested in the world of blogging, long before I even realised about comments, or left any, or ever remotely thought I'd have a blog myself! You are a great inspiration! Thank you for your sweet comment today - it was lovely to be able to share one of your wonderful pictures in my home. Helen x

sally jeffrey

dear vanessa, just to say i love your blog, it is a wonderful place to go, it makes me smile and feel alive. i too have a wire hair dach and i paint and can just about knit a stripy dish cloth!
thankyou sally x

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Hello Vanessa, just catching up on your posts which for some reason were not showing up in my reader??? I hate how people feel that it is OK to use your stuff and claim it as their own, where do they get the nerve??

Love those tulips and I have to say I would have eaten the little bag as in this country the ants would have had it by now :-)

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