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Vanessa your creations are so neat and clever. I just love them. xo Robinā¤ And I am partial to birds!!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Well - I am thoroughly enjoying your blog - whether it's about knitting, doggies, little paper mousies, or sprouting teacups. I can't wait to see the finished dress - but on the other hand - I'm not so sure that the little paper mache seedlings don't need a little paper mache person with a little paper mache water can sprinkling paper mache water on them. Just to keep them refreshed, don't you know, so they won't wilt.


I have been watching the birds in my garden recently so this felt very apt to me - I love the maps used on the hat and base, that looks just right. A lovely piece. I also appreciated all of the links you added - lemur = cute! Peter Snow = brilliant! Coat = pricey but beautiful :)


I love the 1940's and I think your vision of land ahoy is just perfect, together with your birdie xox Hope you have fun with the knitting gang x

Alice and Raymond!!!

Ooh Vanessa! I've been away, so was treated to TWO posts at once!
I love your seedlings, they are the sweetest! I'm so glad they're selling so well! And the land ahoy bord is awesome, he looks great on his stand and is so fabulously boyish...
I hope you had a good time knitting!


your blog is so pretty. I just found it via dots and spots and am sitting here going oooooh ahhhhh ooooooh. I'm off to make a coffee now and come back and see what I've been missing. M x


Vanessa you are so really and truly wonderful! your papier-mache projects never cease to delight. they are all so very unique, charming and beautiful. i just love your blog i really do.

wishing you a lovely, happy, creative weekend xxx



That coat is is the price...your boat is smashing.
Good luck finishing the dress- sometimes garments take longer the nearer one gets to the finish, not sure quite why that happens.


Love the bird. You remind me that I need to dig out my dress and give it some attention or maybe the elves will have finished knitting it?

Jo harratt

Another beautiful creation love the use of the old maps!!!

Sweet Birdy Love

Hey Vanessa, what a sweet little birdy.

I love your latest 'makes' particularly your teacups and little seedlings.

The colours and detail are so yummy.

It's always inspiring to visit your blog.

Claire :)

Planet Penny

Well done on being on the best knitting blog list, you must be feeling really proud! The little boating bird is lovely, Penny x


Hi Vanessa,
The birdie is soo cute. Do you know the birdie would make a nice decoration on it`s own. It would be nice on a cord of some sort and then several hung on a tree made from one large branch or a few smaller ones, if you get my drift?!?!Just a thought lol!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Have you seen the Margaret coat? It can even have poetry on it if you like... Lene of Dances in Wool made one, it's a Mason Dixon pattern, I'm sure you'll find it on ravelry ;))
It would be cheaper, anyway!
And what about Sylvie, the coat I mean? That is also a beauty of a different kind...

christina wall

Vanessa - I opened my copy of the British edition of Country Living and spied an advertisement for Loop. It looked delightfully familiar with a paper mache little lady in the center - is that your handiwork? It is delightful! It was so serendipitous to open the mag and find such a cheery face!


OH, i looove birdy!!!
I just adore your style Vanessa. The colours, the cute figures. Love it love it love it. Please say you'll make me something that I can buy from you once we have our new house and I find the right place for a 'Vanessa piece'!
Thank you also for the mention! (and my coat is going to be blue!!)

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